Syria Daily: Rebels to US — We Will Not Leave Aleppo


PHOTO: A White Helmets volunteer rescues an elderly man after Russian-regime bombing of Idlib Province on Sunday


Eulogy for My Brother
Touring Aleppo With Assad’s Industrialists

Syria’s rebels have told the US that they will not leaved besieged and bombarded Aleppo city, despite the advance of a pro-Assad offensive.

Zakaria Malahifji of the Fastaqim faction said the message was delivered on Saturday via contacts to American officials:

Our response to the Americans was as follows: we cannot leave our city, our homes, to the mercenary militias that the regime has mobilized in Aleppo…..

The US officials had asked the rebels, “Do you want to leave, (or) do you want to be steadfast?”, Malahifji said. The rebels responded with an allusion to the foreign forces attacking alongside the Syrian army and paramilitary units in Aleppo: “We cannot leave our homes to Afghanis, to Iraqis, and so on.”

Malahifji added, “They listened to the response and did not comment.”

He repeated a call by rebels for the urgent delivery of food and medicine to eastern Aleppo city, cut off by a Russian-regime siege since late August, and for evacuation of the sick and wounded.

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov repeated on Saturday that there must be talks for the departure of all rebels “without exclusion” from Aleppo before the siege is lifted and attacks stop.

Lavrov spoke with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday about Kerry’s latest initiative for a ceasefire, evacuations, and renewal of a political process. The US Secretary of State insisted:

All diplomacy is still alive…..That is [UN envoy] Staffan De Mistura’s goal, it is the apparent Russian goal, it is our goal.

Lavrov said Kerry had finally made proposals “in line” with those of Russian experts.

See Syria Daily, Dec 3: Kerry Sees Russia’s Lavrov, Says “Diplomacy is Still Alive”

Russia has also been in discussions with Turkey — a leading backing of the opposition and rebels, but one that may have accepted the Russian-regime attempt to overrun eastern Aleppo city — this week.

The pro-Assad forces — Iranian units, Hezbollah, and Iraqi, Palestinian militia alongside regime troops and militia — have taken about 1/3 of opposition-held eastern Aleppo city since November 26. They are trying to seize other districts but have been held up by rebel resistance in the last 72 hours.

About 50,000 civilians are said to fled eastern Aleppo, some to regime-held neighborhoods and others to the mainly-Kurdish Sheikh Maqsoud. An estimated 220,000 people remain.

Russian Airstrikes Across Idlib and Aleppo Provinces

Meanwhile, as regime warplanes pound eastern Aleppo, Russian jets are bombing across Idlib and western Aleppo Provinces.

At least 51 people have reportedly been killed so far on Sunday. Twenty-two of the fatalities were in Kafranbel in Idlib Province.

Civilians have also been slain by bombing of a market in Maarat al-Num’an.

Aftermath of an attack of a market:

Journalist Hadi al-Abdallah reported earlier that at least 20 people have been killed in the attacks

White Helmets rescuers posted photographs from Kafranbel and the “heavy destruction”:



Twitter Account of 7-Year-Old Bana Deleted — “We Will See Each Other Another Day”

The Twitter account of 7-year-old Bana al-Abed, purportedly run by her mother Fatemah in eastern Aleppo city, has been deleted.

The last tweet:


The account has become internationally prominent in recent weeks, with its first-hand account of life amid siege, bombardment, and pro-Assad ground attacks.

Last week the al-Abed apartment was damaged in bombing, forcing Fatameh and Bana to leave. Subsequent tweets said Bana was ill and needed medical attention.

Journalist Zaina Erhaim explains:

Reports: Jihadists of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham Attack Rebel Factions in Eastern Aleppo

Well-placed activists report that the jihadists of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, have attacked the headquarters of other rebel factions in eastern Aleppo city.

The activists said JFS/Nusra raided the headquarters of Jaish al-Islam and Faylaq al-Sham in the Kalaseh neighborhood, seizing ammunition and arresting fighters. A leader of Faylaq al-Sham was beaten.

JFS/Nusra left eastern Aleppo city in 2015 in an agreement with rebels. However, after fighting this autumn in the Ramouseh corridor, southwest of Aleppo, about 200-300 men were stranded amid the re-imposition of a Russian-regime siege and pulled back into the city. The fighters are reportedly seeking ammunition and weapons from rebel warehouses.

Another activist assesses that JFS/Nusra attacked because of its belief that rebel factions will reach a deal with Turkey and Russia to leave eastern Aleppo. Rumors have circulated that 13 factions are involved in discussions in Ankara.

