Syria Daily: Russia Blocks Further Investigation of Assad Regime’s Chemical Attacks

PHOTO: An infant victim of the Assad regime’s chlorine attack on Sarmin in Idlib Province in March 2015



Rebels Launch Offensive West of Aleppo

Russia has blocked further UN investigation of the Assad regime’s chemical attacks in Syria, saying that Damascus should carry out the inquiry.

After years of being unable to cast any blames for the attacks, a UN team has found since August that the regime was responsible for three attacks carried out in northwest Syria.

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told a closed-door session of the UN Security Council on Thursday, “The conclusions of the JIM [Joint Investigative Mechanism] are not definitive, have no legally binding force and cannot serve as accusatory conclusions for taking legal decision.”

France, Britain, and the US hoped to persuade Russia to agree to a 12-month extension of the investigation’s mandate, which expires on October 31.

Insisting that the latest report of the team from the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is “full of contradictions and therefore, unconvincing”, Churkin said, “Damascus should carry out a comprehensive national investigation on chemical incidents confirmed by the JIM.”

The Ambassador also tried to divert attention away from the regime, “We want to have a much stronger mechanism, which would also be looking at the terrorist chemical threat,” adding that Russia wants any mandate to include attacks beyond Syria.

France’s Ambassador Francois Delattre told reporters before the meeting:

Those responsible for using chemical weapons must be sanctioned. If the Security Council is not able to unite on the proliferation and the use of weapons of mass destruction in the 21st Century, frankly, what is the use of the Security Council?

UN investigations began after the Assad regime’s use of sarin nerve agent on areas near Damascus in August 2013, killing more than 1,400 people. However, the Security Council guidelines prevented any assignation of blame.

The UN-OPCW investigation of nine later attacks has been able to conclude responsibility. Its third report, submitted in August, found the regime responsible for two chlorine attacks in Idlib Province — on Talmenes on April 21, 2014 and Sarmin on March 16, 2015. It also said Islamic State militants had used sulfur mustard gas.

The fourth report, submitted last Friday, said regime forces used helicopters to drop barrel bombs of chlorine gas on Qmenas in Idlib Province in March 2015. The helicopters flew from two bases where the 253 and 255 squadrons, belonging to the 63rd helicopter brigade, were based.

See Syria Feature: UN Finds Regime Guilty of 3rd Chemical Attack

Russia Under Pressure, But Still No Sanctions

Since Russia and the regime renewed their bombing of opposition-held areas of Aleppo on September 19, Moscow has come under increasing political pressure, led by France.

Paris has accused Russia of complicity in the Assad regime’s war crimes, while the US and other powers have denounced Russian “barbarism”.

On Wednesday, the UN’s aid chief Stephen O’Brien — saying he was “incandescent with rage” — declared that the failure of the UN Security Council, and Russia in particular, to stop the bombing of eastern Aleppo was “our generation’s shame”.

“et me take you to east Aleppo this afternoon,” O’Brien said. “In a deep basement, huddled with your children and elderly parents the stench of urine and the vomit caused by unrelieved fear never leaving your nostrils, waiting for the bunker-busting bomb you know may kill you in this, the only sanctuary left to you but like the one that took your neighbor and their house out last night; or scrabbling with your bare hands in the street above to reach under concrete rubble, lethal steel reinforcing bars jutting at you as you hysterically try to reach your young child screaming unseen in the dust and dirt below your feet, you choking to catch your breath in the toxic dust and the smell of gas ever-ready to ignite and explode over you.

These are people just like you and me – not sitting around a table in New York but forced into desperate, pitiless suffering, their future wiped out….Peoples’ lives [have been] destroyed and Syria itself destroyed. And it is under our collective watch. And it need not be like this – this is not inevitable; it is not an accident … Never has the phrase, by the poet Robert Burns, of “man’s inhumanity to man” been as apt. It can be stopped but you the Security Council have to choose to make it stop.

Russian Ambassador Churkin said the account was “unfair and dishonest”, telling O’Brien to save the comments “for the novel you’re going to write some day”.

Despite the rhetoric, Moscow has been able to avoid any punishment for its attacks. Russia has blocked any action by the UN Security Council. The US has not moved beyond words, and the European Union has been stymied — including last week by members such as as Italy — from proceeding with sanctions.

