A Happy New Year from EA


Dear Reader,

2016 has been an extremely testing year for many of us: Brexit, the victory of Donald Trump and probable Russian involvement in the US election, the rise of right-wing xenophobia in Europe and, of course, the devastating conflict in Syria.

It’s been a tough and challenging year, and you all have been with us every step of the way.

Thank you so much for joining us as we document these events and analyse their consequences. Your own perspectives make EA WorldView a dynamic site, offering hope in the midst of turmoil.

We think there is more that we can do. In the New Year, we’re going to be bringing you more coverage from countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa, fact-checking claims made about the Syrian conflict in our new section Syria Oracle, evaluating the Trump Administration and its opponents, and providing in-depth coverage and analysis from Britain and Europe as they battle with consensus-shattering events.

Our partner podcast Political WorldView also has plans for expansion, and we will be building up our EA Birmingham section, featuring the best in analysis from the specialists at the University of Birmingham.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get our content and ideas as soon as they are posted.

And if you value our coverage and want to see more of it, please consider donating to us — as we are an all-volunteer site — so that we can continue our high-quality journalism and analysis.

We cordially wish you a Happy New Year, with better times ahead.

Scott Lucas, Editor
Ellis Palmer Babe, Head of Digital Media

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  1. This is an excellent news site. Now that traditional newspapers are fading away, we need sites like this if we are to have any idea what is going on.
    I would hope for more coverage of Iraq in 2017, if you can manage it.

  2. Readers,

    This is a repost of an entry from last night that disappeared because of a technical bug. Unfortunately, comments were also deleted — Andre, thank you again for your best wishes.


    • Here are two from the crypt:
      Andre De Angelis — January 01, 01:20
      I don’t think I have met anyone who says 2016 was a good year.
      In spite of our differences, I always enjoy reading your opinion Scott, so thanks for the time you dedicate to this website.
      Happy new year to you and your family
      Scott Lucas [Author] — January 01, 01:54
      And the very best to you for 2017.

  3. In a final sting in the tail from the NeoCon’s annus horribilis of 2016 their increasingly flaccid claims about ‘Russian election hacking’ droop completely in the face of an expert analysis of the minimal technical data released by DHS/DNI in their politicised ‘report’ hastily cooked-up on the orders of the Numbskull Obomber in his last shamefully mendacious death throes to frame Putin for HillDawg’s ignominious electoral implosion.
    The code-snippets’ signature traces to an outdated version of a commercial malware package manufactured & sold in the Ukraine by an outfit called Profexer and the IP addresses provided correspond with those commonly used by commercial hackers scanning for exploitable weaknesses on WordPress site servers.
    The team of experts thus laconically conclude: “The PHP malware sample they have provided appears to be P.A.S. version 3.1.0 which is commonly available and the website that claims to have authored it says they are Ukrainian. It is also several versions behind the most current version of P.A.S which is 4.1.1b. One might reasonably expect Russian intelligence operatives to develop their own tools or at least use current malicious tools from outside sources.
    And further: “The IP addresses that DHS provided may have been used for an attack by a state actor like Russia. But they don’t appear to provide any association with Russia. They are probably used by a wide range of other malicious actors, especially the 15% of IP addresses that are Tor exit nodes.
    The malware sample is old, widely used and appears to be Ukrainian. It has no apparent relationship with Russian intelligence and it would be an indicator of compromise for any website.

    See full analysis here: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2016/12/russia-malware-ip-hack/
    In short, Obomber’s alleged ‘evidence’ is an utter joke beneath contempt and even parody — the whole ‘Russians hacked our precious Yanki elections to steal it for Trump’ story is thus revealed as having been nought but shoddily confected B.S. from start to finish, a vile criminal conspiracy to fraudulently influence the Electoral College to wrongfully award the presidency to Queen Loser or, failing that, to cripple the foreign policy of the incoming Trumpenführer administration, constraining it within the NeoCon straightjacket which the lazy Numbskull found fitted him so comfortably. And this was all done by a bunch of butthurt bad losers, but it has now resoundingly blown up in their own cretinous faces.
    Hahaha, Happy New Year, indeed!

  4. Hannity’s ‘Happy New Year’ Assange interview from Ecuador’s London Embassy:
    touches on …
    Yanki election.
    Post-election ’Russian hacked elections for Trump’ propaganda narrative.
    Wikileaks contribution to HillDawg’s downfall — due to all published information being true.
    14-year-old could have gotten Podesta’s email archive by spear-phishing.
    Wikileaks source not Russian government or any state party.
    References this intriguing DailyMail story that ex-British Ambassador Craig Murray received DNC leak in Washington woods from staffer with legal access disgruntled by party rigging against Bernie:
    Assange neither denies nor confirms DM story, only confirmed source not Russian government or any state party due to orchestrated Yanki government/MSM effort to subvert story and deflect from the true contents.
    Clinton’s bathroom email was designed to subvert FOIA access, not secure against state actors.
    WaPo’s ’Yanki Electricity grid hacked by Russians’ story exposed as fake, same code-signature snippets of commercial Ukrainian malware package Profexer, as released in DHS/DNI ‘election hacking’ report, which anyone can purchase online and use.
    Efforts to delegitimise Trump a stupid DNC tactic [NB by Barbar: it became so much more when McCainiacs & CIA-cornfed MSM got a hold of it].
    Swedish ‘rape’ cases confected by government for political revenge at behest of Obama admin, 2016 UN finding of illegal detention.
    PS: Background to the previous tiff mentioned in this interview — In 2010 Hannity called for the Pentagovernment to “go after” Assange for “waging his war against the U.S.” by publishing the Manning document trove, and asked, “why didn’t they arrest him?” “Why can’t Obama do something about the WikiLeaks?” It must be acknowledged that Hannity in doing this interview is man enough to effectively admit he was wrong about that and now recognises Assange & Wikileaks’ extraordinary services to honest public debate and journalism in general.

  5. Fake News Alert:
    1. Corrupt establishment media [CEM] already busy lying about the contents of Hannity/Assange interview — TIME kicks off with this tawdry effort:
    Obviously it’s an addiction they don’t want to kick …
    2. WaPo caught lying through its teeth about “Russians hacking Yanki power grid”:

  6. The epitome of genuflection: when your NATO ally is using your own airbases to weaponize and create a safe haven (in your backyard) for your arch-enemy terrorist neo-marxist guerrilla. Sultan my ass!

    Turkey was told not to go further than 20 kms into Syria:

    “Turkey was told not to go further than 20 kilometers into Syria in its cross-border operation, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Dec. 5.”


  7. The site used to be great before it was overran by the typical pro-tyranny, anti-American crowd who do nothing except spew a bunch of vile and cynical propaganda. It needs an ignore button so it might readable again. This is the first time I’ve even looked at it for several days. I used to check it everyday. I mean, if I want to see what new immature insults the bitter marxists have prepared, I’ll check this site. But mostly I don’t care because it’s irrelevant and so full of hypocrisy that I can’t even read it with a straight face.

      • Well said, Don!
        IMHO there are two types of person who cannot abide having the Ruling Class ‘received wisdom’ challenged:
        1. The ‘herd mammals’ who are intellectually lazy/incapable and thus easily ruled by fear.
        2. Those sufficiently intelligent but cynical, compromised characters who [should] know better but have decided to accept a pay-check in exchange for upholding the injustice system which supplies it.

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