Global Podcast: From Berlin Attack to Assassinated Russian Ambassador to US Electoral College


PHOTO: A victim is taken from the scene of the vehicle attack in Berlin

UPDATE, DECEMBER 21: A further discussion with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire on Tuesday afternoon:

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ORIGINAL ENTRY: I spoke with Monocle 24’s The Globalist on Tuesday morning to assess a hectic 24 hours of news.

The discussion begins with Monday night’s vehicle attack in Berlin that killed 12 people and wounded dozens: does it mean the political downfall of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the surge of the anti-immigration hard right?

We move to Monday’s assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey: will it break the recent cooperation between Ankara and Moscow over Syria?

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And finally there’s a review of the Electoral College vote confirming Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election: was all the fuss about nothing?

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  1. Serial loser HillDawg amusingly does it again, earning herself 5 faithless electors to Donaldo’s 2, and that despite the massive state-sponsored press campaign to steal the Electoral College vote for her:
    After seeing his ‘progressive’ effort to bribe the EC fail in flames, it’s now down to Michael Moore laying his massive girth on the line to blockade Trump from reaching the inauguration, or, after that brainwave inevitably fails, the salvation of Liberty falls to dingbat leader of ‘The Resisty’, Shouty Keef, inciting sufficient sedition to build his ‘Free Yankistan Army’ and overthrow the hated Trump régime by force:
    Personally I can’t wait for the new AG, Jeff ‘Whitehat’ Sessions, to be let loose on the massive but unmentionable Democrat vote fraud scandal [HillDawg ‘won’ 11 of the 12 states which give illegal aliens a driver’s licence and Obomber openly suborned them to use that ID to illegally vote for her with impunity], and also the CFI bribery/influence-peddling system, and the bathroom email thingy, all or any one of which, rigorously investigated, is good enough to see her convicted.

  2. After yesterday’s bloodthirsty truck, now a false bomb threat resulted in the evacuation of Cologne metro station. What a weird way the Germans celebrate Christmas.

  3. Anybody think Obama is going to give Hillary a blanket pardon? I think so. Clinton Foundation is a slush fund. Bill and Chelsea will need a pardon, also.

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