Syria Daily: 1st Clashes Between Regime and Turkish-Rebel Forces


Pro-Assad forces and Turkish-rebel offensive clash in northwest Syria, northeast of Aleppo city


Clashes between Assad regime and Turkish-rebel forces began in northwest Syria on Sunday, as both sides faced each other after victories against the Islamic State.

The Syrian army said it captured the town of Tadef, just south of the city of al-Bab in Aleppo Province, after an ISIS withdrawal yesterday.

The Turkish-rebel “Euphrates Shield” offensive — which began last August with Turkey’s intervention with airstrikes, armored vehicles, and ground forces — occupied al-Bab, ISIS’s last major position in the province, last week.

A pro-opposition activist reported that fighting already began on Sunday,

The Euphrates Shield operations room later said 22 pro-Assad forces had been killed

A Russian official had said earlier this month that Tadef, northeast of Aleppo city, was the agreed dividing line between the Assad regime and Turkish-rebel territory. Russia and Turkey agreed last summer to a de facto partition, in which Ankara would accept the pro-Assad re-occupation of all of Aleppo city and Moscow would accede to the Turkish-rebel drive against ISIS through Aleppo Province.

The Assad regime is not only trying to draw a line against a further southwards move by the Turkish-rebel offensive but also to regain control of water supplies for Aleppo city.

TOP PHOTO: Claimed images of pro-Assad forces near Aleppo city

White Helmets Film Wins Academy Award

A film on Syria’s White Helmets rescuers has won the Oscar for Best Short Documentary.

The 40-minute White Helmets follows the group’s volunteers as they pull people from the rubble of a building flattened by pro-Assad bombing.

Accepting the Academy Award, director Orlando von Einsiedel urged the audience to rise and call for an end to Syria’s six-year civil war. They responded with a standing ovation.

Von Einsiedel read out a statement from White Helmets founder Raed al-Saleh:

We are so grateful that this film has highlighted our work to the world. Our organisation is guided by a verse from the Qur’an: to save one life is to save all of humanity.

“We have saved more than 82,000 Syrian lives. I invite anyone here who hears me to work on the side of life to stop the bloodshed in Syria and around the world.

More than 150 rescuers have been killed by pro-Assad bombing — much of it in “double tap” attacks targeting the volunteers — since the organization was founded in 2013.

The film’s cinematographer Khaled Khatib was unable to attend the ceremony after being barred from entering the United States, despite being granted a visa.

US officials cited unspecified “derogatory information”. It is unknown whether that information came from the Assad regime.

A short video on the work of The White Helmets:

Opposition Demands Talks on Transition in Geneva Discussions

The opposition demanded talks on political transition on Sunday, the fourth day of the discussions in Geneva involving the regime and the opposition-rebel bloc.

Opposition delegates also called on the UN to ensure a substantive ceasefire, as pro-Assad airstrikes continued throughout Syria.

“Our hopes are not high, given the incidents on the ground and the continuous violations by the regime forces and its backers of the ceasefire,” said Mutasem Alysoufi of The Day after Syria campaign.

Pro-regime airstrikes throughout the weekend killed dozens of people in the Damascus suburbs, the al-Wa’er district of Homs, and Idlib Province in northwest Syria.

The opposition-rebel bloc in Geneva wants continued pursuit of a transitional governing authority, a tenet of international proposals since 2012. However, President Assad has made clear that he will not accept a transition in which he leaves power.

Alysoufi said he did not believe the regime delegation, led by UN Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari, wants to engage in serious talks: “[The regime is] gaining more time and continuing their military strategy on the ground.”

UN envoy Staffan de Mistura gave a working paper on procedure to both sides on Friday. He met yesterday with the opposition-rebel High Negotiations Committee and with two “opposition” factions favored by Russia.

Claimed footage of pro-Assad attacks, reportedly including incendiary bombs, on Douma near Damascus on Sunday:

White Helmets carry out rescue operations in Ariha in Idlib Province, where 11 people were reportedly killed:

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    • I foretold this would occur and it’s only logical, as IS, having been betrayed by their backstabbing ‘Abu’ Tayyip more than once, has good reason to hate the perfidious Turk Stooge Army more than the relatively harmless SAA.
      Anyhow, the Follies in N.Aleppo are now essentially over — Al Bab will be declared the Supreme Victory with Tayyip hoping to win his referendum to become Sultan for Life on the strength this propaganda in April, without risking any further cockups which can only drive his already waning poll numbers all to Hell.
      The way to Raqqa is of course solidly blocked off — if TSA tries to go East to Manbij they’ll likely run into the USAF and if South, the RuAF.
      Thus will they sit around vegetating in their Nusra Nature Reserve until the time comes for SAA & YPG in a joint operation [with Russian and possibly Yanki air cover] to drive them back to the wastelands on Anatolia.

