Syria Daily: Regime Claims Gains in Ground Offensive Inside Aleppo

PHOTO: Men carry victim of Russian-regime bombing of Shaar district of Aleppo on Tuesday


UPDATE 1800 GMT: Asked by Al Jazeera English’s James Bays if the regime bombed two hospitals in east Aleppo today, UN Ambassador Bashar al-Ja’afari laughs:

UPDATE 1530 GMT: US Secretary of State John Kerry has threatened to cut off all contacts with Russia over Syria, including the three-year political process alongside Moscow, unless Russian and regime attacks on Aleppo end.

The State Department said Kerry issued the ultimatum in a telephone call to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Spokesman John Kirby said that Kerry expressed grave concern over attacks on hospitals, water supplies, and other civilian infrastructure, and that he told Lavrov that the US holds Russia responsible for the use of incendiary and bunker-buster bombs in an urban area.

After the escalation of Russian-regime attacks last week, including strikes on a UN aid convoy, Kerry called for the suspension of Russian and regime military flights over areas of humanitarian need. However, the regime and Lavrov immediately rejected the initiative, and the assault on Aleppo further escalated.

The US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, and British and French colleagues called the Russian attacks “barbarism”. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said the remarks were “inappropriate”.

See Syria Daily, Sept 27: Russia on Defensive as Aleppo Bombing Continues

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told legislators said that he will table a UN Security Council resolution for a ceasefire, and that any country that opposed it would be deemed complicit in war crimes.

Ayrault accused the Assad regime, backed by Russia and Iran, of carrying out an “all-out war” on its people.

“We will not let Aleppo become the Guernica of the 21st century,” Ayrault said, referring to Germany’s indiscriminate bombing in 1937 of civilians in the Basque town during the Spanish Civil War.

A senior French diplomatic source said Paris had prepared a text that it wanted to discuss with Britain and the US before presenting it to the Russians.

UPDATE 1520 GMT: Activists say about 20 people have been killed in an airstrike near a bakery in eastern Aleppo city.


UPDATE 0600 GMT: A journalist, citing the Syrian American Medical Society, and activists claim that Russian-regime bombing this morning has halted services at the two largest hospitals in opposition-held Aleppo.

Months of pro-Assad airstrikes had already reduced eastern Aleppo city to three functioning hospitals and destroyed many other medical facilities, drug warehouses, and blood banks.

Activists say there are now only 35 doctors for 250,000 residents.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: The Syrian military claims that it has taken territory near Aleppo’s Old City in a ground offensive inside Syria’s largest city, following more than a week of intense bombing by Russian and regime air forces.

An army spokesman declared that a “swift operation” had taken the al-Farafira district, northwest of the 12th-century Aleppo Citadel. He claimed that a rebel tunnel had been exposed and destroyed in the al-Izaa neighborhood.

The commander of a pro-Assad Iraqi militia said a large force, including the paramilitary Tiger Forces, had moblized in armored vehicles.

Rebels denied any advance by regime forces, posting video of their fighters near the Citadel:

Iran and Hezbollah Promise “A Forceful Confrontation”

The Assad regime’s allies proclaimed an imminent battle for the future of Aleppo, which has been divided since July 2012, following the re-imposition of a siege on opposition areas last month.

“There are no prospects for political solutions….The final word is for the battlefield,” Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah wrote.

The head of Iran’s National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, said Aleppo’s fate would be determined “through a forceful confrontation”.

See Iran Daily, Sept 28: Tehran Proclaims “Forceful Confrontation” for Syria’s Aleppo

Russian-regime bombing of opposition areas continued on Tuesday, although the death toll was lower than that of the weekend, when almost 100 people were killed per day.

The Local Coordination Committees documented 32 deaths, most of them in the Shaar district.

Since September 19, when Russian and Syrian warplanes renewed operations with an attack on a UN aid convoy, more than 500 people have been killed in and near Aleppo.

Aftermath of bombing of the Shaar area:



Video: Rebels and Jihadists Capture Another Village in Northern Hama Province

Rebels have continued their advance in northern Hama Province with the capture of Shaatha village:

The takeover is significant because Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, has joined the attacking rebel forces.

In past five days, rebels have renewed their march across northern Hama, beginning with the capture of the fortified village of Ma’an and then the move into five others.

Footage from the village of Tulaysiya:

The offensive began in late August across northern Hama, taking four towns and a series of villages to close within 10 km (6 miles) of Hama city.

Pro-regime outlets are spreading the unsupported claim that rebels and jihadists have used “chlorine gas” on the Syrian military.

Last week, Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar al-Ja’afari set up the claim with the assertion that rebels will disguise themselves in Syrian military uniforms to carry out chemical attacks.

