Syria Daily: Russia Set to Veto Resolution for Aleppo Ceasefire and Aid



The Foreign Legions Propping Up Assad

Russia is preparing to veto a UN Security Council resolution for a ceasefire and aid to Syria’s largest city Aleppo.

Moscow is under pressure from the US and European countries to accept the measures, but is unlikely to accept a provision for the suspension of military flights over Aleppo, which has been under intense bombing by Russian and regime warplanes since September 19.

Instead, after vetoing the Franco-Spanish resolution, Russia will submit an alternative focusing on the withdrawal of the jihadists of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham — formerly Jabhat al-Nusra — from the city.

There are few JFS/Nusra in Aleppo, as the faction pulled out of the city last year to avoid conflict with other rebel groups. However, UN envoy Staffan de Mistura gave an opening to the Russians on Thursday when he called on “about 900 former” JFS/Nusra fighters to leave with protection for opposition-held Idlib Province.

President Assad also took advantage to say in a televised interview that rebels could withdraw if they surrendered their arms.

See Syria Daily, Oct 7: Assad — Rebels Who Disarm Can Safely Leave Aleppo

“Do You, Yes or No, Want a Ceasefire in Aleppo?”

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Friday, as he met US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington:

Tomorrow, will be a moment of truth – a moment of truth for all the members of the Security Council. Do you, yes or no, want a ceasefire in Aleppo? And the question is in particular for our Russian partners.

Kerry, who has distanced himself from a three-year process of cooperation with Russia over a political resolution, added:

Last night the regime attacked yet another hospital and 20 people were killed and 100 people were wounded. Russia, and the regime, owe the world more than an explanation about why they keep hitting hospitals and medical facilities and children and women.

These are acts that beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes and those who commit these would and should be held accountable for these actions.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also urged Moscow to act, saying that there is no basis in international law for bombing hospitals and civilians: “Russia has a lot of influence on Assad. We must end these atrocious crimes.”

But Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov responded that the draft Franco-Spanish resolution had a number of unacceptable points and politicized humanitarian aid.

Reduced Airstrikes But Fighting on Ground

The Russian-regime airstrikes, which have killed more than 500 people — almost all civilians — since September 19, have eased in recent days.

However, fighting has continued on the ground as pro-Assad forces try to press an advance. On Friday, the battles were in Sheikh Saeed in the southwest of the city.

The Syrian military initially claimed gains, but rebels later said they had pushed back the attackers and regained buildings. Later in the day, Russian and regime warplanes bombed the district.

Pro-Assad Forces Claim Recapture of Northern Hama Villages

Pro-Assad forces are claiming the recapture of some of the villages taken by rebels in northern Hama Province since late August.

The National Defense Forces militia said they have moved back into al-Junaynah, al-Tulaysiyah, al-Qahira, as wll as the al-Shu’tha hills.

The area was taken in late September by rebels in the second wave of their offensive, which has claimed four towns, and the fortified village of Ma’an and moved within 10 km (6 miles) of Hama city.

The pro-Assad fightback has been assisted by in-fighting between the leading rebel faction Ahrar al-Sham and the jihadists of Jund al-Aqsa, who have threatened to withdraw from the offensive (see Friday’s Syria Daily).

Footage from Russian State outlet RT of the pro-Assad maneuvers:

Pro-Assad fighters in Shaatha village:

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  1. We don’t want ceasefire, we want final victory in Aleppo and it can be achieved within two months.

    Let’s be honest, if half of Washington or London were seized by thousands of armed islamists, there would be no ceasefire until they would all be killed.

    Aleppo must be freed from this cancer the press call rebels. A good jihadist is a dead jihadist.

    • That’s just the type of deep, nuanced, closely reasoned analysis I’ve come to expect from the pro-Assad side.

      I’m sure that 9/10 of Americans who vote Trump will agree with you.

      • Because your support of the nice pro democracy rebels against the evil Assad is balanced?

        I am very clear: I am completely against the islamists, who are the true ennemies of the civilized world and which must be destroyed wherever they try to seize power.