      • So that’s Trump’s big ‘secret’ plan to ISIS that he hinted at on the campaign trail? To ask the Pentagon to form a plan? As if nobody at the Pentagon has spent years thinking about how to defeat ISIS. LOL. The dude is stupid and some people fell for his moronic, populist rhetoric hard. He doesn’t know shit. When it came time for him to serve he had like 4 deferments that his daddy likely got for him. So on top of being incompetent he’s cowardly as well.

        • Re: The dude is stupid.
          Yep, he is so stupid he managed to become president and is fulfilling his campaign promises which is what the people want. Sore losers such as yourself will never accept crooked hillary’s resounding defeat and will spend their days foaming at the mouth and crying the sky is falling.

          • Bill, sore loser my ass. That sounds like the same mindless BS that flows from your fuhrers mouth. Since when was being smart a requirement to win the Presidency? We went from a law professor to a reality TV star who doesn’t even know dick about policy or the way government actually works.

        • You talk about Trump as if he fell from the skies. He didn’t. He was elected by the moronic Amrican people.
          To me it shows the depth of the lows Amrica has reached. An impoverished nation drowning in huge debt, dangerous to itself and to it’s neighbors, people are deeply unhappy, most are poor, addicted to guns, greasy food and debt (national and personal), unhealthy, fat with eating disorders, living on $0,99 greasy burgers, physically and mentally sick. With all organs and systems of government that are designed to serve the rich only. After the most pornographic elections ever ( “grab them by the P**sy”, “small hands”). Trump is the ugly reflection of what has become of you shallow Americans.

          • Amir, your image of America is about as stupid as the shit that flows from Trump’s mouth. Yeah, America is so horrible. That’s why we have about as many jews living here as your genocidal Israeli heaven who can’t even afford their own defense so they have to come their American big brothers for scraps from our table. Isn’t your previous leader serving time for corruption charges? LOL.

            • The image of America yes. Believe it or not, I have family in NY, they are Republicans and even support Trump !!
              Except for some thin pockets (East and West coasts) with some relatively sane Americans, America is exactly as I described. Bigoted, violent, religious, shallow, addicted, sick, poor and fat.

              • The hypocrisy and ignorance here is almost too much to take. Here are some fun FACTS.
                -US GDP per capita is almost twice as large as Israel’s
                -Overall GDP is 61 times higher than Israel. Poor Americans indeed. LOL
                -Israeli debt is actually 3% higher THAN the US when you figure as a percentage of the GDP. LOL.
                -The US gross national income is 91 times higher.
                -Israel is a mere three spots higher in the public debt rankings.
                OMG did you really just accuse US of being too religious? Your entire state is founded on Judaism and you have religious extremists colonists who fight everybody including the state. ROTFLMAO. As for violence, that’s a hoot. The entire region despises you and frequently lobs missiles or rockets at Israeli cities. I can really see why the region can’t stand your arrogant, self-righteous asses. It wasn’t that long ago when suicide bombers were blowing up in Israel. You obviously don’t know jack shit about the US beyond vague stereotypes that the typical anti-American losers like to use.

              • I’m very glad that you brought up the issue of GDP, or US economic indexes in general.
                I don’t believe them.
                They are as “synthetic” as during the subprime collapse
                I don’t believe a word coming from US economic, financial and national institutions. Either they have no clue or they want to hide the deep state of economic deep shit you are in.
                Where is all this GDP money? most American spend more than their income. Most have no savings. What does Amrica manufacture? most come from China. Most infrastructure is old and crumbling (it was built during the times when America **WAS** a manufacturing nation; until 30 years ago).
                Now you live on borrowed money that one day you will have to give back.
                In short, American wealth is some glorious chapter in history. These days it has no base in reality.
                You can parrot fictional numbers, or you can open your eyes and look around.

              • Of course you don’t believe it. The pro-Kremlin crowd has the unfortunate habit of sticking their fingers in their ears when they don’t want to believe facts. LOL

  1. I know there is a lot of circumstantial evidence of a deal between Erdogan and Assad concerning Aleppo province but do you (Scott) have hard evidence of that agreement?

