US Audio Analysis: Trump and His “Hard Right” Men

Donald Trump and Kris Kobach, the head of the ill-fated "voter fraud" commission, November 2016

PHOTO: Donald Trump with Kris Kobach, a possible Director of Homeland Security who has called for a national registry of Muslims, on Monday (Drew Angerer/Getty)(

I joined Emma Nelson and Monocle 24’s The Daily on Monday night to talk through Donald Trump’s “hard right” choices for his Cabinet so far and whether there will be some balancing in the near-future.

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Listen from 3:07:

There really isn’t a coherent process because the Trump folks didn’t anticipate being in this position and because Trump himself is incoherent at the best of times.

You are also seeing the influence of Steve Bannon, the editor of Breitbart News who is now “chief strategist”. He has said that America should go to the dark side, learning from Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, and Satan. Whether or not he is serious about that statement, he is looking for people who share his views.

So will a counter-effort, probably including former Republican National Committee head and now Chief of Staff Reince Preibus, bring in a Secretary of State like Mitt Romney?

Because the Republican Party did not support Trump, does he have an Administration which is all on the fringes of the GOP?

That meeting with Romney gives Trump a bit of publicity that maybe he is not as off-the-wall as everyone thinks he may be. From Romney, it’s an olive branch — “I may have said you’re a phony, you’re a fraudster, but let’s see if we can work something out.”

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  1. For those still snared in the Stages of Grief over Trump, this here will cheer you right up*:
    streaming —
    or snag the DL if outside the Democratic People’s Republic of Little England:
    [* For those who don’t know, Frankie Boyle is a Scotch comedian who produces gems like this: ]

  2. It’s Official: Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Will Be Horrible For The Planet

    To make the climate crisis even worse, Trump’s “free hand to pollute” may be seen by China as a green light not to crack down on environmental pollution. Trump voters who own seaside property or have to worry about increased flooding in draughts may rue the day they voted for him.

    Meanwnhile, regardless of age, most liberal SC members will try to hang on for four more years. The GOP has already stolen one SC seat by breaking a precedent with no excuse other than flat out partisanship.

    • Democrats will correctly blame the GOP for any increase in environmental disasters over the next four years. Younger voters, including some who become eligible over the next four years, are especially unlikely to be happy with GOP environmental policies.
      The older and less educated he voters are least likely to understand the dangers. They think its all made up. Fortunately,many of the latter die off every four years.

    • Two more trump policies likely to alienate voters over the next few years and turn them into long-term Democrats:

      1. Mapping Trump’s Coming War on Immigrant Sanctuary Cities
      Donald Trump has promised a war on America’s “sanctuary cities,” threatening to cut off all federal dollars to communities “that refuse to cooperate” with federal authorities in immigration enforcement. As my colleague Natalie Delgadillo reported, several big-city mayors have already declared they will continue to resist using local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law. Given the overwhelming strength of the GOP at federal and state levels of government, these sanctuary jurisdictions may become the major battleground in the political struggle over the president-elect’s mass deportation plan. ALIENTED GROUPS: HIspanics and other immigrants
      2. Donald Trump’s attorney general could terminate the rule that protects state-legalized marijuana
      The US marijuana industry’s vibrant growth in the grey area of federalism could be threatened by president-elect Donald Trump and his preferred choice for attorney general, Alabama senator Jeff Sessions. Sessions, an early backer of Trump’s presidential campaign and an outspoken critic of US immigration policy, is also an opponent of marijuana legalization. ALIENATED GROUP: Younger voters who will then stay with Democrats.

      THE GOP favors states rights EXCEPT when states don’t take positions favored by Republicans. Bear in mind that these marijuana law changes have usually come via popular referendum.

      • Red, you’re clueless.
        The main sanctuary cities (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City) are in blue/democratic states (CA, NY, IL). No worry about them turning democrat when they already are.
        The script has flipped. Democratic party is now the party of the elite (millionaires, billionaires, Wall Street, big banks, Hollywood, etc.), and the republican party is now the party of the working man.
        The American people want change. Clinton was status quo, Trump is change.
        Mark it down……… Obama will give Hillary a blanket pardon. Probably even Bill and Chelsea.

        • re: The main sanctuary cities (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City) are in blue/democratic states (CA, NY, IL). No worry about them turning democrat when they already are.
          Of course they are democratic cities. But news of Trump’s crimes against minorities will impact Hispanic voting tendencies elsewhere. Every four years the percentage of white voters drops abut two percent. Every year, the oldest and most conservative generations–those who loved Joe McCarthy and who voted for Nixon continues to die off. Good riddance.

        • The party of the working man? I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Led by a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth who has never really had to work a day in his life. ROTFLMAO. That’s a great lie. More like the party of the pissed off white man.

