Syria Daily: Turkey & Russia Negotiate Over Aleppo Province

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan after their meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, October 10, 2016 (Osman Orsal/Reuters)

PHOTO: Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdoğan, October 2016


documented 88 deaths in Syria on Friday, including 16 children and 12 women.

Of the casaulties, 51 were in Aleppo Province, most in bombing in and near Aleppo city.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have discussed the state of fighting in northern Syria, as both countries back their local allies in military operations.

The catalyst for the phone conversation was the first Assad regime attack on Turkish troops, who are supporting a rebel offensive against the Islamic State in Aleppo Province. Thursday’s airstrike, the first by the Syrian military on Turkish forces, killed three soldiers and injured 10.

The Turkish-rebel offensive is closing on the town of al-Bab, ISIS’s main position in the province. However, both pro-Assad forces and the Kurdish militia YPG are also close to the town, northeast of Aleppo city.

Meanwhile, Russia and the Assad regime are trying to break resistance in opposition-held eastern Aleppo city, re-imposing a siege in late August and killing more than 1,000 people in bombing and shelling since September 19.

Shortly before cutting off eastern Aleppo, Erdoğan met Putin in Moscow in a further easing of tension, following last November’s downing of a Russian warplane by Ankara’s jets near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Some observers speculated at the time that a deal was struck in which Turkey accepted the Russian-regime assault on Aleppo city, while Moscow agreed to Turkey’s intervention alongside rebels across northern Aleppo Province.

According to the Turkish Presidency, Erdoğan told Putin that Turkey respected Syria’s territorial integrity and that its military operations were directed against ISIS.

The Turkish sources said the two leaders agreed to try to resolve the humanitarian crisis in eastern Aleppo city.

Russia and the Assad regime have cut off any aid effort to the area. After a Russian-regime bombing of a convoy on September 19, the UN halted attempts to deliver food and supplies, and the Assad regime refused all requests for access. The last rations were distributed two weeks ago.

Rebels agreed this week to a UN plan for aid and medical evacuations, but the Assad regime has not responded.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that it did not have any information on the Syrian opposition’s readiness to accept the UN plan.

The Kremlin said the Erdoğan-Putin discussion on Friday was “constructive”, with an agreement to continue dialogue to coordinate efforts against “international terrorism”.

UN Resumes Aid to 85,000+ Trapped Syrians Near Jordan Border

The UN has resumed aid deliveries to more than 85,000 displaced people near the Syrian-Jordanian border.

UNICEF spokesman Christophe Boulierac said Friday that more than 250 winter kits were delivered, with sweaters, trousers, jackets, socks, and boots for children under a year old.

Apart from water, UN aid to the makeshift Rukban camp has been suspended since June, after a car bomb attack killed seven Jordanian border guards.

The displaced Syrians been lived in the desert camp between two parallel earthen barriers, after Jordan sealed the border at the end of 2015.

Running Out of Food in Eastern Aleppo

Reuters offers a snapshot of the increasingly desperate food situation in besieged eastern Aleppo city:

A pack of four bread loaves now costs the equivalent of about $3 – at least five times higher than it was before the siege began in July. The city council offers limited quantities at a subsidized price. A kilo of meat costs $50, a kilo of sugar costs $18, both also several times higher than before the siege.

Rice, which is more readily available and has not risen as much, costs $3 a kilo.

“My wife is using boiled rice to feed our 11-month old baby. We can barely get one bottle of powdered milk a month,” said Abdullah Hanbali, who worked as an engineer before the war.

“People are not accustomed to just eating bread and a bit of rice. They are used to eating apples, cucumbers, lemons, butter, meat,” he said. “The weather is cold. You need nutrition.”

Residents say once-bustling markets are now devoid of shoppers. The few stalls with food to sell offer legumes, radishes, parsley, and other crops grown within the confines of the besieged area.

Russian-Regime Bombing of Women’s Hospital in Idlib Province

In the latest Russian-regime bombing of medical facilities, a women’s hospital in Idlib Province in northwest Syria has been hit by airstrikes.

Three people were killed when four rockets struck the hospital, said Asaad al-Halabi, the advocacy manager at Shafak, the Syrian aid group that runs the facility.

The strikes collapsed the eastern side of the building, damaged the emergency and operating rooms, and destroyed an ambulance.

Russia and the Assad regime have destroyed scores of medical facilities, especially across northwest Syria. In many areas, there is little or no care available.

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  1. Trump will do nothing but help Russia in repayment for the gifts and assistance received to reach the position of president.
    For the gifts, start here:-
    For the assistance, start here:-
    It is obvious that Trump will assist Putin and Assad to the maximum. America is already complicit in the Assad/Putin war crimes and when Trump ‘takes the chair’ they will become even more heavily involved. It will not just be secretly taking out rebel leaders but full scale attacks against the rebels.
    The scale of the attacks by the Americans against the rebels will horrify the average decent Americans and split America. Putin has then got what he wanted; his military base in Syria, recognition as a military power, the approval of the Russian people, Europe flooded with unwanted immigrants and America divided. He also has a puppet president in America that he can direct as he wishes.
    Why has Hillary not objected to his election? She has every right to and it would be in Americas bests interests (also the free worlds) if she did.
    The Syrian peoples hope for a civilised future now lies outside of Russian, Iranian or American control. As I have said before it will be another player/s who stop this insanity. I still think that it could be the French or the Turks that lead the way. Once a single country takes the initiative then many others will follow. Russia will be totally outgunned and America will too busy with internal problems to want to carry on being involved.