        • Pro-Assadists have always been clear. The proper way to deal with anti-police brutality demonstrations is to kill hundreds of thousands of people and destroy large parts of the country.

          I think this will be a model for Trump’s law and order agenda.

          • The proper way to deal with anti-police brutality demonstrations is to kill hundreds of thousands of people and destroy large parts of the country.

            You mean like Washington sock puppet El Sisi did in Cairo and Washington allies did in Bahrain and are doing in Yemen correct?

        • caligola,

          We saw how the “Jaysh al Fateh” big Aleppo attack turned out last time. They broke the siege during a few weeks then were completely routed.

          1000+ dead for the rebels. And since ?

          Loss of Farafira district, loss of Handarat camp, loss of Suleiman al Halabi district, loss of Shukeyf industrial district, losst of Kindi hospital, loss of half of Bustan al Basha and half of Oweija districts. Losss of Sheik Saeed hill.

          And before that, it was the loss of Malaah farms, Castello road, Layramoun distric and Bani Zeid district in the north.

          Rebels are getting a beating in Aleppo. Thei last attempt to lift the siege ended in a epic failure that destroyed their offensive capacities.

          • Yeah yeah…..keep those predictions coming 🙂 🙂 But remember, if it happens, dont go into hidding for the next couple of months. Just saying….. 🙂

          • Lol genome the last siege break humiliated the regime foriehn legions and left just as many on their side dead ( losses they cant afford) and the artillery base capture alone meant it was a net gain of weapons and ammo

            On top of that it highlighted how weak the regime really is ….russian airforce is all that stands between rebels and damascus prez palace

            • leeroy,

              You are mistaken I am afraid. The rebels led by Al Nusra and Jaysh al fatew threw everything they had to breakthe Aleppo siege, their human waves suffered heavy casualties, and only for a 3 weeks break of the siege.

              After that they were rolled back, routed, and now Aleppo is being completely taken over by the army.

              The rebel counter attack in Aleppo will be remembered as the biggest failure of the war. A major turning point where 1000+ rebels were killed and achieved literally nothing.

              • Lol genome were gonna forget the heav y casulties the regime took when it was broken? Or the human waves from the now largely foriegn regime forces threw at the rebels beforehand?
                And the pics of large stashes of weaponry captured..a net gain of firepower and ammo?

            • We are just learning that Oweija district in north Aleppo has been fully liberated by the syrian army.

              Another day, another big victory for the SAA in Aleppo.

            • Lol genome were gonna forget the heav y casulties the regime took when it was broken?

              What heavy casualties? The siege was broken because of a concentrated attack on a poorly defended area with few fighters and limited resources. It was the rebels who paid heavily which is why the siege was reimposed to decisively and so quickly.

              If the casualties had been so heavy on the Syrian side, the siege would never have been reimposed.

              The effort was a do or die effort by the rebels. They threw everything they had and had nothing left.

        • p.s. i would rather start to shiver if i were you


          I’d stop wasting my time following that propagandist hack if I were you. He’s seriously thin skinnned and blocks anyone who challenges his propaganda.

      • Lol only due to rebel infighting
        Once thats sorted itl be back to advancing on hama
        Also saa? Wtf is that ? Its 2016 andre

      • The “SAA”? They can’t advance anywhere. Try “regime-allied forces”: a more accurate description of who’s actually capable of fighting on the regime side.

        • Just call them Axis forces. That’s what they call themselves. “The Axis of Resistance”, with Russia as an honorary member.

          • Tundra…..seems JAA vs FSA/Ahrar is turned to total war. Is incredibile how rebels manage to complicate things by themselves.

            • JaA aren’t big but they aren’t weaklings. They won’t fold in a day like the 13th division or the SRF. They’ll make their enemies bleed hard, Assadist or otherwise. I have no sympathy. Whatever losses rebels incur from this stupid move in both territory and manpower, they fully deserve it.

        • The “SAA”? They can’t advance anywhere.