  3. Donald Trump Is Declaring Bankruptcy on the Post-War World Order
    In 1929, the embittered English writer Robert Graves published a farewell memoir to his country called Good-Bye to All That. A veteran of the Great War, scarred and traumatized at the Battle of the Somme, Graves offered his epitaph to a world brought down by the myopia of a waning ruling class. Unable to see forward, British rulers yearned to restore a bygone age, to make Britain great again, only to destroy the flower of their youth (note also how Putin’s aggressive behavior is driven partly by nostalgia for the USSR’s force-based empire as well as a need to divert popular attention from his corruption and economic failings)
    No sooner did Good-Bye hit the bookstands than governments responded to a financial crisis by throwing up trade barriers, turning currencies into weapons, plunging the world into depression, and then deporting, or later exterminating, foreigners as well as their own citizens.
    With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the United States seems about to swerve in a similar direction, to go from leading the world as a stabilizer to leading the world as a destabilizer. What’s propelling this about-face is nostalgia for an earlier age of supremacy. In truth, that supremacy has long since passed.

    • With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the United States seems about to swerve in a similar direction, to go from leading the world as a stabilizer to leading the world as a destabilizer

      • the United States … leading the world as a stabilizer” — LOL, and no amount of evidence from the real world can ever sway you from this pathetic article of agit-prop faith.
        Anyone not so blinkered can easily see that since the auto-dissolution of the Soviet Union, Yankistan has been on a continuous free-for-all warcrime spree of destabilising the world militarily in an effort to compensate for its relative economic decline.

        • Yeah, because surely some marxist who spends all his time railing against and otherwise obsessing with America isn’t every bit as blinkered in his laughably predictably and distorted views.

    • Trump won in large part because he was shrewd enough never to define what he meant by making America great again leaving it up to voters to fill in the blanks. To the white nationalists it mean making America white again. To the unemployed Rust Belt workers and coal miners it meant bringing back jobs. To the evangelicals it mean putting gays back in the closet and outlawing abortion. He won on an open-ended slogan with no true meaning a sort of fill in the blank platform. And he is a bringer of chaos because he has no intellectual or ideological base on which to govern. He’s an opportunist and as such lacks the planning to see beyond the moment. I wish the same could be said for his advisers. The people surrounding Trump will be the true architects of what’s to come as they play him like a cheap fiddle. He’ll be the tweeter in chief and face of the policies but given his lack of attention to detail, short attention span and tendency to get bored the wonk work will be done by the likes of Bannon and his ilk. If Romney makes it to the cabinet there will be internal war as the establishment and radicals duke it out over policy while Trump does whatever it is he does judging from what we’ve seen so far. Does the world have reason to worry? You better believe it.–Source: a tweet by PKT I though was totally incisive.

  4. I’m not worried about the “hard right” men.
    Trump is not a neocon, he is not a warmonger. He met with Tulsi Gabbard yesterday. In a statement she released the main topic was Syria. She told him to not overthrow Assad, and warned him of the consequences of a deeper involvement. Support for the rebels from the US is going to dry up. They’re done, they’re baked. Time for them to go home, surrender, or die.
    Trump will do what he said while campaigning………… take out ISIS. He will work with Putin to do so.
    The neocons in the senate are going to have a fit.

    • Something tells me you’re going to be sorely disappointed when Trump’s relations sour with your Lord God Putin, just like they have with every previous administration. There will be a brief honeymoon then Trump will realize that little Putin has nothing to offer and is a pathological liar.

        • No, not really “Vlad”. We really don’t need Russia for anything. Especially considering that Russia is more interesting in propping up their puppet dictator than really fighting ISIS anyways.

  5. The Dow closed over 19,000 today the highest close ever in spite of the sore losers predicting a market crash and worldwide depression if Trump won……………….

  6. “Meme magic is real”: Silicon Valley whiz kid is financing an assembly line for alt-right clickbait 9/23/2016

    The technique [memetic warfare] involves charging a symbol, which will then act as a proxy for a clandestine plan. In occult tradition, this is known as chaos magic. The image could be something as abstract as a hieroglyphic doodle, which a group decides will bring them, say, jobs or food or spouses. The image just has to be widely seen, even subliminally, so that it can seed the minds of the larger population and bring about real world results. (If you think this sounds a bit like hypnotism, you’re right.)
    In the case of Trump’s victory, though, the supposedly responsible image is Pepe, who’s widely seen on social media. This is a new era of chaos magic, fueled by viral sharing: enter the world of meme magic. According to this occult online army, Trump is set to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States thanks to their viral efforts. Not the economy. Not voter psychology. Not Paul Horner, purveyor of fake Trump news. But a frog meme. […]
    Trump himself seems to be aware of this community, if tweeting a version of himself as Pepe—a move that prompted Hillary Clinton to issue a denouncement of the meme—is any indication.
    And so began the idea that plastering Pepe everywhere would guarantee a Trump victory.
    The rabbit hole goes deeper. Pepe’s followers look for synchronicity everywhere, building up a mythos from something that began as an innocuous cartoon character. This is the power of meta-history. When residents on notorious image-based online bulletin board 4chan dug up an Egyptian frog god named Kek, they learned he was a disruptive deity that shakes up basic etiquette and assumptions. Thus they reasoned: Pepe is just a modern day Kek, and both of these frog gods are like the iconoclastic Trump. 11/18/2016