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  1. This “forceful confrontation” rubbish must be the “legendary plan B” that some US officials were talking about. A quick review of why this has happened:
    * On Eid, instead of welcoming the US-Russia agreement, the Syrians came out and protested against it and the regime, especially in Aleppo, despite the siege and the implicit threat that either the residents went along with the plan or they wouldn’t receive any aid from the UN and starve. (One of the faction leaders said something like “the residents of Aleppo didn’t come out against the regime just to get baby milk powder”)
    * Just about all of the factions declared their support for JFS and refusal to fight or act against them, a central pillar of the US-Russia deal.
    * The FSA chased out the US soldiers sent in to Northern Syria. And these were the “moderates” that had accepted US aid.
    * At the UN, France was pushing for the secret parts of the agreement to be made public, which would have immediately exposed the US as Assad’s main backer and the architect of the war against sunnis.
    All of which shows that the stand against the regime is as strong as it ever was despite what the syrians have had to endure.

    • As we can see Syria is back to usuall business. Russians engaged in their carpet bombings and war crimes. Assad’s foreign militias boosted. Gulf states flooding again rebel forces with weapons. Perfectly expected as now most borders in the north are Turkish manned. Expect some serious AA in the next future if regime/russia continue bombing civilian infrastructures. Sign of this could already be seen on reuters yesterday. In the whole let the slaughter house continue……..Waiting for 2017.

      • What’s the chance that the Russians are going to leak the secret parts of that agreement in the end anyway ? Obama really screwed up big time and has left a complete nightmare for whoever comes in next.
        The issue is not AA or MANPADS. The issue is the US and Saudi having to create rumours of AA and MANPADS. Every time some US plan screws up and they let the Russians carpet bomb civilians, the rumours of MANPADS supplied by Saudis start to appear, and all the people in shock and horror at the suffering of the Syrians, like you, start to calm down because they think MANPADS are coming. Forget it. They are not coming, and they are not needed. What’s needed is to stop being fooled by these rumours and for the rebels to keep going against the regime in Aleppo, Hama, Damascus and Latakia.

        • Just my two cents

          Rebels are not fooled, they know they have everything to gain by continuing their fight.-

          Its clear though that the USA has a regional plan of “controlled chaos” in the middle east. Letting Iran and Saudi Arabia fight each other in Syria does no harm to the USA. This is all the more helped by the fact that Saudi is buying TOW missiles from the USA since 2012 and so the stock prices of all weapons manufacturers only goes up because of this. This war has been feeding these companies more work then they could have ever dreamed it would. Couple this with the low oil prices since Saudi tuned on the faucet it 2013 to sink Iran and Russias economy and this is wonderful for America. Low oil prices and selling loads of weapons.

          The USA wont let Russia win though, but it does prefer for Russia and Iran to burn themselves out in Syria. If a few hundred thousand civilian Syrian lives have to be lost in order for Russia and Iran to burn out, SO BE IT. The question is after all of this, when rebels have finally won out and Russia goes home and Hezbollah has changed leadership from Nasrallah to someone Lebanese/non-iranian, who will control the area. To think it would be Nusra or AlQaeda or ISIS is dangerous. All three groups are just as much anti-Saudi Arabia as they are anti-every single Arab and Western country. Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey and USA did not feed TOWS and Grad missiles into Syria only to give power to a groups that will terrorise them after Assad.
          – Thus the goal is to push JFS(Nusra) to fight to the last man against SAA & irans militias. Then push ISIS out of Mosul into Raqqa, and then push them out of Raqqa towards SAA also. By then the SAA and Iranian militias will be finished off and the hope is that Nusra and ISIS will be done for too… All that will be left is the moderates vs Russia. Russia by then will hopefully have burnt out economically and Iran may have its own revolution on its hand. Khameini is sick also and swallowing the bitter cup of tea of losing this war could also be a great introduction to another Iranian revolution.

          Its all about timing. Manpads didnt arrive in Afghanistan from day 1. Sadly, it seems 5 years is relatively short for such a war as this one.

          • Ah yes, here we go again with your bs. The invisible hand of the all powerful us. You should just start referring to the us as allah. Tell the world how much you hate America and how much you want it gone or destroyed and here you are at the same time wishing it would help. The best part is, of America actually helped… other than the tow missiles, etc…. you would complain of america

            • Sounds like I really struck a nerve.. if the truth hurts, its probably because your in denial of what it means to be a superpower..

              Saudi Arabia is the buyer of the TOWS.. its not America just sending them over for free. Somebody is profiting.. and why shouldnt they?

