Syria Daily: Regime Tries to Sideline Main Opposition

Syrian Ambassador to the U.N. Bashar al Ja'afari, Head of the Syrian government delegation addresses the media after a meeting of Intra-Syria peace talks with United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura at Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, February 25, 2017. REUTERS/Pierre Albouy

Assad regime’s lead negotiator Ja’afari: “We do not want a Saudi partner or a Qatari, Turkish, or French partner”


Only a day after the adjournment of political talks, the Assad regime has tried to sideline Syria’s main opposition-rebel bloc, rejecting its position to negotiate.

Bashar al-Ja’afari, the regime’s chief negotiator and UN Ambassador, said on Saturday after nine days of discussions in Geneva, “There is nothing final at all except for the agreement on an agenda. This is the only final thing that we achieved in this round.”

He then dismissed the opposition-rebel High Negotiations Committee, portraying it as the outlet of foreign countries. Damascus sought a Syrian opposition, “not a Saudi partner nor a Qatari, Turkish, or French partner”, he said: “What is asked is to have a partner.”

Russia and the Assad regime have been trying to elevate two smaller groups of Russian-preferred politicians, the Cairo and Moscow Groups, as the legitimate “opposition”. Both groups were in Geneva, but had a limited role in the indirect talks.

Ja’afari continued the promotion of the groups, led by former Cabinet minister Qadri Jamil and former regime spokesman Jihad Makdisi. He said a “first condition” was to have a “Syrian national opposition” that did not seek help from Israel nor Turkey, and that “does not work according to Qatari, Saudi, Jordanian, Israeli intelligence agendas”.

Ja’afari did not commit the regime to another round of talks sought by UN envoy Staffan de Mistura later this month.

Geneva’s indirect discussions, the second set between the regime and opposition-rebel bloc since late January, focused on De Mistura’s attempt to agree an agenda. Ja’afari hailed the regime’s success in getting the combatting of “terrorists” — its label for all opposition groups — among the points. The High Negotiating Committees emphasized “political transition” — rejected by President Assad, as it could involve his departure from power — as another.

But Ja’afari belittled the inclusion of transition on the agenda, saying: “We didn’t deal with [the issue of elections] at all because it is linked to the constitution, and the constitution is linked to the upcoming all-inclusive national government.”

De Mistura told reporters on Friday night, “The train is ready, is in the station, is warming up its engine, everything is ready and it just needs an accelerator. And the accelerator is in the hands of those who were attending this round.”

TOP PHOTO: The Assad regime’s lead negotiator, Bashar al Ja’afari, at talks in Geneva, February 25, 2017 Pierre Albouy/Reuters

Turkey Finds Pilot of Downed Regime Jet

Turkish rescue teams have found the pilot of an Assad regime warplane that crashed in southeastern Turkey on Saturday.

The pilot ejected before the MiG-21 jet fighter hit the ground. He was found, exhausted, after a 9-hour search and taken to hospital.

Pro-rebel activists said the jet was downed by machine gun fire by the Ahrar al-Sham faction, but the regime said the warplane suffered a technical problem.


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  1. Naturally the shameless Saud-Squad must be dumped and replaced with all patriotic Syrian opposition not beholden to the hostile foreign powers whose aim from the outset has been to destroy the country utterly until or even if not getting their warcriminal way.
    If these traitorous hirelings have proven anything it is that they are organically incapable of negotiating any step to stop this proxy war their NATO & HouseArab patrons insist must continue out of pure inertia of malice, although acknowledging they have already lost.

      • Most of the Yanki/Britzie think tanks and ‘experts’ who pushed this rotten war now admit there is no feasible way to win it with Russia standing in the way. The only open question is how many more people these filthy NATO Schweinehunde will cause to be killed in order to boost their morale while beating the retreat.

    • In other words the Syrian regime should be allowed to negotiate with ..themselves. Nice arrangment if you can get it, but unlikely to fool anyone with their eyes open.

      • Yes, that’s why Assad should really be negotiating with Yankistan, Britzielandia, Frogs, Tayyipistan, the Sauds and Qatar, but as that would entail them assuming legal responsibility for the destruction they have illegally wrought, and thus the reparations afterwards, it will never happen voluntarily. Instead they will have to be individually sued and hauled into the ICJ to answer for their warcrimes and state terrorism.