Fastaqim was also attacked in late November by another rebel faction, Nur al-Din al-Zinki.

Pictures: Displaced Brother and Sister from al-Tal Arrive in Idlib Province

A displaced brother and sister from al-Tal, southwest of Damascus, arrive at a camp in Idlib Province in northwest Syria:


Hundreds of rebels and their families left al-Tal on Friday, in the latest of a series of capitulations to regime sieges and bombardments of Damascus suburbs.

See Removal of People in Another Capitulation Near Damascus

Another young arrival:


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  1. Ronahi TV – INSIDE ROJAVA – 3 – 12 – 2016 12/3/2016

    [TEV-DEM’s Aldar Khalil:] In Rojava, the current governing bodies have created democratic institutions that are committed to religious pluralism and respect for rule of law, while abolishing rulings that discriminate based on race, religion or sex. And consistent with progressive agendas of many liberal democracies, women in Rojava have assumed leading roles in the military and political spheres.
    Critically, Kurds are not in favor of big, centralized government. Rather, they believe that federalism is best for Syria. Rojava is a good example, where diversity and coexistence is not only possible, but also encouraged.
    While Kurdish troops are marching toward ISIS’s self-declared capital in Al Raqqa, many leaders in Rojava have expressed concerns about the military strikes that Turkey launched in the Canton of Efrin, northwest of Syria. All of those strikes were precipitated by major U.S. delays.
    In Washington, Erdogan has hired professional lobbyists to promote his anti-democratic agenda. While challenging for us, they cannot dispute the obvious progress that Kurdish forces have made against ISIS. In fact, Kurdish zones are the only places in the entire Syrian theater in which American forces have been able to remain and operate safely.
    Radical Islam is a threat to the entire world. Our men and women, those fighting on the front lines, are ready and willing to unite with America against this common threat. And we look forward to strengthening and deepening our relationship with the United States — the best hope for a flourishing democracy in Rojava. 11/30/2016

    Ahmed Suleiman, member of the political bureau in Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party in Syria [PDPKS], assured that the federal system will preserve all the Syrian components and protect the unity of Syria 10/12/2016

    • Metropoll Research asked Turkish voters whom they preferred to be neighbors with: ISIS or PYD? They said PYD. 7/29/2015

      [HDP’s] Demirtaş: I’ll go to jail in my country rather than be abroad
      CHP Istanbul MP Eren Erdem has divulged that while he was visiting HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş in Edirne, the latter had told him, “I knew fifteen days in advance that I would be detained. I told my child how to act when they came. I could have gone abroad, but I’ll go to jail in my country rather than be in foreign climes.”
      The CHP’s Eren Erdem, Fikri Sağlar, Orhan Sarıbal and Ali Şeker visited HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş and Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Türk in Edirne Prison. Erdem, noting that the cause of greatest concern to Demirtaş was the obstructing of legislative activity, said the latter had told him, “I am draftıng parliamentary motions but they are being rejected. The authority to do this does not rest with the prison governor, but with the Speaker of Parliament.” Erdem passed on the prison governor’s comment concerning allegations that Demirtaş was in solitary confinement, “We have taken Demirtaş into a special area to prevent him being targeted in provocations.”
      From the account given by Erdem, Ahmet Türk made the following comment: “It is enough for peace to come to my country. If they want, let them hang me in Taksim. I am happy to place my signature beneath that. It is enough for the bloodshed to stop. I am prepared to do anything.” 12/2/2016

      The Hacked Emails of #Albayrak
      How the AKP broke the #PKK ceasefire and why #Turkey Supports ISIS. 10/23/2016

    • “In Rojava, the current governing bodies have created democratic institutions that are committed to religious pluralism and respect for rule of law, while abolishing rulings that discriminate based on race, religion or sex. And consistent with progressive agendas of many liberal democracies, women in Rojava have assumed leading roles in the military and political spheres.”

      Wow that agenda sound exactly like a briefing from the World Bank inclusion & development office!.
      I thought you commies were fighting against “the system” but I guess you always end to be their most faithful enforcers (you have already facilitated russia and china´s convertion to modern capitalism).

  2. Amazing news if true and shows how effective the UK ‘food aid to Aleppo’ e-petition is becoming:
    Excerpt from above link: “The US and UK have been holding talks to explore ways to airdrop food and medical supplies to eastern Aleppo and other besieged populations in Syria….The talks have been going on for months in Washington and have considered a broad range of possibilities, from parachute drops to creating an air bridge with drone flights, and even flying in edible drones that can be taken apart and eaten.”
    In case anyone is wondering what that UK e-petition is here’s the link:
    Definite recommend posters sign it, last I checked it was just under 13.5K number and since it’s already gone past the 10K mark the UK will respond to the petition BUT if it reaches the 100K mark then the issue will consider for a debate in UK parliament. I hope the more widely circulated this position is then the more quickly it’ll reached that 100K mark ideally before New Year’s day.

