PHOTO: UK Prime Minister needs “salvation” over Brexit — and Donald Trump wants a feel-good moment after stinging rebuke at Inauguration and Women’s Marches

UPDATE, JAN 23: I joined BBC Radio Foyle on Monday morning for a brief debate with Trump spokesperson Charlie Wolf about an unsettled Administration’s “alternative facts” over the Inauguration and Saturday’s Women’s March.

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Let’s cut to the chase about what happened here. The media reported — correctly — the Inauguration crowds were quite small, probably 500,000 to 600,000 at most. And they reported correctly that there was a much larger crowd for the Women’s March in Washington with millions demonstrating around the world for rights, and were also raising questions about Trump’s character.

The Trump Administration was so rattled that the President sent out his Press Secretary to be “economical with the truth”….

It’s the Trump Administration that is picking the war with the media because they are being held to account.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, JAN 22: I joined BBC Radio Ulster on Sunday afternoon to chat about Friday’s visit by British Prime Minister Theresa May to Donald Trump in Washington.

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Is this a renewal of the “special relationship”? Not exactly. Indeed, there’s more symbol than substance for this meeting.

May is facing the harsh economic reality of a Brexit departure from the European Union, so she needs the illusion of a US-UK trade deal which is years away — if Trump the protectionist is ever interested in it.

Meanwhile, Trump may need a foreign opportunity to boost his ego and his public relations after the stinging setback of a smaller-than-desired audience for his Inauguration, and the far larger crowd in Washington — as well as across and beyond the US — for Saturday’s Women’s Marches.

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There is discussion of whether May and Trump will discuss the President’s declaration that the organization is “obsolete” and whether US and British institutions can hold together the relationship.