        • Assad? Why would they talk to monkey not the organ grinder …while some rebels get some assistance from abroad assad is utterly relaiant on foriegn manpower andnassistance now…he is the def of a puppet tyrant

          And why would anyone pay for the damage the regime and later russia inflicted…no one forced them to target civilans to punish rebels as strategy

          • They’ll pay up once condemned by the ICJ to provide reparation for the damages caused by their open conspiracy to destroy Syria by launching a vicious proxy war of aggression without any cognizable legal justification.
            The case of Nicaragua v USA [1984], whereby Yankistan was convicted by ICJ as a terrorist and warcriminal state and ordered to pay restitution, is the binding precedent in international law that very closely parallels the situation of siccing JI-Joe Contras into Syria to overthrow the government:

            • They didnt start the war though… one forced assad to fire on protesters
              No one has forced assad to persue attacking civilian infrastructure to punish rebels

              And id say given the vast list of war crimes hes commited going anywhere near an int court would be a joke

            • “The case of Nicaragua v USA [1984],” — Nicaragua was late 70s and early 80s. That is 35 years ago. Ortega has been president several times since then. Look at the country. A basket case. Comparing apples to oranges. Wake up. Soviet Union is gone!

              • If 35 years are all it takes to invalidate sound legal precedent then I’m sure the NATO & HouseArab warcriminals can look forward to their inquisition before the ICJ with complete confidence.

              • Here’s a live example of how this works, from today:
                Kiev accuses Russia of terrorism and weapon deliveries to Ukraine at UN top court
                Kiev has started a wide-ranging case against Moscow at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, claiming that Russia supports terrorism, delivers weapons to Ukraine, discriminates against minorities living in Crimea, “spreads propaganda, carries outs subversive activities, cyberattacks and is politically corrupt,” RIA Novosti reported. The four-day hearing began on March 6 with Ukraine announcing the list of accusations against Russia. The Russian delegation is expected to respond on March 7. On Wednesday, the court will hear more arguments from Ukraine. The hearing will be over after Moscow’s closing remarks on March 9. Moscow believes Ukraine is not trying to settle existing differences, but is looking for a reason to turn to international courts to prosecute Russia.
                Poroschenko’s lawyers will most certainly be relying on Nicaragua v USA, as they are blissfully unaware that precedents in international law expire after 30-odd years or earlier if it suits Yankistan, thus Russia will have the case thrown out of court upon merely appearing. Sounds likely, yes?

      • The Saud-sponsored author is perfectly correct in asserting that “There is no point for the opposition, High Negotiations Committee, to proceed”, as their gig is now completely busted. Indeed they had to be pretty high [like their guru HillDawg] to ever think Assad would do them any favours, such as bestow legitimacy. They had better just stay put in Riyadh/Istanbul next time, mumbling the mantra ‘Assad must go!’ into their tea-leaves while he pursues genuine negotiations with the patriotic opposition, including YPG, with a greatly increased prospect of success sans these traitorous arseholes stinking up the place.

  2. “patriotic Syrian opposition ”
    The Assad government does not believe that there can be such a thing as a patriotic opposition that wants a change of government. That is what started the conflict.
    Assad thinks he owns the country and nobody is entitled to criticise him in any way.

    • Even if that were the case, minds change and ‘patriotic opposition’ is the exact phrase used by Ja’afari in Geneva according to other reports. Also, it is not the first time the Syrian government has mentioned this crucial feature, which amounts to its very reasonable refusal to negotiate with traitors, i.e. not entering upon the slippery slope towards rewarding the treason.
      Instead I think the law in Syria, as in any other country you might care to name, stipulates that traitors in a time of war are to be severely punished, as a general rule by death.

      • Treason vs a brutal dictatorship barbar are u forgetting that? Pretty much any resistance to the mafioso regime is punishable by torture rape or death hence why the syrian people have rejected it and why iranains and russians are needed to protect an evil gang vs the locals

          • Hard to say but at this stage half the country has left all largely citing him as the reason
            And Hes using a now slight majority foriegn ground force to face native enemies

  3. wht should anyone negotiate with a mass murdering, raping, torturing ,starving, and ethnic cleansing regime. They should all be arrested and put on trial.
    The UN just allows all this to continue.

    • Because it’s a mass murdering, raping, torturing ,starving, and ethnic cleansing regime that has the support of both a strong regional power and a great power. Coupled with a world that lacks a global hegemon willing to curb said practices, and the fact that it’s the strongest participant in a regional maelstrom that no one wants to involve themselves in for fear of making everything worse, things like rape, mass-murder, and ethnic cleansing are easily ignored by the political class affected by the turbulence emanating from it.
      You might wish it weren’t so, but it is so. Even when they talk about dethroning Assad as a necessary step for the conflict to be resolved, they do it mostly by argung that he’s a crappy CT partner that radicalizes like crazy and has a history of propping up DFTOs for his own purposes. Civilians don’t get as much mention.

  4. Good luck blocking the Turks out of the talks whilst their is a Turkish army inside (though no doubt in the long term both the US and Russians don’t want this for the long term as it undermines their individual plans) Syrian territory..

  5. ” Tazi Retweeted
    Abdurahman‏ @bdrhmnhrk 23h23 hours ago

    Many people leave Manbij for Jarablus after reports of an agreement to allow regime forces to enter the area.”
    Why on earth would they want to leave when such friendly forces are arriving there? Could they know something that is not being internationally recognised?

