US Audio Analyses: The FBI, Clinton’s E-Mails, & the Presidential Election


PHOTO: Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey

UPDATE 1100 GMT: Two more interviews with BBC outlets on Monday morning:

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ORIGINAL ENTRY: In an already unprecedented US Presidential election, FBI Director James Comey added a dramatic twist on Friday with the announcement of a renewed investigation of e-mails from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s private server.

I spoke with BBC World Service’s NewsHour on Sunday about the development, beginning with an explanation of why Comey’s intervention was driven by political calculation, rather than any necessity of law enforcement or the legal process.

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Then the discussion turned to the effect on the race. Although the e-mails are likely to be inconsequential — they are probably communications with Clinton’s senior aide Huma Abedin, found during an investigation of her estranged husband, former US Congressman Anthony Wiener — it is image that matters.

That image is likely to raise the “trust” issue around Clinton. At the same time, it benefits the Trump campaign by keeping the spotlight off its candidate, with his failure to release tax returns, allegations of sexual abuse of 15 women, and questions over his approach to Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

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This appears to have been a political announcement. The FBI Director was worried that he would be embarrassed if it came out that these e-mails had been found….We’re in the middle of an almighty mess, because there is no way that this situation can be resolved before November 8….

I’m not so sure that this will make Clinton supporters vote for Trump — that would be a bit of a leap….It’s more a case of whether people who are thinking about voting for Clinton decide to stay home and sit on their hands….

It may only affect 1% or 2% of people, but that could be decisive in swing states in this election.

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  1. Conversely, you didn’t explain to the BBC why Comey’s decision in July to disregard blatant criminality and aid Obomber’s conspiracy to bury the case was driven by political calculation [to shoehorn HillDawg into office, thus himself out of jail], rather than the necessity of holding all equal before the law.

  2. 1. Old Clinton friend [and pollster] withdraws support for HillDawg due to her provocation of ‘constitutional crisis’:
    2. The FBI’s guts are beginning to spill, revealing heavy pressure from Lynch/Obama to close down all Clinton probes and ignore the string of perjuries committed to pervert them:
    3. In any case, 650,000 emails equals the complete backup archive of several very busy beavers over many years, so whoever rolls first for immunity has a lot of material with which to lever the still spitting Psycho-HoseBeest under the wheels of Karma and spare themselves … as an anon wag remarked, “Weiner’s probably not so evolved on gay marriage as to want to be the white boy pulling a 10 bull train every day for many years.
    4. HillDawg’s down to +1% in ABC/WaPo 4-Way Tracker and tendency still sagging heavily through the home straight, Trump empathy surging, relative turnout to be critical [Reps hitting new records, Dems depressed] as 33% of likely voters recoil in disgust and say they’re less likely to support Clinton given FBI Director James Comey’s disclosure Friday:
    So overall it’s looking likely that the decent people of USA are jumping aboard the ‘basket of deplorables’ to resoundingly bite the rotten Yanki Establishment in the ass with the immortal words …
    Régime-change begins at home, Motherfuckers!

  3. 1. HillDawg’s ‘movement’* is becoming contagious — even AG Lynch is now pleading the 5th!
    [* towards jail]
    2. Obomber has also gone quite schtumm, probably not wanting to get further mangled after having already been caught out emailing her under an alias after denying he knew anything about her illicit server, and the HoseBeest herself has pulled the ‘congenital cretin’ defence, claiming to be too dumb to use a computer or even know her own email password:
    3. Neocons feeling the noose tightening? Quick, attack Iran!
    4. Meanwhile, at the Kremlin:

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