              With Great power comes great responsibility.. Havent you ever seen Batman.. LOL.. dont be another Naive American.. War is deception

              • Sorry to disappoint, but no you didn’t strike a nerve. I laugh at your conclusions based on your conspiracy riddled mind.
                Syria has shown we just give a rats ass about syrians.
                Nice batman quote. But that is a comic book

              • Saudi may be buying them, but we still decide to sell them. The financial part is a tragedy of the military industrial complex. To create a fantasy where good ole merika is benefiting from the sales is farcical. There are definitely some who are benefiting but that is far from a country wide benefit. It is actually you who pushes the mainstream agenda. Always the sinister america in the background. Same old tired narrative that is populist, generalist, and vapid. Keep deluding yourself into thinking you came up with the grand master strategy. The more sophisticated the less probability of reality. Have you ever gone to a post office? Thats the government.

            • a) it’s doubtful there’s anyone that thinks the US is all-powerful any more. In fact Syria has shown it to be very weak and impotent, and
              b) secret agreements == invisible hand. But hey, why don’t you prove me wrong by writing to Obama or Kerry and asking for a copy.

        • Manpads are already in the hands of many rebel factions. See what happened just months ago. Strangely the period just before the talks for a ceasefire magically fired up again. Problem is they are not to use at their pleasure and are still used as “pressure” tools from whom pulls the strings from the outside. But this can very well change in a very short notice. Considering the all time low in US leverage in the ME and the images coming out of Aleppo, i wouldent be suprised at all to see something change on that issue. Would they change something on the battlefield? Not really, but for a pilot to fly under AA threat is worst than flying harm free. Would they limit in somecase civilian loosses? Yes. Because if its true that modern bombers would be out of range most of the time, helicopters are, and its them delivering barrell bombs. So in all, its definetly a needed system and the requests of more or better should always be a priority for the rebels.

      • The Gulf States don’t care one iota about civilians and civilian infrastructure. Look at the civilians and infrastructure they are destroying in Yemen.

        All they care about is removing Assad and preventing Aleppo falling into Assad’s hands and they are losing badly on both fronts.

        AA munitions will only delay the inevitable

  2. MH17 missile ‘came from Russia’, Dutch-led investigators say:

    “Based on the criminal investigation, we have concluded that flight MH17 was downed by a Buk missile of the series 9M83 that came from the territory of the Russian Federation,” chief Dutch police investigator Wilbert Paulissen said.

    “The missile launcher was later taken back to Russia, he said.”

    • In before Andre comes to tell you that Russia only spreads love and rainbows.. and that this report is by western liars who supported the Iraq war which was based on lies.. Russia could never do such a thing.. only love peace and rainbows come from mother Russia <3

      • Only courage, pride, common sense, great culture, great contribution to humanity, patriotism, and wisdom come from Mother Russia.

        • More like corruption, organized crime, authoritarianism, disinformation, weapons proliferation to rogue regimes, and propaganda coming from “mother Russia” these days.

          • Dont forget Vodka, mail order brides, and lunatic dash cam videos from Russians all over youtube.. forgot LADA (amazing cars) LOL

            • Dont forget Vodka, mail order brides, and lunatic dash cam videos from Russians all over youtube.. forgot LADA (amazing cars) LOL

              As opposed to anti depressants, hookers, porn, and I was going to say cars but the US doesn’t make them anymore.

          • More like corruption, organized crime, authoritarianism, disinformation, weapons proliferation to rogue regimes, and propaganda coming from “mother Russia” these days.

            Wow, wounds just like Congress. the most most corrupt place in earth, where organized crime is called capitalism, where the media lies to the public about non existent WMD, and supplies weapons to rogue regimes (eg the Saudis).

    • “Based on the criminal investigation, we have concluded that flight MH17 was downed by a Buk missile of the series 9M83 that came from the territory of the Russian Federation,” chief Dutch police investigator Wilbert Paulissen said.

      And how exactly did they conclude it came from Russian territory when the Germans concluded it was captured from the Kiev military?

      On and Mofatatnai, the report does not accuse Russia of being behind the attack. Sorry 🙂

  3. “US Secretary of State John Kerry has threatened to cut off all contacts with Russia over Syria, including the three-year political process alongside Moscow, unless Russian and regime attacks on Aleppo end”
    This is the phrase that shows : still US blocks deliveries of Manpads (that still are in Turkey).
    When US will cut contacts with Russia ,if it will happen ,it means everybody can do what it wants;ansd still Russia will try to block deliveries at regional level,Turkey,Saudi,Qatar,Iran.

    Practically, US tries to convince Russia and Assad that it is the last step they can do on blocking
    some more “special” weapons.
    France(Europe) will come with a “real” plan for peace with stronger conditions for Russia.
    France considers that more civilians will be killed by Manpads>more higher altitude bombardments > more weapons race + inflaming neighbors if Iran does it too.

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