Syria Daily: Lavrov — US Is Protecting Nusra and Al Qa’eda


PHOTO: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov — “US plan to keep Jabhat al-Nusra for Plan B”



A Plan to De-Escalate the Conflict
Audio: Kerry to Activists Behind Closed Doors — Don’t Fight, Let Assad Run in Elections

UPDATE 1030 GMT: Regime warplanes have barrel-bombed the M10 hospital in opposition-held Aleppo, three days after it was knocked out of service.

On Thursday, two of east Aleppo’s remaining hospitals were struck, leaving only six functioning medical facilities in the region and two hospitals that can carry out surgeries in the opposition districts of the city.

Treatment of injured children in one of the remaining facilities:

ORIGINAL ENTRY: On the political defensive amid the Russian-regime bombing of Syria’s largest city Aleppo, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has lashed out at the US, accusing it of protecting Syrian jihadists and Al Qa’eda.

Lavrov said the US had failed to separate Syrian rebels from Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, the group which — as Jabhat al-Nusra — formally paid allegiance to Al Qa’eda until late July: “We have more and more reasons to believe that from the very beginning the plan was to spare Nusra and to keep it just in case for Plan B or stage two, when it would be time to change the regime.”

Ever since its aerial intervention last September, Russia has used the argument of rebel-Nusra interaction to justify the bombing of opposition areas, including civilian sites, which has killed thousands of people.

However, Moscow has been under pressure since it and the Syrian air force bombed a UN aid convoy west of Aleppo on September 19, hours after the Syrian military declared an end to a short-lived US-Russian ceasefire. Russian and regime warplanes then escalated airstrikes on opposition districts of Aleppo city — including incendiary weapons and bunker-buster bombs — killing between 400 and 500 people, almost of them civilians.

The Local Coordination Committee documented the killing of 86 people on Friday, including 35 in Aleppo Province and 21 near Damascus, almost all of them from airstrikes.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry threatened, in a phone call to Lavrov, to cut links with Russia if the attacks did not cease. However, Kerry and Lavrov continued telephone discussions on Thursday and Friday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Lavrov stressed Moscow’s “readiness to continue to consider additional possibilities” to “normalize” the situation in Aleppo, as Russia “remains open for dialogue with the US on all key issues” regarding Syria.

Activists: Pro-Assad Forces Attack Another Water Plant Near Aleppo

Opposition activists say pro-Assad forces have attacked another water plant near Aleppo, whose 1.75 million residents — in both regime and opposition areas — are facing a cut-off of supplies.

The activists said the forces, under cover of Russian and regime airstrikes, struck the Sulayman al-Halabi plant to the north of the city. The plant is near the al-Kindi hospital, which the Syrian military and foreign allies have been attacking this week as they try to constrict rebels inside Aleppo city.

Friday’s assault followed the pro-Assad capture of the Handarat camp, tighting the siege of opposition areas of Aleppo by cutting off territory to the north.

During the renewed Russian-regime airstrikes on Aleppo, which began September 19, the two main water plants supplying Aleppo from the south of the city have been put out of service. The UN agency UNESCO has warning of the risks from disease and poor sanitation, as well as lack of drinking water, to about 250,000 residents in opposition-held Aleppo and 1.5 million in regime districts.

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    • He would be right if the Russkies were actually striking al qaeda as opposed to carpet bombing civilians and deliberately depriving them of humanitarian assistance, which is actually what the dishonest Russkies are doing.

      • Either you play the naive or … else. It’s impossible to distinguish al Qaeda from civilians, they don’t have uniforms, they blend into a supportive community. This is how guerilla works.

        • “which is why the US came to the aid of ISIS and bomber the SAA”

          Yeah..then we can also say that the US is aiding SAA by bombing ISIS in Deir Ezzor during these last two years.

    • Oh yes the criminal lavrov is 100% correct….the Americans have given AA missiles to Nusra front, they have created no fly zone in Idlib and turkey border, they have given CAS to Nusra front in breaking the Aleppo siege and other sieges. And oh yes the Americans have given F 16 and 35 to Nusra figters…..have I missed something else maybe the Americans are protecting al Nusra front by giving much more sophisticated weapons….