          Nor it seems can the FSA without Al Nusrae/Al Qaeda or whatever “Sham” they go by these days, using US/Saudi supplied weapons and money.

        • I need to get of my usuall ip to post. It will not make me post from my usuall ip not from cable not with wi-fi hence even with mobile. So i dont think it browser related. Anyways i use firefox on pc and another one on mobile. It will submit my comment but it wont show. As if waiting moderation or something.

  2. Vladimir Putin is bringing back the 1930s with Obama the Enabler Playing the role of Chamberlain and Deladier
    Like those two, FDR would have strengthened Hilter’s position had he behaved Obama style. Before Republicans fall over one another to suggest Trump as an alternative, note that Trump is even worse. The guy has praised Assad in the past and doubly so for Putin. Trump surrounds himself with pro-Russian advisors and even relies on two Russian spokespersons, Boris and Katrina.

    • Vladimir Putin is bringing back the 1930s with Obama the Enabler Playing the role of Chamberlain and Deladier

      George Will? Who ever reads what that pathetic hack has to say these days….apart from RT that is.

  3. Could Russia Really Shoot Down an F-22, F-35 or B-2 Stealth Bomber in Syria?
    We may find out soon. Russia and Iran must not be allowed free reign in Syria as even close-minded Obama may be starting to realize. Obama’s behavior–like Chambelain’s– invited both contempt, the Russian invasions of the Crimea, the Ukraine and Syria, and the Iranian invasions of Iraq and Syria. What did he expect? Why did he ignore history (the Munich Conference) or confidently assure us “it does not apply?” Russia, Iran and Assad have taken huge advantage. All had his measure.

    • The thing is that most americans are clueless on the international politics, like you by exemple. I tell you that because you don’t understand that Syria and Russia winning is actually in the interest of the western world.

      A Syrian governement victory over the jihadists would lead to a long term stability and would stop the spread of this jihadist ideology.

      Assad is not going to attack the World Trade center with civilians planes and make it collapse killing thousands of people. You should remind that you are doing the same mistakes.

      You don’t even have to take part, just step aside america and let the others do the job you are unwilling to do for your own good.

  4. Dozens of civlians killed today in Saudi raids against Sanaa in yemen.

    The airstrikes aren’t in support of any ground attack unlike Aleppo. But the hypocrits from the USA won’t say anything about that.

  5. “Stork ‏@NorthernStork 14m14 minutes ago

    Stork Retweeted Charles Lister

    anti-aircraft missiles can neutralise Assad/Russia warplanes and possibly can change the balance on the ground

    Stork added,
    Charles Lister @Charles_Lister
    #pts: Finally – and most significantly – at least two shipments of MANPADS have arrived into northern #Syria, to “vetted” FSA groups.
    3 retweets 0 likes”
    It is such an obvious answer to the flying thugs that it is amazing that it was not done years ago.

    • Sorry to break your dreams but MANPADS won’t shoot russian bombers who are flying way too high to be under any threat.

      Gaddafi army had thousands of MANPADS, they did not shoot down any plane flying above libya.

      • They should reach the regime helicopters that carry barrel bombs or even the Russian helicopters. The could probably get a Russian bomber on landing or take of and then there are those lovely juicy targets of 300-500 Iranian militia arriving in Jumbos, which would be frowned upon Internationally but I see as being a legitimate target.
        The main thing is that the Russian and regime planes stand a chance of being shot down and it is the rebels that do it. Difficult for Pea Brain Putin to justify shooting down coalition planes because the rebels have shot down one of his!

        • Moscow, SANA-A Russian helicopter delivering humanitarian aid to Hama was attacked by ISIS terrorists, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

          The ministry said in a statement published Saturday that a Russian transport Mil Mi-8 helicopter on route to deliver humanitarian aid in Hama province came under fire from ISIS terrorists, adding that the crew managed to dodge the missiles.

          Officers from the Russian coordination center in Hmeymim were onboard the helicopter, added the statement.