    • Democracy seems to only count for the SJW set if they win.Lose,and its tantrum after tantrum.Like watching spoilt children.People talk like Putin is Allah or something the way he seems to control absolutely everything on planet earth.Its becoming ridiculous.But funny to watch.

  2. Interesting article: An insight into the thinking of Assad’s inner circle.
    The article mentions that according to one of Assad’s senior members of the mukhabarat the reason why the revolution grew is because the regime hasn’t been psychotically violent enough in it’s attack on Syria’s Sunni population.
    Question: I wonder when rebel units launch a raid or offensive against fortified regime positions do they not (after noticing it during reconnaissance?) attempt secretly (during night-time) to place detonators inside/under road-blocks (or use underground tunnel munitions if it’s an important defence post?) prior to launching an assault on it? During the offensive on 1070 apartment last month you get the impression rebels didn’t do a thorough job (ie they picked out only the obvious ones but not the one in the north-east sections of that neighbourhood) in destroying ALL those roadblocks which indicates that rebels reconnaissance methods need to be improved substantially to a higher level then it is now currently.

  3. Sheikh Maqsoud helps rebels in E Aleppo smuggling food into. As retribution Rebels shell with chemical killing 6 11/26/2016

    Export of olive oil from #Afrin should be facilitated – best olive oil I’ve had outside of Italy, almost as good as that produced in Umbria. 12/9/2014

    Consequences of the Embargo
    The embargo has had many effects on Rojavan society. Most dramatic is the fact that for all its wealth in wheat and oil, Rojava can’t sell its products. Farmers are reduced to sitting on their wheat and cotton. 11/22/2014

  4. #International: A warning from a senior Iranian officer to the countries of the middle east “Iran military joint chief of staff MGen #Bagheri: “We may set up Naval Base in #Yemen & #Syria in future.”” – alialimadadi110
    Thank god Mattis/Flynn/Pompaeio (contrary to what Russian and Iranian Trump supporters think all three of these men are all hard line anti-Russian/anti-Iranian) will be in office soon.
    #Aleppo: 1) This is what happens when rebels start hugging (ie so close to regime positions that it becomes impossible for regime jets/helicopters to target rebel fighters accurately without harming regime troops) regime positions “Reports Assad helicopters hit own positions w/ b. bombs in the small part Assad forces/militias have advanced to in Masakin Hanano” – Paradoxy13
    2) “pro-Regime footage showing NE quarter of #Hanano Housing seized from besieged Rebels in #Aleppo. Airstrikes in remaining parts.” – QalaatAlMudiq
    Let’s hope rebels have placed a land-mine) under every fridge or valuable civilian goods (and perhaps ask a few dozen brave volunteers to act as sleeper cells?) so those thieving scoundrels crawl back to their camps legless.
    3) “Turkish air defense system has reached suburb of #Albab, Loaded with Stinger anti aircraft missile” – AhmadAlkhtiib
    If the Turks wish to be really mischievous they could donate such weapons to rebels.
    4) “42 Assad forces (including high rank officers) have been killed by the rebels in Aleppo in the past 48 hours.” – fuadhud
    Really? Perhaps rebels have created a ‘special-ops’ team (along with a dedicated intell gathering unit just for this specific task) to target senior SAA/IRGC/Hezbollah officers after all! Or maybe regime officers have become extra dumb this weekend? Either way: LOL! :)
    #Observation: Don’t agree with this guy at all but on this occasion he does raises an interesting point “Remember, the sovereignty of the state rests on monopoly of violence. Can Iraq be sovereign when it’s arms-bearing men are loyal to Iran?” – dimashqee

    • Nice numbers,42 dead?Lets round it off at 200 Kia-WIA?Lets halve those figures for rebels?You get 100 KIA-WIA? Today the 200 were replaced with fresh Shia.While rebels have no way of replenishing their fallen.They started off with 10k defending East Aleppo?They just lost 1 in every 100 men they have.If it continues like this,they can last 100 days MAXIMUM.Not very good after all :)

        • Massive gains when looked at over time.They should surrender and see if they can be shipped off to Idlib,or perhaps some could be siphoned off to the Turks to be used in the Euphrates shield thing the Turks have going.Qalaat al madiq says on Twitter there are only 5k of these puppets.They need some extra manpower.Some East Aleppo guys would come in handy.Im a little worried about what will happen to Kareem abdul Jabbar.He is kind of known as being connected to Nusra.I like him for some reason.Perhaps his calm manner.

  5. #Aleppo: “pro-Regime forces deploying huge firepower to try to advance on Sheikh Lutfi front, incl T-72B w/ Kontakt-5 ” – QalaatAlMudiq
    As I’ve mentioned before unless rebels start introducing both the ‘mobile artillery’ regimental-level reforms and adopt ‘motti tactics’ at a regimental level as well as giving territory cheaply (ie not booby trap buildings near the front-line if a rebels can’t dig two trenches with the first one manned thinly and the second manned by the bulk) then incidents like the above will continue being a common thing.

  6. Pro regime on Twitter claiming Hanano has fallen.If true,rebels collapsed incredibly quick in this area and there is a future risk of the pocket being cut in 2.

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