        • “The US is afraid to give AA missiles to Al Nusra and ISIS in case they end up in the hands of anti Israeli groups”…..

          oops untill yesterday even Israel were supporting Nusra have they stopped supporting Nusra to accommodate your comment here?

          Forget AA missiles, have Americans given CAS to Nusra fighters, have they protected them by creating a no fly zone in any one city in Syria, let alone the liberated Areas?

          The fighters in Syria are not dependent on anybody but themselves. Had they, then they would have abandoned the fight long back as there is no much needed support from any outside country (except for few anti tank missiles).

          Just imagine, the amount of military, manpower support the criminals (ASSadists) are getting, had this been given to Nusra fighters ur hero ASSad would have been history long ago along with Iran and all the filthy scums who have gone to Syria to kill innocents.

          • Correction:

            Israel were supporting Nusra (as per ASSadist fan boys) have they stopped supporting Nusra to accommodate your comment here?

  1. If Russian hackers interfere with US voting on election day we must retaliate in the best way possible–by cutting off Russian banks. It would be a huge blow likely to cause economic collapse in Russia. Aggression requires a response–not inaction. And using hackers to interfere in US elections in favor of a Putin candidate (Donald Trump) is a kind of warfare.
    Most recently Russian hackers, concerned for Trump’s chances in Florida, hacked the Newsweek cite for exposing how Trump stabbed Cuban-Americans in the back by secretly–and illegally–violating the embargo. That could cost Trump the election in Forida (29 electoral votes). If he loses there it’s all over. See: Donald Trump Still Won’t Tell the Truth About Cuba at

    • The above is bad news for Putin in both the Ukraine and Syria. He had been hoping for a Trump victory which would mean the end to sanctions. Without a Trump victory, Putin will continue to face the drain of endless warfare in both countries without prospect of victory. A Hillary win could also mean arms for resistance in both countries while inspiring those fighting against the tyranny of Assad, Putin, Khamenei and various Hezbollah-style militias seeking to establish a new Russian Empire and a Shia regional empire.
      Related from Same Site: How Donald Trump’s Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba.

      • Keep dreaming RT. This week, the Chinese Yuan enters the international basket of currencies, which means that Russia no longer needs access to the US banking system to trade with other countries.

        • No Andre you keep dreaming. 93% of world trade is in US dollars. The US controls international clearing. If the US want to lock out Russian banks they are pretty much toast.

          • Not anymore DB1.

            If the US tried to lock out the Russians, they would shooting themselves in the foot. Such an insane love would lead to a default on loans to European banks which would lead to their collapse and lead to a collapse of the world economy.

  2. Russia Fumes Over State Dept’s Syria ‘Body Bags’ Warning
    State Department spokesman John Kirby on Thursday rejected as “bogus” accusations by Russian officials that he was inciting terrorism by warning that Moscow’s failure to stop its aggression in Aleppo may lead to terror attacks in Russian cities and Russian troops being shipped home in body bags.

    Look up “Trump Goes to War with Pope.” That’s what the nuttiest candidate in US history seems to have suggested, responding to the Pope’s admonishment for ‘unchristian” behavior regarding anti-Mexican positions. The same candidate then engaged in fantasies of coming to the Pope’s rescue. Nut Nut has also gone to war against muslim gold star parents of an American military hero, with a popular Hispanic beauty queen (i.e. “MIss Housekeeper”) and with a Mexican-American judge presiding over the postponed Trump “University” fraud trial.. Now Trump, Gingrich & Giuliani who could fill Yankee Stadium with their mistresses are going after Hilary for being a victim of infidelity.

