US Audio Analysis: “Trump is a Disaster” — The 2nd Presidential Debate


UPDATE, OCT 11: A chat with Monocle 24’s The Daily on Monday night — listen from 6:04:

Many Republicans will now try to concentrate on retaining control of Congress. And beyond that, they want to try and find an identity which isn’t a batshit-crazy identity — getting back to talking about the economy, talking about their version of health care, talking about their ideas on foreign policy rather than having this guy who has no sense, no coherence when he talks about the issues.

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UPDATE 1945 GMT: A discussion with BBC Radio Coventry about the debate and what happens now:

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You talk about political limbo — how low can that man go? Every time we think the bar has dropped, he slides underneath it….

I’m saddened about my native country.

UPDATE 1320 GMT: I chatted further on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Program about the 2nd Presidential debate, appearing alongside Trump supporter Charlie Wolf.

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Trump is still in the game, but only by ripping up the rulebook. I did not think the campaign could get much lower, but whereas Clinton at least tried to present issues last night — health care, education, foreign policy — Trump didn’t want to engage with issues. Or couldn’t.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: I crawled from the wreckage of the 2nd US Presidential debate to speak with BBC Hereford and Worcester on Tuesday morning.

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My hopes to give a calm, productive analysis of the discussion were dashed, even before the first question, by the furor over Donald Trump’s bragging about his sexual abuse — and his attempt to overtake this by presenting Bill Clinton as a “rapist”.

It did not get better in the debate. Despite Hillary Clinton’s attempts to engage with key issues — from health care to education to foreign policy, including on Russia and on Syria — Trump was unwilling to do so. Indeed, he was unable to do so, displaying near-total ignorance on some overseas issues (listen carefully and you realize that he does not know the difference between Syria and Iraq, and you also will notice lies on topics from Russia to the Iraq War) and vagueness and evasion on domestic matters.

So who won? No one, really. One can only hope that there is some salvation with likely voters further recognizing — whatever the discussion that can be held about Hillary Clinton’s positions on the issues — the impending disaster of a Trump Presidency.

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  1. The second debate Trump-Clinton was match drawn or small advantage for Clinton.Both made points,difficult to sum by me.
    It will be a long discussion about Trump putting his opponent in jail(Clinton) with a good prosecutor!!
    In dictatorships it is happening;for instance, in Russia ,Putin political opponents were jailed or killed (once with radiation).

  2. 2 short entry about Florida(29 EV,and extremely important for Trump to win)
    EXCLUSIVE: Florida Ground Game: Between Sept 10 & Oct 10, 2016, the Republican Party of Florida submitted 117 new “non-blank” voter registration forms; the Florida Democratic Party submitted 6,920.
    Overall, over the past month, Third Party Voter Registration Organizations (3PVROs) have submitted to the state’s 67 Supervisors of Elections (SOEs) some 21,952 “non-blank” voter registration forms
    Several other advocacy groups also submitted thousands of new state and federal registration forms over the past month, among them National Council of La Raza/Democracia USA: 3,703 //New Florida Majority Education Fund: 3,420// GRSG Company: 2,228
    from the same source,
    “2-to-1 Registration Advantage For Democrats Among 440K New Hispanic Voters In Florida”
    Miracle for Trump or landslide for Clinton? Internal R. reports only “leaked to high party members ” would say that even the HOUSE(Congress) is in danger to be taken by D.

  3. From toss up states Florida(29),Ohio(18),North Carolina(15),Nevada(6),Iowa (6) Maine(2),Arizona (11),Georgia (16) Trump has big chances to win in only Georgia,Iowa and Arizona.
    Trump has big chances to win the EV in Georgia,Iowa and Arizona.
    He already lost Florida ,North Carolina ,Nevada and Maine
    He still keeps a small advantage in Ohio but it will lose it.
    There could be negative surprises for T in Utah(6)(where Mormons are preparing to vote an independent -Evan McMullin ),Alaska(3)and even in Texas(38) (where there are many hispanics —but cubans,and not mexicans)
    Thus, 340-198 for Clinton or 381-151 if Trumps will go down as above
    And still there are other “tapes” against Trump.