    Spencer says Pepe could also be seen as the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian frog deity, Kek: “He is basically using the alt-right to unleash chaos and change the world,” 10/27/2016

    • Spencer’s wife, Nina Kouprianova, who also writes under the pen name Nina Byzantina, is a Russian scholar who has translated the work of Russian far-right theorist and Putin ally Alexander Dugin 10/18/2016

      Heiser comments on Dugin’s worship of Chaos, and the adoption of the occult symbol of the eight-pointed “Star of Chaos” as the emblem (and, when inscribed in gold on a black background, the flag) of the Eurasianist movement.
      “For Dugin, logos is replaced by chaos, and the very symbol of chaos magic is the symbol of Eurasia: ‘Logos has expired and we all will be buried under its ruins unless we make an appeal to chaos and its metaphysical principles, and use them as a basis for something new.’ Dugin dressed his discussion of logos in the language of Heidegger, but his terminology cannot be read outside of a 2,000-year-old Western, biblical tradition which associates the Logos with the Christ, and Dugin’s invocation of chaos against logos leads to certain inevitable conclusions regarding his doctrines.” 6/18/2014

      This alt-right is, burn the entire thing down. And out of the ashes of global chaos, we will rise. And the — the true alt-right, as it is understood in Russia and Europe and more so here in America, not by Trump or Trump supporters, but it is understood by people like Breitbart and Bannon. And I can say that because they’ve announced it and printed it themselves. They know what they’re doing. And the idea is burn the entire thing down. And out of the chaos, we will rise. And it is a very different world. 10/28/2016

  7. Spencer is a great admirer of Dugin’s, whom he says he knows personally 8/29/2014

    it is within the worldview of Chaos magic specifically (which is a spawn of Crowley’s Thelemic philosophy) where much of the paradoxes and seeming contradictions of the Duginist weltanschauung – and especially in its Fourth Positionist catchall of ‘beyond right or left’ – must be sought, since this is (whether explicitly articulated or not) the actual animating locus of the Duginist far-right praxis, beginning with its choice of symbology, i.e. his Eurasian flag of eight white or yellow thunderbolts (or arrows) shaped in a radial pattern and set behind a black background. This symbol by itself is alternatively referred to in Chaos magic as the ‘wheel of chaos’, ‘the symbol of chaos’, ‘arms of chaos’, ‘the arrows of chaos’, ‘the chaos star’, ‘the chaos cross’, ‘the chaosphere’ or ‘the symbol of eight’. Somewhat reminiscent of the Thule Society and then Hitler’s own appropriation of the swastika from the writings of Theosophical Society founder H.P. Blavatsky (d. 1891), Dugin derives his design from the popularizations of it made by western Chaos magicians during the 1970s-1980s who themselves appropriated it from the work of British science fiction and fantasy novelist Michael Moorcock.
    It should be noted here that both the number eight as well as the color black play a pivotal role in all neo-Nazi/far-right symbology, not to mention that the ‘wheel of chaos’ itself maintains striking similarities to the well known ‘sun wheel’ symbol used by the SS 2/10/2016

    [Chaos magick’s] most famous practice is the creation of Sigils, on which a chaos magician is going to gather and focus his will.
    This way, Sigils are believed to allow one’s project to enter the realm of reality. But as years passed, a question appeared : what about memes ? As collective entities, created by the will of thousands around a single thought, repeated and refined, it was the utmost sigil.
    And “hypersigil” some said. 11/11/2016

    • Meet the ‘meme scientists’ who tracked this election’s crazy viral phenomena 11/8/2016

      The Discordians, the Church of the SubGenius and the Temple of Psychick Youth are particularly interesting within this context in that they all engage with popular culture content in ways that instead highlight active participation and engage-ment. Coming from broadly similar locations within the occultural world, these groups demonstrate a variety of methods of engaging with popular culture that range from the juxtaposition of numerous texts through to the creation of public art. 1/28/2012

      [Discordianism co-founder Kerry] Thornley claimed that, during his initial two-year sojourn in New Orleans, he had numerous meetings with two mysterious middle-aged men named “Gary Kirstein” and “Slim Brooks”. According to his account, they had detailed discussions on numerous subjects ranging from the mundane to the exotic, and bordering sometimes on bizarre. Among these was the subject of how one might assassinate President Kennedy, whose beliefs and policies the aspiring novelist deeply disliked at the time. Later, the former Marine came to believe that “Gary Kirstein” had in reality been senior CIA officer and future Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt, and “Slim Brooks” to have been Jerry Milton Brooks, a member of the 1960s right-wing activist group “The Minutemen”. Guy Banister, another Minutemen member in New Orleans, had been accused by [Jim] Garrison of involvement in the assassination and was allegedly connected to Lee Harvey Oswald through the Fair Play for Cuba Committee leaflet. Thornley also claimed that “Kirstein” and Brooks had accurately predicted Richard M. Nixon’s accession to the presidency six years before it happened, as well as anticipating the rise of the 1960s counterculture and the subsequent emergence of Charles Manson and what became his cult following. This led Thornley to believe that the US government had somehow been involved, directly or indirectly, in creating and/or supporting these events, personages and phenomena.

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