Syria Daily: US Tries to Deny Deadly Attack on Mosque


US says it bombed “Al Qa’eda meeting”; locals say it is new, large annex to mosque


Photos: The Removal of the People of al-Wa’er

The US military has tried to deny that its warplanes struck a mosque in western Aleppo Province in Syria, killing more than 40 people on Thursday.

The Pentagon showed an aerial image and claimed that it showed the al-Khattab mosque in the village of al-Jina was intact, with the destroyed building across the street.

However, local sources quickly pointed out the “building across the street” was a new, larger annex to the old mosque. Videos from journalists also the damage, with a black sign at the entrance identifying the annex as part of the mosque complex. Local people said the building was used as an assembly and dining hall.

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In a later statement, the Pentagon asserted that the building was a “partially constructed community meeting hall” used by “Al Qa’eda leaders…as a place to educate and indoctrinate” fighters.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said he believed “dozens of Al Qa’eda fighters” were killed, and declared that he U.S. military had not yet seen any credible allegations of civilian casualties.

“We struck a meeting of senior al Qaeda terrorists, some of these were likely high value individuals, we’re currently assessing that,” Davis said.

US manned and unmanned aircraft fired four Hellfire missiles, then a 500-lb. bomb, on the new mosque as about 300 people were gathered for evening prayers. Some estimates put the death toll at 75.

The Bellingcat site posts an investigation of the satellite imagery, photos, and videos of the attacked site and the remnants of one of the US missiles.

Russia, which has previously criticized US bombing inside Syria, came to the defense of the Americans. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said:

The airstrike…targeted a building located across the street from the mosque, where al-Qaeda members usually held meetings….

Of course, there should be a probe into what happened in al-Jina in order to figure out what target was hit and who are the victims that the so-called witnesses are talking about. However, we don’t have any doubts that the US airstrikes targeted terrorists.

In contrast, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş said, “This is a crime against humanity, this is a war crime. Bombing civilians, people in the mosque, and a house of worship is unacceptable.”

The Syrian Medical American Society tweets:

Rescuers pull a child from the rubble:

The US has targeted the jihadist Jabhat al-Nusra, now part of the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham bloc, since Washington began airstrikes in Syria in September 2014. The Americans have expanded the attacks in recent months, also hitting members of other factions.

Thursday’s toll would be the second-largest from an American strike in Syria. On January 19, more than 100 fighters from Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Nusra) and an allied group were killed in an attack on a camp in Idlib Province.

TOP PHOTO: Pentagon’s satellite image showing the building destroyed on Thursday by US airstrikes

1st Group of 1,500 People Removed from al-Wa’er in Homs

The first group of about 1,500 people is being removed from al-Wa’er, the last opposition district in Homs.

Rebels, their families, and other civilians are being transferred from the area, which still has about 50,000 residents, to Idlib Province and to Jarablus on the Turkish border.

Now see Syria Photos: The Removal of the People of al-Wa’er

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  1. damn yankess shows their true faces.. ..the faces of invaders… oppressors and true killers of the innocents in syria…denial is the act of damn cowards…and crimes against humanity…

    • LOL. Spare us your ridiculous crocodile tears. Where were you when Assad was gassing children? Where were you when the Russkies and Assad were bombing hospitals and aid convoys on a daily basis? Where you when Assad was starving people in his gulags? Don’t even try it.

      • try what dude…drunken ruskies +iranian majoos + ass head are established and undefeated dominant slaughterer of woman and children in syria..nobody can argued that..the coffin is already there..damn yankess just to prepared a nailed to that coffin…the last touch is most babaric and cruel.thier agenda is the same..killed as many sunni muslim as they can… never to late to take yr share of killing spree..its fun because the bloods of muslim is so delicious.

  2. That gotta hurt. Either a bunker buster or the 500 lb. bomb set off stored munitions. Regardless there was a very large detonation.

  3. Talking about “lunatic”, try living under sharia law for many years. I have, The best cure for this ideology is let them rule for a few years, then everyone but the “lunatics” in those police state mafias will hate them. The problem is they won’t cede power at all costs. It takes a “non-lunatic” power to free the people from their terror, just enough to allow those abused folks to dish out some street justice. Watch what happens in Mosul, Raqqah, and Deir Ezzor. An eye for an eye. It is written.

  4. #Aleppo: I doubt the Russians will do anything if the following is true “Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Manar TV reported short time ago that pro-Iranian Shia militants have killed a Russian soldier in Aleppo.” – fuadhud
    That said if it turns out that the ‘Russian’ was ethnically a Chechen then things may get interesting as Chechens aren’t the type of people you would want to trifle with.
    #Deraa: “#FSA used a TOW missile to destroy a Regime bulldozer on the #Naima front.” – CombatChris1
    Start destroying all regime barriers/check-points/fortifications around the Naima front systematically and if rebels there don’t have the manpower to launch an offensive from Naima then they/rebels should regularly engage in surprise ‘hit and run’ night-time indirect-fire on all regime barriers/check-points/fortifications (e.g. from mortar shelling, shelling from weaponised drones, planting land-mines on all escape routes regime units use during rebel offensives, creating mine-traps, snipers etc) simultaneously (ie on the same day so regime can’t move troops from one location to another to stop it) on a regular basis (ie every week) just to double up the daily KIA/WIA rates. Finally I’ll say this – all rebel battalions (ie units of 300 men) that don’t have ATGM operators should be given modified (ie can carry 2 or 3 shells instead of just 1) weaponised drones so they can inflict the same KIA/WIA as a TOWie operator.
    #Aleppo: “Rebels are shelling #Fuah & #Kefraya after Hezbollah/Regime targeted depots housing Red Crescent aid who reached Madaya 4 days ago.” – QalaatAlMudiq
    Don’t just target those towns with rockets/artillery use weaponised drones also so that way you can actually see where the shells drop and if they hit accurately or not and adjust your shelling technique accordingly. Same method should be used for the shelling of airbases also, if it’s not drone guided (or guided by a spotter) then don’t bother.
    #Observation: I personally hope rebels in Deraa thoroughly finish off Daeesh in the Yarmouk area so those rebel fighters can be used to attack Khirbet Al-Ghazalah (obvious to me regime is either to pull regime troops back there in case Deraa falls or use Khirbet Al-Ghazalah as a base to launch a bigger offensive against Deraa once Ghouta falls) so the city of Deraa falls quicker once the escape route for the regime in Deraa is permanently cut to the north especially if rebels can also start shelling the airbase in Deraa also. In the long run (partly inspired by interbrigades suggestion of multiple simultaneous raids on regime positions) rebels should launch offensive, after capturing Khirbet Al-Ghazalah and Deraa city, to capture areas of Deraa which would not only limit regime’s supply route south of Damascus to a single supply route which rebels can regularly attacked (e.g. mortared/snipered/ATGM/machine-gunned etc) from a distance but also bring regime airbases (so can be regularly mortared/snipered/ATGM/machine-gunned etc)) south of Damascus as well as and this should be something rebels in eastern Hama area (ie Salamiyah-Homs area) should also consider doing.

  5. Nothing to see, just the civilized world fighting terrorism, if you happen to attend an Al Qaeda meeting or linger around one, you might die, civilian or not.

    Have a nice day, dear terrorists.

  6. […] Los Estados Unidos inicialmente negaron que el ataque estuviera dirigido contra una mezquita, afirmando que mató a militantes de Al Qaeda en una reunión. Esta afirmación fue respaldada por una portavoz del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores ruso. “No tenemos ninguna duda de que los ataques aéreos de Estados Unidos iban dirigidos contra los terroristas,” según Maria Zakharova. […]

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