    As conservative religious voters grapple with how to respond to an audio recording of Donald Trump lewdly boasting about groping women, Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of American evangelicalism, released on Monday a blistering critique of the GOP presidential nominee…

    As for Trump, Crouch says, “There is hardly any public person in America today who has more exemplified the ‘earthly nature’ … that Paul urges the Colossians to shed: ‘sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires, and greed, which is idolatry’ (3:5). This is an incredibly apt summary of Trump’s life to date….“That Trump has been, his whole adult life, an idolater of this sort, and a singularly unrepentant one,” he continues, “should have been clear to everyone.”

    At what point does a racist juror undermine the legal system? “On the surface, the case is fairly straightforward. In 2007, when a Hispanic racetrack worker was on trial for sexual harassment, one juror told other jurors that he thought the defendant was guilty “because he’s Mexican and Mexican men take whatever they want.” In his experience as a former law enforcement officer, the juror said, “9 times out of 10 Mexican men were guilty of being aggressive toward women and young girls.” Trump, who promises to appoint ultra-right judges, also proposes to jail political opponents if elected and support Erdogan/ Putin-style laws making it easier for elected politicians to sue critics should worry everyone

    • Note how Mikhail fails to mention the source: the pro-GOP LA Times which is out of sync with evewry major poll, including pro-GOP Rasmussen.

    • Willileaks is a Russian propaganda site that uses and rewrites hacks from Russian intelligence agencies including nonsense from Russia Today.
      For example, one of the recent hacks was attributed to a close Hillary advisor. It actually came from Newsweek’s top editor who appeared on TV to point that out. He also noted how improbable it was that Willileaks and Russia Today would make the same mistake UNLESS they were working together.

  6. FASCINATING NEW POLLS. In Utah: Clinton 26%, Trump 26%, McMullin 26% Johnson 16%. In Ohio: Hillary +9.
    Putin must be in tears. IIn August Trump led Hillary by 20 points. McMullin (ex-CIA) shares Hillary’s concerns about Trump behaving like a Putin puppet. Even Putin’s favorite general and advisor warned of the dangers of a Russian/Iranian takeover in Syria (a concern shared by Pence) but Trump scoffed at both of them. Trump is solidly pro-Putin. If you don’t like Putin or Hillary, consider McMullin if he is on your ballot. Apparently Mormons can’t stand Trump’s behavior toward women and don’t believe his “boys will be boys” apology coming from a 59-year old man who hadn’t changed since a teenager and shows no signs of having changed now.


    Reversing reality and projecting his own worst traits on others is standard Trump. An extreme polarizer becomes a “unifier.” A wheezing, bloated man who defrauds investors, small businesses and students at a fake university calls opponents “crooked” and raises questions about their health. The worst liar in the history of presidential elections according to fact checkers talks of “Lying Ted? A vengeful nut case accuses rivals of being unfit, trying to divert attention from his own behavior by diversions based on bad analogies (See his unsubstantiated charges against Clinton vs. videos of Trump misbehaving. Trump learned his propaganda style from Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels by way of Goebbels’ admirer Roy Cohn, right hand man to Senator Joseph McCarthy who also relied on Big Lie Technique.

  8. Ex-Miss Arizona claims Trump just came strolling in” on naked contestants.
    I’m sure that one will be easy to verify. As the Big Shot has boasted, “With money and power I can get away with anything and people have to take it.” Or, “I could shoot and kill a man on Fifth Avenue and my followers wouldn’t object.” Both statements are paraphrases but basically accurate if you’ve heard the originals.

  9. NEWSWEEK EDITOR: “Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal”
    I am Sidney Blumenthal. At least, that is what Vladimir Putin—and, somehow, Donald Trump—seem to believe. And that should raise concerns not only about Moscow’s attempts to manipulate this election but also about how Trump came to push Russian disinformation to American voters.

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