See Syria Daily, Oct 21: EU Divided Over Sanctions v. Russia

Video: Pro-Assad Forces Recapture Town in Northern Hama

State media’s presentation of the recapture of the town of Souran in northern Hama Province on Thursday:

Souran was among four towns taken by rebels in an offensive along a 35-km (22-mile) front since late August, closing within 10 km (6 miles) of Hama city.

Over the past three weeks, pro-Assad forces — enabled by Russian airstrikes and helped by rebel in-fighting with the jihadists of Jund al-Aqsa — have regained a series of villages, including the fortified village of Ma’an.

Regime Officials: Rebel Mortars Kill Schoolchildren in West Aleppo

Regime officials say rebel mortars have killed three children and wounded 14 in western Aleppo city.

The regime’s police chief in Aleppo, Zuher Said Aldin told a Russian outlet, “There are no military units there, only schools. Nevertheless, militants carried out a strike on this area, moreover, when classes were underway. Innocent children were killed, they just wanted to study.”

State media earlier claimed six deaths in Aleppo and elsewhere.

Prominent writer and opposition activist Lina Sergie Attar wrote on Twitter:

Rebels Launch Offensive West of Aleppo

Rebels have launched an offensive west of Aleppo city.

Rebel factions had imposed a blackout over the area and objective of the offensive, but reports now indicate the Soura checkpoint has been captured. A cardboard factory and sawmills have been captured in the Minyan industrial district (see map), and rebels have moved into part of the Dahiyat al-Assad suburb (see map).

Now see Syria Feature: Rebels Launch Offensive West of Aleppo

Free Syrian Army Confirms Deaths of 3 Top Officers in Homs

The Free Syrian Army has confirmed the deaths of three of its leading officers in Homs Province.

The FSA said Colonel Shawqi Ayyub and Lieutenant Colonel Faisal al-Awad were killed during an inspection tour near the regime-controlled village of al-Mashrafa. During Ayyub’s funeral, regime warplanes attacked, killing Brigadier General Mahmoud Ayyub and 2nd Lieutenant Hazem al-Ashtar.

Shawqi Ayyab was the FSA’s commander of military planning in Homs.

UN: Assad Regime Blocking Aid to East Aleppo

The UN has said that it is the Assad regime blocking aid to besieged opposition-held areas of eastern Aleppo city.

Russia and the regime, which imposed a siege on east Aleppo in late August, have tried to maintain that rebels are preventing assistance and the departure of civilians from the area.

But the UN’s humanitarian advisor for Syria, Jan Egeland, said on Thursday that the regime had rejected the request to east Aleppo and to the East Ghouta area near Damascus as part of a plan for November.

Egeland maintained that Moscow was backing the plan, despite Russia’s bombing of a UN aid convoy on September 19.

He said the UN would try again to evacuate wounded and ill residents from east Aleppo:

We are not giving up. We had unanimous support from Russia, the United States and from all of the other countries in the room to try again. On all fronts.

France: Russia or Regime Carried out Idlib School Bombings

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has said that either Russia or the Assad regime carried out Wednesday’s bombings of five schools in Hass in Idlib Province in northwest Syria, killing at least 35 people, most of them school children:

Who is responsible? In any case it is not the opposition because you need planes to launch bombs. It’s either the Syrians – the regime of al-Assad -== or the Russians.

It’s yet another demonstration of the horror of this war, which is a war against the Syrian people, which we cannot accept.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said earlier on Thursday that Moscow was not responsible for the attack on Idlib. Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov claimed video of the airstrikes was “doctored up“, with “more than ten edited fragments assembled together”.

At least 18 children and eight teachers were among the victims of the “parachute bombs” that struck the schools at about 10:45 am. A doctor who rushed to help casualties, Yusuf al-Taraf, was also killed.

More than 80 people were injured in the bombings.

Syria Feature: Russia Kills 26, Including 18 Children, in Bombings of Schools

On Thursday, pro-Assad airstrikes hit another school, this time in the Damascus suburb of Douma, killing at least seven people.

Rescuers save an infant from the Douma bombing:

Without casting blame, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was appalled by the Hass attack, which could amount to a war crime: “If such horrific acts persist despite global outrage, it is largely because their authors, whether in corridors of power or in insurgent redoubts, do not fear justice. They must be proved wrong.”