    • My daughter has just signed as 13,508. She is going to ask two more people to sign.
      The battle for East Aleppo is not over by a long way. The rebels have moved into better defensive positions. There are thousands of men who would rather die fighting than die in Assad’s jails. This will become Syria’s Stalingrad.

    • Hang on a minute.If you get 100k signatures,it goes up for discussion in parliament?You hope this discussion could occur after the new year?That’s 25 days away.Is UK parliament open over New Year period?What happens if they decide it needs a look at by a committee after the discussion?What happens if Assad says no?What if Russia says no?What if East Aleppo has fallen?Everyone could be dead before the air drop begin.It is a waste of time really.

  3. #Aleppo: 1) “Cpt al Razeq Many civilians fled areas taken by the Regime who arrested all men between 18 and 40 and exterminated whole families” – CombatChris1
    People should remember if regime troops are not fighting rebels then they’re viciously persecuting Sunni civilians. This is why I consider senior regime officers in the Republic Guards/Hezbollah/IRGC to be the biggest devils because not only are they the ones organising the offensives against rebels but they’re also involved in coordinating their actions with Assad’s mukhabarat/secret-police and that is why on a weekly basis I say rebels should target senior regime officers for special ops. So I ask again anyone still doubting that Ramouseh front should not be opened again? Not to break the siege with a serious offensive but (using a multitude/huge number of assault groups to raid every regime position simultaneous – ie the same first two hours) to divert (e.g. attacking regime positions that can be quickly isolated and/or are strategically important to regime position in southern Aleppo like jabal azaan, capture of jabal Azaan btw will isolate Haider and panic the regime into sending troops away from eastern Aleppo and towards Azzan which being mountainous rebels can easily fortify and surround with IED-traps as well as being an ideal artillery sighting place) enough regime troops from eastern Aleppo to give the rebels there fewer regime troops to fight and more time to fortify their positions.
    2) “Asad Army’s looting experts have arrived to al-Sakhur” – ThomasPierret
    Rebels should not allow civilians to take their fridges/ovens rather rebels should place pressure-sensitive land-mines under those fridges/ovens so when those thieving regime troops come the moment they try to loot those fridges/ovens they lose one of their legs. The more of thieves crawl back to their bases without a leg the less likely these scum will ever try to steal the property of civilians again.
    #Hama: Wow “FSA Army of Victory report 9 KIA & > 10 WIA among Assad regime militias after the bombing of their minefield Rif N #Hama” – badly_xeroxed
    Anyone still doubting the usefulness of using land-mines in an offensive (Ie planting land-mines in regime assembly or the exits/doorways of buildings housing regime troops during night-time infiltration operations) manner against the regime? Judge for yourself.

  4. As for those Sunni Syrians that are forced to be conscripted into Assad army I hope they engage in discrete but intelligent (ie it can be plausibly denied/excused when done but effective enough to damage regime operations in the very long term – e.g. adding salt to the cement when creating fortifications) forms of sabotage, in fact if they play it clever they could incite even more Alawites to abandon Syria and thereby deprive Assad of even more fighters.

  5. 1. Government Gas Chambers being prepared to Genocide the Sunni refugees of E.Aleppo:
    2. NATO’s 5-Star Istanbul Hilton FSA ‘leaders’ command that the E.Aleppo JI-Joes are to bleed out to the last man/boy:
    3. Meanwhile, in the amazing shrinking Kessel, the more fanatical [Nusra] are already fighting other factions for the last bullets with which to execute the surrender-monkeys then commit suicide:
    One way or another, The Jonkharrie‘s ‘negotiations’ are going to rendered moot very shortly!

  6. Progress update — after major SAA advance in Myassar and Jazmati in last 48hrs, new collapse of JI-Joe positions in E.Aleppo imminent, as they will be forced to evacuate indefensible salient in Sha’ar district or be cut off, not that it will really matter either way:
    At that point NATO’s heroes are down to about 25% of the original Kessel size, which at this rate of consumption should last another 10 days at the outside.

  7. JI-Joe plans becoming more modest by the hour:
    Desertion rates are probably mounting sharply by now as turnover gets dramatic:
    In another blow to the rebels, the head of a new rebel alliance was seriously wounded on Saturday, rebel officials said. Abu Abdelrahman Nour will be replaced as head of the “Aleppo army” he was appointed to lead last week.