  6. Only uncle toms that claim to speak for Syria are those who bartered and sold their sovereignty to Iran and Russia to preserve their ability to continue looting from the Syrian population.

  7. #Deraa: “Rebels from Al-Bunian Al-Marsous op. romm announced they repelled a Regime counter-attack in Al-Manshiyah.” – QalaatAlMudiq
    Don’t wait for a regime counter-offensive, go after the village of Elmah (just east of Khirbet al-Ghazalah) which is a regime area that rebel surround from 3 different directions so a surprise (night-time?) rebel attack from a multiple-axis is on Elmah is very possible and if Elmah is captured then Khirbet al-Ghazalah can be mortar-shelled every day and furthermore it’d allow rebels to extend their ambush of the roads north/south Khirbet al-Ghazalah a few more miles as well as create a base to infiltrate Ataman (a town to the north of Deraa) with sleeper cells and finally by capturing Elmah rebels will get a base that will be so close to regime positions in Khirbet al-Ghazalah that rebels would be able to ‘hug’ regime positions in a general offensive on Khirbet al-Ghazalah
    #Observation: 1) If the Russians drop any White Phosphorous shells onto rebels in northern Aleppo then I hope rebels return that favour by collecting all dud White Phosphorous shells and then re-dropping them (via rebel drones) on ALL regime/YPG forces hiding in trenches. They burn you, you burn them. Eye for an eye. That said let’s hope rebels capture Boxas mountain (just west of Arimah) and Yalani hill (north of Arimah) first before (so an offensive from 3 directions can be launched?) going after Arimah.
    2) “Keystone of this doctrine 2 spread terror are those incendiary bombs (RBK-500 ZAB 2.5CM) dropped by #RuAF. Pics from this night in Um Karmil” – QalaatAlMudiq
    Rebels need to re-cycle/re-use these by searching for any duds they can find in a location and then re-using it against the regime/YPG by attaching it to their/rebel drones. In fact the towns of Fua/Kafrayah would be ideal place to experiment it’s use.

    • And we were told by some of EA´s fellow “anti-imperialist” residents that Trump´s policy was an “anti-interventionist” one…

      • Their eyes are wide shut not to see that real puppets of US are YPG. The resident anti imperialist shamelessly calls the rebels cornfed pets nonetheless.

        • CIA-cornfed pets to be precise, and it’s not shameless but a perfectly true fact irregardless of whatever position the YPG adopts.
          BTW, the fact the YPG is now doing deals with Assad re. Manbij conclusively proves that despite accepting Yanki assistance in their hour of need have never been under the political control of the CIA, in stark contrast to the JI-Joes, who were invented by it.
          Soon enough SAA & YPG will join forces to comprehensively kick the Turk Stooge Army back across the border into Tayyipistan, Sweden or Germany, while Tayyip will turn the other cheek and focus on his manicure, own civil war or whatever.
          Here’s a good example of how rapidly his blusterous tune is changing:

          • “BTW, the fact the YPG is now doing deals with Assad re. Manbij conclusively proves that despite accepting Yanki assistance in their hour of need have never been under the political control of the CIA, in stark contrast to the JI-Joes, who were invented by it”

            YPG are daily dressed and fed by the US (wich also has instaled several bases in the region). If the YPG is dealing with Assad it is beacuse they were entitled to do that by their yankee masters, or you think that the YPG would dare to compromise the personal integrity of the yankee troops in the region??

            • If YPG has been ordered by its Pentagovernment masters to hand over territory to the Syrian government why doesn’t it similarly order its JI-Joes to do the same?
              This theory makes little sense but I suppose arises from the propagandised belief that Yankistan must always have a MasterPlan to which all others are automatically subjected.
              Luckily, in the real world, this is rarely the case.

              • No one says that the Pentagovernment ordered the YPG to hand over territory, in fact both of them probably agreed on that idea.

          • While CIA pretends to be pro rebel the real US support is given through pentagon to the YPG. The air support and US special forces fighting on YPG side is incomparable with the token support rebels receive. current state of YPG is the result of the plans coming out of the “bowels of the pentagovernment “, in your words.

            Btw, good luck with ypg helping saa to get their land back. at the end of this ypg will curve out a good proportion of syria. Anti imperialism against regime change but ok with atomization of countries lol.

        • “The resident anti imperialist….” in here mostly dont have a clue what they are speaking about. Take out of the equation the US and the western system and they would be left alone with their frustrations or euthanasia.

          • The resident anti-imperialist has been cornfed postcolonial crap to the extent that he would have to beg the western imperialists to come back or suffer a long, debilitating, and downward spiraling intellectual depression to total cognitive immolation.

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