The UN envoy for global education, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, called on the Security Council on Thursday to “agree that the International Criminal Court prosecutor conduct an investigation into what I believe is a war crime”.

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  1. Jokes of the Weak:
    1. The End be Nigh … RT has started to meme!
    2. Cued by the Iraqi Parliament’s recent reintroduction of Prohibition, Tayyip tests his history-airbrush by banishing the eyesore of an infamous boozer from the Turkish one:
    3. Sheikh Muheysini diagnoses the major hitch holding up the JI-Joe EndSieg:
    Lord, what fools these mortals be!

  2. BREAKING ! Putin’s Support for Europe’s Far-Right Just Turned Lethal.
    Just as KGB destabilization programs covertly supported the left wing Red Brigades and Baider-Meinhof gangs, the Kremlin is now providing arms, tips and organizing efforts to right wing groups in Europe, much as the Kremlin armed violent proxies in the Crimea and Ukraine. The Kremlin, beloved by Jill Stein and Donald Trump, is not just financing financing Europe’s right wing parties or hacking American elections anymore.
    Why shouldn’t Russia continue to play is old and reliable “Destabilization Game” (the refugee crisis is an essential part of it) so long as blowback remains low? Give Russia a dose of its own medicine rather than allow them a free ride.
    Russia itself and Central Asian puppet states are filled with discontented minorities with potent grievances who only require arms. It’s time to help them. Also, ending sanctions so long as the present KGB-led clique rules in Moscow is unthinkable. Another way to increase the pain (or costs) is by cutting off Russian banks. Any western investment in Russia must be strictly forbidden.

    • (the refugee crisis is an essential part of it

      60% of refugees are not Syrian and from countries the US has bombed. It seems the US has had a bigger part to play in it.

      Russia itself and Central Asian puppet states are filled with discontented minorities with potent grievances who only require arms. It’s time to help them.

      Again RT is willing to fight to the last drop of other people’s blood. What a hero!

      • By looking at the first pictures rebels are using a huge amount of firepower and manpower, i think the forces involved are greater than last time, just consider the current attack comes from 3 axis. Its clear this is a win or loose all battle. No coming back from this one if it goes wrong.

        • Its clear this is a win or loose all battle.

          There’s no real plan B. They’ll need to throw everything they have to break the siege, and even if they succeed, it’s doubtful they’ll be able to keep the corridor open.

      • Listen Andre i am reporting the military situation which has always been my main interest regarding both sides. And thats what i am doing now. Reporting the progress of a military operation. You are spinning it into something disgusting which has nothing to do with what i wrote. And btw you complaining about civilian looses. You!? Congrats for showing your true face once again.

        • You are spinning it into something disgusting which has nothing to do with what i wrote

          What are you complain about Caligola? That posting the fact your moderate head choppers are shelling civilian neighborhoods and killing civilians is tainting your beloved rebel assault?

          • This last post of yours is the perfect example of who you are. Cheering on the massacre of civilians? Justifying a beheading? You are low level scum Andre. The way you spin twist rape invent other peoples thoughts just to justify your ignorance and frustrations is unbelivable. Congrats for these posts of yours again.

            • Yes you did justify the beheading Caligola. Do I need to quote your arguments? First you insisted he was a 19 year old fighter who got what he deserved when he was in fact 12 and had an IV drip in his arm.

              Now you’re protesting that I am spoiling your fun by pointing out that the rebels are shelling civilian neighborhoods nad killing/maining , something you are your fellow travelers have relentlessly complained about when carried out by the regime.

              • I dident justify shit deangelis. I said and still think he was a fighter. Full stop.Then the rest is your twisted pervert way of attributing to others what wasnt. You are lame…..and i am done answering you.

              • I said and still think he was a fighter. Full stop.

                Stop lying. You tried to argue he was 19 and that he had it coming. The boys physique was clearly pre-pubescent and half the size of the men who were taunting him. And your evidence that he was a 19 year old fighter? Some alleged documents that anyone with a computer, Photoshop and a color printer could produce in an hour.

              • “I condemn any abuse if children Woody.” == And yet you stand four-square behind Assad, whose regime tortures children. You deny it, you try to pretend it never happened. You haven’t condemned it …

              • And yet you stand four-square behind Assad, whose regime tortures children. You deny it, you try to pretend it never happened. You haven’t condemned it …

                Produce evidence of child torture and I will condem it.

