US Podcast: Courts Defy Trump’s “Muslim Ban” — What Now?


PHOTO: Donald Trump signs “Muslim Ban” executive order, January 27, 2017

After the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Trump Administration’s effort to reinstitute the “Muslim Ban”, I spoke to the BBC about the political and legal impact and what happens next.

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Q: Is Trump learning early in his Presidency about the limitations on his power?

A: This is a huge defeat for Trump, not only in this specific case. It sets down a marker for this Administration: whatever you want to do on domestic or foreign policy, you can’t just steamroller this across the courts. I think people in Congress will take note of this as well.

But will the President learn from this? No, absolutely not. Donald Trump will keep on being Donald Trump.

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  1. The new executive order is being drawn up. One that will be Bulletproof. Probably will come out Monday or Tuesday. The leftist 9th Circus Court might overturn it, but the Supreme Court will overturn any ruling by the 9th Circus Court.

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