US Podcast: The Power Grab by Donald Trump and His Advisors Bannon and Miller

Steve Bannon (R) looks on as Donald Trump signs an executive order, January 2017

PHOTO: As Donald Trump signs an executive order, Stephen Miller (second from right) and Steve Bannon (right) look on

Hours after Donald Trump fired Attorney General Sally Yates for saying the President’s Muslim Ban is legally indefensible, I spoke with Monocle 24’s The Globalist about the wider issues around the executive order, notably the grab by Trump and close advisors like Steve Bannon for power by intimidating their own agencies, Congress, courts, and the media.

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The President is erratic. He is a narcissist who is stung by criticism; therefore, he gives the appearance of being irrational.

However, I refer you to his advisors, [chief strategist] Steve Bannon and [Bannon’s assistant] Stephen Miller, who are hyper-rational. They have said for years, working in the media and working as activists, that they will keep people from other religions and other countries out of the US. They have expressed racist views. They have expressed views which are misogynist.

That’s the most worrying thing. If it was Trump on his own, this would just be an erratic President that would sink quickly. But his advisors are keen on pushing this and hoping that [the support of] a minority of Americans will help them get their policies pushed through, no matter how damaging they are.

Listen from 6:21:

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  1. So, winning the elections by sweeping margins across the board and pursuing any policy contrary to the wishes of one’s predecessor is now ‘a power grab’, eh?
    Does this mean Le Pen is also about to ‘grab power’, since Fillon was caught with his wife’s claws in the cookie jar?

  2. Not sure why it is not going through the thick skull of these mullah offsprings. The conflict that you are seeking you may get and can be messy all around, but you will not survive that conflict. Which is a good thing, actually!

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