                Do you condemn the beheading of the 12 year old boy or are you going to avoid giving an answer?

              • Yes, I condemn it. And I don’t need to do any weasingly about there not being enough evidence and it needing further study and all that other Russia Today inspired nonsense.

    • Nice try Kevin but your own link shows it was welcome in Spain but because NATO threw a tantrum, the Russians withdrew the request so as to ease the pressure in Spain.

      NATO are clearly very frightened sheep

      • They withdrew their request to save face so that ridiculous propagandists could make the claim you just did. So predictable.

  3. Now that rebels have launched their offensive we hope they remember these few rules:
    1) Any building captured from the regime that rebels don’t have the time to dig a trench around should be booby-trapped, don’t give it away cheaply.
    2) If Russian jets stops an offensive during day-time then do that offensive during night-time.
    3) Make sure all your men/artillery/vehicles are not only camouflaged but moved around every few days (e.g. if they in west side of 1070 apartment then next day move them to the east side) this is not for the Assadists on the ground but the Russian jets/helicopters above.
    4) Don’t commit all your troops to an offensive on day-one but keep a third or 25% (e.g. 1200 fighters) of your troops in reserve so once regime troops have committed ALL their troops to fighting you in one area you can use the spare 25%/33% troops to open up another front elsewhere.
    5) When storming multiple number of buildings don’t commit all your troops to assaulting it keep a third or 25% of your troops in reserve (e.g. 200 troops) and if you encounter resistance/difficulty from regime troops inside bring and use your heavy artillery/VBIEDs first and if that doesn’t work ONLY THEN use your spare 25%/33% troops to finish off the job.
    6) Use VBIED teams (protected by rebel sniper units) to launch night-time raids on multiple regime rear positions (ie far behind regime assembly points) often, the aim of these raids is not capture regime positions but to give them sleep-deprivation, as the men who have slept the night before can’t fight for long during day-time.
    And finally remember, what free-time rebel fighters have (ie hours or days not fighting) should be either used to dig trenches or to improve their marksmanship.

    • Might I add that for number 6 rebels don’t even need to use their normal VBIED then use this instead:
      Excerpt: “Employed by the Wehrmacht during World War II. It carried 60 or 100 kilograms (130 or 220 lb) of high explosives, depending on the model, and was intended to be used for multiple purposes, such as destroying tanks, disrupting dense infantry formations, and demolition of buildings and bridges…The vehicle was steered remotely via a joystick control box. The control box was attached to the Goliath by a triple-strand cable connected to the rear of the vehicle, for transmitting power to the electric driven version. Two of the strands were used to move and steer the Goliath, while the third was used for detonation. The Goliath had 650 metres (2,130 ft) of cable. Each Goliath was disposable, being intended to be blown up with its target.”
      This is an old video of it:
      As the two links shows these miniture tank-IEDs can target tanks (need higher load though)/infantry/buildings/bridges. They even ideal if rebels get ambushed as rebels would just have switch-on the IED inside this tank and have it travelled towards the direction of fire from regime fighters.

    • Finally remember that when you assault a regime building or launch a night-time raid on regime areas use a jammer to block regime comms if you don’t want them to stop you from completing the job by calling in Russian jets.

      • use a jammer to block regime comms if you don’t want them to stop you from completing the job by calling in Russian jets.

        What radar jammers? Where are the rebels going to get those from given that the Russians are a generation ahead of the US in jamming tech?

    • And we now know for certain why JaF were not in Souran in Northern Hama to help defend it. What’s amazing to me is that even as the regime were gaining ground after reimplementing the siege, the rebels were still able to hold the 1070 apartments and keep pressure on the regime supply lines.

      • I am honest. I dident expect Jaf and co. to be able to launch such a big operation. I was starting to think it was a bluff. At least as i thought the attack is beeing brought from different axis. 3000 complex is next target. Take that, 1070 is secured and the west door to aleppo is open.

        • One difference is this operation is moving towards the urbanized areas in West Aleppo. I think the rebels may be thinking that it’s time to pressure the civilians in Western Aleppo. The last rebel offensive that broke the siege focused on the artillery base.

