Syria Developing: 40+ Iraqis Killed in Damascus Blasts

People inspect the damage at the site of an attack by two suicide bombers in Damascus, Syria March 11, 2017. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki

At least 40 Iraqis have been killed and more than 120 wounded by two suicide bombings in Syria’s capital Damascus on Saturday.

The attackers struck at the Bab al-Saghir Cemetery with improvised explosive devices, Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Jamal said.

Descendants and companions of the Prophet Mohammed — included the prophet’s cousin Ali, revered by Shia Muslims — are buried in the cemetery, in the southern section of the old city in Damascus.

Last year, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for deadly attacks near the Sayyeda Zeinab shrine.

However, pro-opposition activists are questioning if the Iraqis were “pilgrims”. They note that, in August 2012, almost 50 Iranian men were abducted from a bus travelling to Damascus. The Islamic Republic insisted that the men were on a pilgrimage, but they were later revealed to have connections with the Iranian military, including the Republican Guards.

TOP PHOTO: Scene of attack by two suicide bombers in Damascus on Saturday (Omar Sanadiki/Reuters)

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  1. Just like Tundra expected when commenting few days ago the article on HTS. I hope though its an isolated event and not a real trend picking up. Damascus like Baghdad few years ago were sectarian violence was established through 3 car bombs a day is not the answer (maybe for HTS it is) and its not the scenario of any revolution.

      • Rare, That’s because they control most of the media. Those government are more subtle, Just knock on doors or pick up people from roadblocks, never to be seen again. As for the bus incident. I’d wager that those “civilians” are/were shia merc’s getting a cleric’s motivational speech.

        • So the both of you agree that there’s no “sectarian violence” in regime controlled areas.
          If you don’t mess with law, and you don’t want to erect the Khilafa, you live in peace there.

      • “Do you hear of “sectarian violence” against Sunnis in areas where the SAA or the Iraqi army control?”

        In fact there are hundreds of videos of shia hordes torturing iraqui sunnis in areas of the Iraqi army “control”, even news sites like RT condemned those events…

        SAA´s detention centers´s torture chambers count as “sectarian violence” or it is only politicaly motivated?

  2. In Aug 2012 the rebels captured a bus with 48 Shiite pilgrims on board that supposedly were visiting a shrine. It later was revealed to be a bus full of Iranian Republican Guards. Fast forward to March 2017 and another Shiite group runs into trouble visiting a shrine. It would be interesting to know just who was in this pious group of Shiite pilgrims and why they felt the need to travel to a hot war zone.

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