US Podcasts: Anticipating the Trump-May Visit


UK Prime Minister Theresa May, facing the economic shock if London ever departs the European Union and its single market, needs the salvation — even if it’s illusory — of a US-UK trade deal in the dim future. She also needs to burnish the urn of the “special relationship”, tarnished by Donald Trump’s warm embrace of Nigel Farage last November before he had a fleeting thought about 10 Downing Street.

Trump, after antagonizing and insulting a series of leaders and their countries, was happy for a photo opportunity with someone whose name isn’t Vladimir Putin.

And so the two meet in Washington on Friday. Adam Quinn and I anticipate the outcome:

Listen to Scott Lucas on BBC Hereford

Listen to Adam Quinn on Radio 5 Live

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  1. Evil Britzie clown Mudda-T.Rex is winging her way to grovel at the footstool in Schloß NeuTrumpenstein:
    As one wit remarked … the only common denominators among the Don’s “friends” are fear, desperation and a willingness to be debased.
    Meanwhile, in actual Germany, Gabriel goes for major EU policy re-jig, aiming to put Mutti Merkel and the ingrained subservience to Yanki diktat on the electoral chopping block:
    Signs are this could prove a raging success, as German TV pundits smitten by the Geist of AntiFa openly advocate that Der Trumpenführer be conveniently murdered in the Offal Orifice in the near future:

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