          • …….which was much in open land. Once they dident manage to cross over they were sitting ducks for the airforce. Attacking through the west neighbourhoods is good since its 100%urban terrain and the airforce cant bomb it easily like the artillery college.

  4. I wonder whether rebels have learnt their lesson when they last broke the siege by using decoy/diversionary offensives? As well as making sure they use jammers to block the Comms of regime fighters during an offensive?

      • Im pretty sure u can buy more sophisticated stuff than the russians are using at a local walmart… the 90s
        So jammings prob very possible

  5. Rohilat Arif, an executive from the Democratic Federal System, was injured alongside many civilians during Turkish soldiers’ attack on Efrîn people on the border yesterday. 10/28/2016

    For years now the AKP government has launched a multi-faceted attack on Kurdistan. Bombardment of Kurdish cities and villages, mass arrest of Kurdish politicians and massacre of civilians have reached an unprecedented level.
    Despite military attacks, the Turkish government has extended its operation against the legal institutions by occupying in fact Kurdistan’s municipalities. They have arrested Kurdish mayors, and appointed their own officials in their places.
    Last Tuesday the attack was on Amed (Diyarbakir), the capital of Kurdistan. Its co-mayors were arrested and people who had elected them democratically had been attacked by police. 10/26/2016

    GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer has reacted strongly to the violent attack by Turkish police against a former GUE/NGL MEP, Feleknas Uca, currently serving in the Turkish Parliament as a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) while she took part in a demonstration against the arrest of the co-mayors of Diyarbakir in south-eastern Turkey:
    “We condemn the attacks against Feleknas Uca and worry about her health situation after a brutal assault by Turkish policy during a demonstration. We are deeply troubled at the continued Turkish repression of its Kurdish citizens and call for the immediate release of all those arrested in this latest crackdown.”
    Kurdish media reports that Turkish authorities want to replace the arrested mayors with nationalists loyal to Ankara. Protesters took to the streets across the Kurdish region to express their opposition to the arrests as the Governor announced a ban on public gatherings.
    Feleknas Uca was an MEP with GUE/NGL between 1999 and 2009. During her tenure, she was a member of the Kurdistan Friendship Group in the Parliament and defended a peaceful resolution to the Kurdish question. Turkish authorities have continuously harassed members of the HDP party and in 2012 Uca had been detained by Turkish police amid international condemnation.
    “Attacks by the Turkish military and police against the Kurdish community must cease. We call for an urgent resumption of political dialogue in Turkey to peacefully resolve the Kurdish question,” Zimmer concluded. 10/27/2016

    • U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released the following statement today on the Turkish government’s attacks on Syrian Kurds:
      “The United States has a longstanding relationship with Turkey, but a series of recent events have raised concerns about the fundamentals of our relations. I have long argued that the Obama administration’s feckless approach to Syria has contributed to a strategic disaster on Turkey’s doorstep. At the same time, the Turkish government’s continued attacks on Syrian Kurds are destabilizing and troubling. These Kurdish fighters have shown themselves to be willing and capable partners in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria, and our continued cooperation serves the national security interests of both the United States and countries in the region, including Turkey. I urge the Turkish government to refrain from further attacks against Kurdish groups in Syria.” 10/27/2016

      Last week, the Turkish Army began a campaign against the SDF, by shelling their positions, north of Aleppo city. More than 20 SDF fighters were killed as well as dozens of civilians. Turkish-backed rebels also threatened to expel Kurdish forces from the town of Tel Rifaat.
      Turkey and its allies were purportedly rattled by recent advances made by the Revolutionary Army, a SDF affiliated group also known as Jaish al-Thuwar. Their recent push into Islamic State (ISIS) territory placed them 18 km from al-Bab city.
      On October 19, SDF and the Turkey-backed rebels exchanged small arms fire. These clashes rapidly escalated and Turkish forces, on October 21, used heavy artillery and missile launchers to bombard the villages of Samouqa, Hasiya, Om Hosh, Harbel and Sheikh Issa.
      The Revolutionary Army’s General Command on Saturday said that they had repelled all of the incursions and killed 19 Turkey-aligned fighters. 10/25/2016