  2. An interesting report I’ve come across today: This is an actual CIA report from the past which predicted an up-rising against the Assad regime. In it the report authors predict that after the Hama massacre the likelihood of a anti-Assad Sunni insurgency was high. It argued that in event of large Sunni protests emerging the regime fearing another Ikhwani uprising would react with excessive violence which would increase those protests and as the the government clamp-down becomes even more violent it’d would Syria’s Sunni officers to defect and support the protesters and that this would become the basis for an insurgency. It also predicts that even if the regime succeeded in clamping down on those protesters Syria’s Sunni neighbours would allow insurgents to use their countries as a base to weaken the regime. All this came to being during the uprising against Assad 5 years though instead of Iraq it was Saudi Arabia/Gulf Arab states and Turkey that provided a base for the Sunni-led insurgency against Assad.

  3. The fact that the YPG linked up with the SAA/IRGC so a Raqqa-Manbij-Aleppo-Afrin connection (ergo a Rohajve without Al-Bab) should tell the Turkish leadership (both political and military) not only that the YPG will get help from America but also from Iran, the sooner Erdogan realises that the Turkish army must occupy Afrin (and the fact that he should have ordered the Turkish army to capture Manbij ahead of Al-Bab) before the situation in northern Aleppo becomes a strategic disaster for Turkey. The US special troops in Euphrates-Shield are not only there to stop Turkish troops from fighting the YPG but they are also there to be informants to the YPG via the CIA. You would have assumed that after the coup-attempt in June last year that Erdogan would have realised how two-faced the CIA is who btw I suspect want as much a regime change in Washington as it does in Ankara.

  4. #National: “65% of Syria’s remaining electricity generation was lost when the Ebla plant was at least temp. put out of service” – Jacm212
    That number could hit 100% if rebels in Latakia knock out the main oil refineries (and gas-plants?) in the city of Baniyas. And if Baniyas is too difficult then start permanently destroying ALL gas/oil/water-pipelines and regime infrastructure (e.g. power stations/dams/water-treatment facilities etc) in the Orontes river area of Hama.
    #Deir Ezzor: “ISIS drone drops bombs on a Russian forces convoy in Deirezzor” – bdrhmnhrk
    This is something rebels should attempt on regime troops that are hiding in trenches or regime convoys that escape their ATGMs. And the munition that rebels drop on regime troops should be (re-cycled from dud/unused Russian White Phosphorous shells?) the incendiary type.
    #Observation: 1) I’ve said this yesterday and I’ll say it again the FSA should do a Homs-type special-op against senior YPG commander inside Manbij city itself. There’s plenty of Arab informants there and the FSA could use one of their many Kurdish troops as sleeper-cells (so the person won’t be suspected and once the news leaks it’ll panic the YPG in Manbij to delay the march on Raqqa long enough for the Turkish military to capture it instead) for this operation and because the YPG leadership in Manbij is focused on either Raqqa or with the front-line with Turkey so the YPG leadership won’t be anticipating a special-ops hit inside Manbij itself. The ambition should be to target a meeting where most (4 or 5?) of the YPG senior leadership are attending. I also suspect that if the FSA approached the Turkish security services they’ll be able to help too using the SIGINT (google the term – it’s a reference to surveillance of electronic signals from their mobile phones/laptops) the Turkish intelligence services are monitoring to find the days such senior YPG commanders hold their meetings.
    2) I might be proven wrong but Manbij city is too close to the Turkish border for the YPG to quickly hand it over to the SAA/IRGC. Turkish tanks would more likely to capture it before the SAA armoured units get there on time to claim it for Assad unless of course the SAA/IRGC somehow convince Russia to extend aerial support further north of Al-Bab but that in turn would undermine Putin’s arrangement with Erdogan just around the time Trump is being threatened with a more Russophobic US Senate.

  5. Manbij Military Council Spox @servankobane says only today 2K IDPs arrived areas under their control. He asks help from @UN @UNHCRinSYRIA 2/27/2017

    Urgent Signed Appeal from Afrin:
    Kurdish Red Crescent asking international community for urgent basic supplies for refugees. 2/7/2017

    Syrian Christians, Kurds & Arabs who control together 25% of Syria back Trump’s Safe Zone plan… #gop #womenfortrump 2/26/2017

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