Syria Daily: Rebels — Ceasefire 1st, Then Talks


Rebels object to pro-Assad bombing and ground offensives breaking a nominal ceasefire since December 30


Syria’s leading rebel factions have called for the postponement of political talks in Kazakhstan this week, saying these depend on the Assad regime and its allies adhering to a substantial ceasefire.

Russia and Turkey — who have brokered the Astana discussions — and Iran declared a nominal ceasefire on December 30, but it has never been observed by the Assad regime, which has continued bombing and ground offensives in northwest Syria and near Damascus. Pro-opposition activists and witnesses also said that Russian aircraft are involved, although it is unclear if these are being piloted by Russians or Syrians.

Indirect talks between the regime and Syria’s opposition-rebel bloc were renewed in Astana in late January, and the third round is scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday. A set of negotiations was also held in Geneva earlier this month.

There have been no notable advances, with UN envoy Staffan de Mistura still seeking agreement on an agenda.

The Saturday statement by rebels said, “The continuation of the meetings is linked to an assessment of the results of the ceasefire and commitment to it.”

It explained that the Assad regime and Iranian-led militias are bombarding near the capital, in Homs city, and from Idlib Province in the northwest to Daraa Province in the south. Rebels also noted the offensives by pro-Assad forces trying to overrun remaining opposition-held areas in the East Ghouta area, east and northeast of Damascus.

This was going on “before the eyes and ears of the Russian guarantor”, noting the bombing of civilian areas by Russian-made warplanes.

TOP PHOTO: Opposition spokesman Osama Abu Zeid talks to reporters at the Astana talks, January 2017

World Food Program Delivers School Meals in Aleppo for 1st Time

The UN’s World Food Program has delivered meals to children in primary schools in Syria’s largest city Aleppo for the first time.

The WFP said it has distributed meals, including milk fortified with vitamins and minerals and a locally-baked date bar, to about 15,000 children at 30 schools since March 5.

The Assad regime, supported by Russia, prevented the WFP from disseminating any food while the Syrian opposition controlled part of Aleppo. Pro-Assad forces finally forced the surrender of those districts in December.

The WFP said it has provided aid since January to “tens of thousands of displaced Syrians returning home to formerly conflict-affected areas in Aleppo city”.

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  1. #National: “Lots of #RuAF strikes today on western #Aleppo suburbs, #Idlib & northern #Hama’s Ghab plain villages (+ artillery shelling here)” – markito0171
    Lets not hope that rebels in Hama not only make progress towards capturing Suqalabiyah but that those rebels in Hama (preferably in eastern Hama and the Alawite areas of the Orontes river) along with rebels in Aleppo/Deraa/Latakia all begin to regularly engage in mobile warfare (as well as use more weaponised drones if rebels can’t do ATGM ambush) on multiple targets the same day. Furthermore let hope their targets are not just regime check-points but important regime infrastructure (e.g. oil/gas/water pipelines, power stations, refineries etc) so regime’s economic means to finance war against rebels ends.
    #Aleppo: “FSA Safwah Battalions clashing with pro-Regime forces near Al-Bab.” – QalaatAlMudiq
    So when is Tadef and Arimah is going to be taken from the regime by the FSA? Difficult? Re-use the IEDs/land-mines captured from Daeesh to bleed the regime with ambushes around those areas.
    #Deraa: “major Muawia Barrier destroyed today by a SVBIED in N. part of Al-Manshiyah. ” – QalaatAlMudiq
    I suspect that until the Palestinian camp area of Deraa falls then the full attempted capture of Deraa is going to become (though eventually a success?) a gruelling (ie will take alot of time and manpower) marathon.
    #Observation: “Soviet Maskirovka at work. OFC shia mercenaries imported to fight for Assad are called “pilgrims” when killed.” – Interbrigades
    A pertinent comment by Interbrigades, the IRGC it seems is heavily influenced by Soviet military doctrines of subversion, infiltration and calculated escalation. Very devious because if they fail pro-Iranian/regime/Russian ‘useful idiots’ would condemn rebels and if they succeeded the war against rebels would be escalated even more without any public condemnation.

  2. Retarded-oriented propaganda coutesy of Mr. Ivan Sidorenko‏:


    #Syria #DeirEzZor a Pro #FSA page claims US Helicopters landed in Deir Ez Zor – Hasakah Road which were carrying possibly 8 #ISIS Commanders

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