      The SDF is a multi-ethnic force, Syriac Christians are part of it through the Syriac Military Council. At 12 March 2015 the European Parliament called on the EU Member States to support the Syriac Military Council and the YPG.
      IS poses a terrorist threat to the EU. The Turkish attack on the SDF damages the military operation to remove IS. Therefore, this Turkish attack is undermining the security of the EU.
      We [European Christian Political Movement] call upon NATO, US and France to make any effort possible to stop these Turkish actions as they damage EU security. We call upon the EU to make it clear to Turkey that intentionally and seriously sabotaging the efforts against terrorism is in no way acceptable and will have serious consequences. Furthermore, we call upon the EU Member States to support the SDF as soon as possible in order to make sure that IS will be defeated. 10/20/2016

  6. Russia tries to lie about their top official being hacked, but some who sent e-mails admit that they are genuine

    So far the most interesting revelations are that the “elections” held in the parts of Ukraine occupied by Russia were a sham and that Russia handpicked the officials who “won”. They also reveal how Putin has lied repeatedly about Russia’s involvement with the “rebels”. They are, in fact, clearly controlled by Moscow.

    • So far the most interesting revelations are that the “elections” held in the parts of Ukraine occupied by Russia were a sham and that Russia handpicked the officials who “won”.

      No such revelations included. But we do know that the Kiev elections were a sham and that the US State Dept hand picked “Yats”.

      They also reveal how Putin has lied repeatedly about Russia’s involvement with the “rebels”.

      Actually they don’t. Minsk II was based on the assumption that Russia had influence among the federalist while the West held sway over the Neo Nazi junta in Kiev.

  7. #International: In case posters ever wondered how many Russian fighter jet pilots targetted Aleppo: Answer is 116 according to this link.
    The above link mentions individual names of each of Russian pilot.
    #Latakia: “over 10 Russian warplanes took off from Hemeimeem airbase in Latakia toward Aleppo.” – NorthernStork
    I repeat my above suggestion to rebels – A) Not only camouflage men and weaponry (e.g. artillery, tanks, BMPs etc) but move around your men and weaponry every few days (ie if on the east side of apartment 1070 then men and weaponry to west side of apartment 1070).B) Any buildings captured from regime fighters that is close to the front-line should be booby-trapped if there is no time to dig a trench around it. C) If Russian jets mainly attack you during day time to stop your offensive against regime fighters then attack regime positions at night-time. D) Jam regime comms so they can’t call those Russian jets in the first place.
    #Aleppo: 1) “Russia accidentally bombed pro Assad forces in Al Zahra & Happy Land Amusement Park.” – Malcolmite
    This is what happens when rebels start hugging militarily regime positions – it creates plenty of friendly fire.
    2) “Regime Republican Guardsmen among those killed in the Opposition offensive today.” – CombatChris1
    These types of troops should be specially targeted by rebels as they’re Assad’s last remaining professional troops and once they disappear (because of attrition) their professional will be lost to the regime permanently.
    3) Excellent progress if true “Opposition units on all fronts of the city are engaging Regime forces inflicting casualties and pinning them down.” – CombatChris1
    If the above is correct then rebels should keep those fighters tied down whilst rebel use reserve troops to open up multiple front elsewhere. They don’t have to be serious attempts to hold territory but rather a set of raids to temporarily capture regime buildings which can be booby-trapped before being abandoned so it causes more KIA/WIA on the regime.
    4) “Opposition artillery fire and movements near the Artillery Academy successfully fooled Regime-Russia as to their true intentions.” – CombatChris1
    Decoy offensives! Hooray! 🙂

  8. As I’ve mentioned in my first two posts: One hopes rebels have kept a battalion (300+) of special ops troops as well as several SVBIEDs in reserve during day-time so they can be used to launch surprise night-time raids on multiple regime positions in the rear (ie the areas behind regime assembly points/front-line) not to capture regime buildings but to give regime fighters sleep-deprivation by forcing them to fight an enemy that can attack them but they can’t see in the dark because fighters that haven’t slept are slow day-time fighters who’ll be captured or KIA/WIA. Better still when launching those surprise night time raids on multiple regime positions use jammers to block regime comms so Russian jets/helicopters can’t be called and this will cause the regime fighters to panic.

    • Better still when launching those surprise night time raids on multiple regime positions use jammers to block regime comms so Russian jets/helicopters can’t be called and this will cause the regime fighters to panic.

      Where are these imaginary jammers supposed to come from K9? I know you keep fantasizing about them, but they don’t exist

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