    • In a leaked audio to the ‘New York Times’ Kerry admits the Russians don’t give a shit about international laws

      In that same leaked audio, Kerry admits the US has no legal right to be in Syria, so neither it seems does the US

  4. Am wondering those Russian incendiary shells that failed to burst when the Russian jets dropped them on Aleppo isn’t there a possibility that rebels could re-used them from their drones? Especially say if they were dropped on regime areas that have been set on fire by rebel artillery/rocket shelling or on regime troops busy looting IED/booby-trapped buildings? Furthermore those incendiary shells would be rather lethal just as an IED.

    • Not likely

      1. The reason these shells did not explode is because they were faulty to begin with so the jihadi half wits would have to figure out how to repair them
      2. Even if their drones could carry such a heavy load, they would have to figure out how to mount them and release them.
      3. They couldn’t mount them on the ground nferaide of the drone as it’s landing gear would not reach the ground.
      4. Even if they would overcome all these technical issues the drone would have to be right over it’s targets to release the shell. Such slow moving object at such close range would be a sitting duck

  5. Think Russia isn’t directing rebels in Ukraine? Then read this about leaked emails
    The emails from Russia were pretty straightforward: The government in Kiev was to be referred to as fascist and compared to puppet dictatorships whenever possible. News reports were to mention as often as possible that the puppet master was the United States. The leaked emails, which were acquired and are being reported on by the German magazine Die Zeit and Germany’s public television broadcaster, ZDF, provide hard evidence of how closely involved Russia is in the separatist movement at the heart of Ukraine’s so-called civil war, which has taken almost 10,000 lives since 2014.

  6. Kyle Glen ‏@KyleJGlen 43m43 minutes ago
    UAE vessel hit by anti-ship missile fired by Houthis in Yemen is the HSV-2 Swift, has previously been in service with the US Navy. Sunk!
    WELL,Iran providing anti ship missiles ? I have an opinion that the story will amplify in M.E.

  7. Daniel Nisman ‏@DannyNis 2h2 hours ago
    Assad regime helicopters drop chlorine gas barrel bombs on Kafr Zita in Hama Province. At least 30 casualties.
    Daniel Nisman ‏@DannyNis 1h1 hour ago
    Reports that chlorine barrel bomb was dropped close to Kafr Zita’s main hospital. Several medical staff among injured.

    • Daniel Nisman ‏@DannyNis 1h1 hour ago

      On the minds of Aleppians now: If intl community wont stop bombing of hospitals-why would they stop inevitable slaughter of ground invasion?

  8. Russia has used the argument of rebel-Nusra interaction to justify the bombing of opposition areas, including civilian sites, which has killed thousands of people.

    This is propaganda Scott. Kerry and the White House have both warned the rebels that they were legitimate targets unless they separated themselves from Al Nusra, yet you pretend that this is somehow open to conjecture.

    However, Moscow has been under pressure since it and the Syrian air force bombed a UN aid convoy west of Aleppo on September 19, hours after the Syrian military declared an end to a short-lived US-Russian ceasefire.

    More blatant propaganda.

    The ceasefire lasted 7 days. It expired and was only to be extended provided all sides agreed. Following the deliberate attack on the SAA, there was no chance of that.

    Not only that, but Al Nusra rejected the ceasefire as did Ash Carter who was opposed to any collaboration with Russia. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that the attack on the SAA was intended to sabotage the ceasefire.

    Russian and regime warplanes then escalated airstrikes on opposition districts of Aleppo city — including incendiary weapons and bunker-buster bombs — killing between 400 and 500 people, almost of them civilians.s.l. ”

    Almost all of them civilians? According to what sources Scott? White Helmets and unnamed opposition sources? There is corroborated evidence other that eye witness testimony from discredit sources.

    Are you aware that 2 days prior to the convoy’s arrival, the White Helmets were predicting it wound be attacked by the Assad regime? How would they have known that unless their parent company, Al Nusra, were the ones preparing the attack and preparing to frame the Syrian regime and Russians?

    The other fact is that Al Nusra are holding civilians hostage to use as human shields on Eastern Aleppo and shooting those trying to escape via the humanitarian corridors. There is no other reason civilians would remain. Al Nusra have said they support a caliphate and are opposed to democracy. What Syrians want to live under such rule?

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