    • Congrats to Assad, I guess. Hope he likes being the tyrannical dictator of rubble. And this is you not cheering for Assad as you’ve claimed multiple times? LOL, keep telling yourself that.

  8. Ingenious Mutti Merkel pissed millions in German Taxpayer Geld up the wall on serial loser HillDawg:
    … kinda like all the billions NATO gifted to FSA for zero ROI …
    Latest Lolocaust from UNSC — Suave Jaafari informs Sammy ‘I gots da’ Power that she’d fetch about $40 at auction:
    Woe betide — last MBP in E.Aleppo’s battery has died, due to pesky Rooskies:

  9. Outside backup is gone, ISIS prophecy becoming true. Those poor bastards inside aleppo really believed that the tawageet would save them.

    • LOL, yeah, Über-Tāghūt ‘Friend of Syria’ Obomber be all like, “it’s your problem now, boys!” as he retreats into invisibility.
      [speaking to Tayyip and the ‘king’ of Sauds]

  10. #International: “Kurdistan government released a statement ordering PKK to leave Sinjar until New Year. ” – fuadhud
    #National: Interesting article by the Telegraph – even if Aleppo falls to regime war will not end as rebels will revert to guerilla tactics.
    Question is why aren’t rebels preparing (e.g. creating underground storage sites as well as begin creating listening posts in current regime positions or front-lines that are at risk of falling to regime fighters, mapping out in complete detail the topographical features of the territory they probably will have to fight over so they intuitively know what areas will be advantageous or disadvantageous to the types of tactics rebels are good at, training camps that’ll be difficult to find from air etc) for this already?
    No doubt the Turks will be pleased or perhaps Barzani is laying the grounds for a casus belli for the Turks to invade Sinjar on their behalf?
    #Aleppo: 1) “Reports now of civilian casualties in an intensive Assad MLRS & heavy artillery attack targeting the Bustan al-Qasr area in #Aleppo” – Paradoxy13
    Have rebels ceased shelling western Aleppo? If so why? Surely the 3000 apartments would be ideal target for multiple underground tunnel-mines? The more those buildings (which probably are occupied by regime troops after they looted those apartments) destroyed the more easier it’d be to capture an offensive if the rebels were to survive through the siege.
    2) “Retaliating 4 high nbr of civilians killed Rebels shelled w/ 100 Grad rockets Regime strongholds of Fuah-Kefraya, Nubul-Zahraa & Nayrab Base” – QalaatAlMudiq
    Such retaliatory shelling though may inflict some casualties won’t be as effective if rebels don’t add to it by launching multiple decoy offensives along Ramouseh (especially on regime sites in southern Aleppo that can be quickly isolated by rebels or is strategically important like jabal Azaan) so as to distract the regime enough that it’d forces the regime to divert regime fighters away from eastern Aleppo to Ramouseh and by doing so give the rebels in eastern Aleppo enough time to fortify their position.
    #Idlib: “Iranian C-130 dropping supplies over Fuah & Kafraya in #Idlib today” – Paradoxy13
    I wondered whether rebels there have considered the possibility of luring regime fighters out of those towns towards an IED-trap?
    #Deraa: “4 #FSA Factions form Revolution Army Alliance – Jaish al Yarmuk Ansar and al Muhajirin, Jaish al Mutaz plus Liwa Hassan al Ma’een.” – CombatChris1
    Is this a separate group or part of the Southern Front group? If the former then a welcomed development if they began launching their own offensives and fight in an active guerrilla way.

  11. Joke of the Weak
    ECB’s unelected Boot-Boy Renzi régime-changed by the proud, intelligent Popolo Italiano:
    In a laughable one-liner, numbskull Obomber ‘hopes he will hang about anyhow’:
    … but maybe he means like Mussolini?

  12. From National Eye Hospital [captured yesterday] to Aleppo Citadel is only another 600m, which Tiger Forces, their path being smoothed by concentrated RuAF airstrikes, should punch through before lunch break today, cutting off a contingent of destitute JI-Joe stragglers to their North in Sha’ar District:,37.17636
    Meantime, Muhaysini is MIA — ‘humanitarian concern’ is mounting in NATO-HQ Mons regarding the whereabouts of their deep-cover agent the Greatest JI-Joe Leader of all Time, a.k.a. pudgy Osama 2.0, who was last spotted hustling into an Afghan ladies’ fashion boutique in the Sheikh Said District of besieged E.Aleppo almost a week ago … answers on a postcard please to Herr Jens Stoltenberg.

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