US Podcast: Trump’s Danger to Europe and NATO


UPDATE, JANUARY 18:: More conversation about the worrying prospect of incoming US President Donald Trump for US-European relations, this talk with London’s Talk Radio.

The chat begins at the 7:11 mark, during the 11:30-12:00 segment of the program:

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Donald Trump doesn’t speak in coordinated policy. He speaks in thought bubbles and he tweets in thought bubbles. Some of those thought bubbles may stick to a wall, some may disappear.

But what concerns me, not just with respect to Germany but with respect to NATO, is that those thought bubbles are increasingly picked up and indeed seem to resonate with Russia’s propaganda line.

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US Podcast: Trump’s Danger to Europe and NATO

ORIGINAL ENTRY: I spoke with BBC WM on Tuesday about Donald Trump’s latest remarks about Europe, including his assertion that NATO is “obsolete”.

There is also discussion about how Friday’s inauguration will go (“not very well”).

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This is bad political jazz, without thought or coherence. It is dangerous.

There are real issue to be considered about NATO, for example, contributions from each country, for example, coordination, for example, dealing with a very aggressive Russian foreign and military policy.

But let’s not make a mistake here. Trump’s not addressing these as you and I might, giving them serious consideration. He just throws out a provocative statement: 1) to control headline and 2) because his talking points are aligned with those of the Russian Government, including President Vladimir Putin.

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  1. NATO is indeed obsolete. It should have been terminate with the fall of the Berlin Wall. NATO was always intended to be hostile entity against Russia. Bush assured NATO would not more to the East of Germany and under Clinton it expanded by 12 states.

    It is a danger to peace and security because it is looking for conflicts to justify it’s existense. Libya is a perfect example.

    That’s not a Putin taking point, it’s a fact

    • Spot on, Andre………….. “It is a danger to peace and security because it is looking for conflicts to justify it’s existense. Libya is a perfect example.”
      When NATO attacks Sunni terrorists in Libya, Syria, and Iraq its existence will be warranted. The Soviet Union is gone, the Cold War is over. Today’s threat is Sunni terrorism. Problem is, the head of the snake (Arab kings) are close allies of the NATO states. Hopefully Trump will put an end to that madness. Depends on Trump’s assessment of the economics of the relationships. UK is heavily dependent on investments from and arms sales to the despotic Arab kings.
      How many French citizens did the Soviet Union kill? How many French citizens did ISIS kill? Hmmm, who is the enemy?
      I think Flynn is a very sharp guy. He understands the tangled web. He understands the treachery of neocon nutjub McCain.

  2. Obama just put troops in Europe. 300 marines in Norway. Trump will probably leave them for a short time. He campaigned on defeating ISIS. He will will work with Putin in Syria. Neocons are going to be kicking and screaming the whole way. McCain will be foaming at the mouth.
    Obama’s legacy…………. destruction of Libya, destruction of Syria, rise of ISIS, Maiden, Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, and of course Obamacare. Failure after failure after failure. Trump can’t do any worse.

  3. Of course the kremlinbots want NATO gone so that the precious Russians will be able to illegally invade even more of their neighbors with no opposition. Despite their laughable wishful thinking NATO isn’t going anywhere. Guess they can just deal with it.

    • Good call Kevin, Russians extents their aggressive agenda in Ukraine, Moldova and influence in other Eastern Europe countries with the help of local corrupted governements. It was promising the message from Tillerson, Mattis, McCain and even Pence, they delivered good, stable speeches. Although there are many issues related to the relations with Russia and their agenda, i believe that we shall live in a world without enemy positions.

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