          Russian and Syrian planes drop aid by parachutes over terrorist-besieged areas, mainly in Kefarya and al-Fou’a towns and Deir Ezzor city.
          MANPAD from the new shipment?

  6. Charles Lister ‏@Charles_Lister 2h2 hours ago

    #pts: Finally – and most significantly – at least two shipments of MANPADS have arrived into northern #Syria, to “vetted” FSA groups.
    Obama vetoed Manpads to “vetted groups”. The situation did not change.But such weapons …conform to a “leak” from the beginning of the year can be operated by KSA,TURKEY,UAE,QATAR military personnel in Syria without restrictions. And no objections from Obama if those people are defended by vetted groups.
    Let’s see!

    • Possibile game changer. Depending on what systems they get. The good thing is they are possibily finally getting them. Comes to no suprise to me. The US had enough.

      • Possibile game changer. Depending on what systems they get.

        It might change things in the short term the way the TOWs did, but the SAA and Russians will adapt their tactics to counter them. They won’t change the final outcome

  7. Russia vetoed the 5th resolution on Syria.China abstained. (why to use a veto when one it is enough; but some say it is significant because it let Russia alone)

    La France à l’ONU Verified account ‏@franceonu 1h1 hour ago Manhattan, NY
    1 country prevents #UNSC from acting to save #Aleppo
    More than ever we’re convinced that veto shouldn’t be used in case of mass atrocities

    • yep, double post after Bill(sorry) ,happy he is not “deplorable” any more;probably a latter development
      about Trump “quality” as the next POTUS ?!….

  8. Not so fast Coco, Crooked Hillary gave me my “deplorable” nickname and Trump or no Trump I’ll keep it untill election day. I have a feeling Trump may step down and Pence will have a good chance at beating Crooked Hillary.

    • In a perfect world… Unfortunately Pence may only be a viable choice in 2020.
      If the Don behaves the usual way, his bruised ego from the current cluster-fuck will cause him to double down in an uncouth frenzy, while the media expose more dirt on him, sinking his campaign all the way down to the Mariana Trench. It’s halfway there already. I thought I’d seen his campaign go up in flames with the Khan scandal, but these tapes beat it easily, and it’s likely not even over.
      Look on the bright side. Little reason to believe that Ms. Most Qualified will make a decent president, thus allowing the GOP a good opportunity to score the White House next election.

      • Trump from day one for the same reason I chose Ross Perot. Our Government is out of control, dominated by special interest groups and the national debt is 20 trillion, not sure what the trade defict is. we need an outsider to shake things up now before it is too late or it will be 4-8 more years of the same.
        Another concern I have is the age of both canidates. Both of em 70 going in do you think they can handle it?
        Check out the debate tomorrow night it’s gonna be nasty!

        • I perfectly understand your sentiment, but for that to be achieved you need an electable candidate. The fact that he managed to rival Hillary in the polls at two different points shows that what he (or rather, his voter base) stands for is electable. It’s the Don himself – above all his personality – that’s leading his campaign into the abyss.
          As for their health, dunno. Hillary seems to be in a worse condition, but some pretend as if she’s gonna drop dead any day now.

    • For R. this presidential (and vice presidential election) is over.They made the worst choice. The Hurricane Trump is the worst in GOP history! And Trump had to stay as business man and show man(the apprentice). To avoid taxes and talk dirty about women when they “refuse”, to harass them >> many are doing it , it is deplorable but it happens . But never for a presidential candidate.
      All the R. will drop Trump completely tomorrow. And it is about their survival in Senate – House.
      As a joke, only imagine how close the “bullet” Trump passed near Mrs.Merkel or Theresa May?LOL!
      (not to say a high number of women leaders all over the world)

  9. AFP news agency Verified account
    #BREAKING US launches ‘immediate review’ of support to Saudi-led coalition in Yemen after deadly strike

    Mike Retweeted AFP news agency
    We never launch reviews of our Iran & Russia policies while Tehran and Moscow slaughter Syrians by the thousands.

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