Syria Audio Analysis: Obama’s Failure


For many people, President Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly today was overshadowed by the pro-Assad bombing of the UN aid convoy in Syria and the end of a brief ceasefire.

See Syria Daily, Sept 20: Pro-Assad Bombing of Aid Convoy as Ceasefire Ends

I connected the events in a chat with BBC Coventry on Tuesday afternoon, reviewing the clash between Obama’s defense of his record and “cooperation” and his failure over the Syrian conflict.

I also talk with host Phil Upton about the US Presidential election, with Republican nominee Donald Trump closing the gap on Democratic candiate Hillary Clinton, days before their first debate.

Listen to discussion

More than 1,400 people were killed when the Assad regime used chemical weapons near the capital. At that point, President Obama could have responded by declaring there were protected zones in Syria, where people would not have to fear chemical or conventional attacks from the skies. He chose not to do so.

So for him to go before the UN today and not even refer to the Syrian crisis but to talk about how we can all cooperate, we can deal with these issues — he walked away three years ago.

And because he walked away three years ago, the Assad regime and the Russians think they can keep doing this and not have to pay any price.

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  1. Obama’s gravestone should be festooned with red lines.
    He chose to draw those red lines, even though he didn’t give a sh!t if they were crossed and civilians were gassed. I call it the mendacity of hope – Obama gave hope to Syrians that the war criminal in his palace might face some retribution for chemical weapons attacks. Instead, here we are 5 years later, chemical weapons attacks are a near daily occurrence, and the Russians just deliberately massacred a UN/ Red Crescent humanitarian aid team.

    • Después de 5 años. El régimen genocia sigue teniendo gran. Respaldo mundial incluidos eurodiputados. Españoles de izquierda unida, quien visto al régimen en damasco. reciente mente

    • Let’s be real, Ben … the Gutless Wonder [a.k.a. DroneBoy Obomber] never drew any ‘red line’ on Syria, as that is simply not in his pusillanimous nature.
      Highly reminiscent of the exemplary cretin Kennedy verbally weaving himself a snug but exceedingly sturdy noose over Cuba, when asked a pointed question by a usually tame Presstutnik this latter-day winding yellow worm felt obliged to big up and act the part of aggressive Yanki-supremacist militarist [spluttering off the cuff about ‘a bunch of changing calculus’, whatever that Double-Dutch means], for no better reason than to belatedly hoodwink his warmonglerish generals, herds of NeoCon think-tankers and The Psycho-HoseBeest into perhaps temporarily entertaining a reasonable doubt that he actually produced some trace amount of testosterone after all.
      Naturally then, when called upon to substantiate his blusterous warcriminal threats in the face of Russian objections he choked and grabbed for the nearest available eject handle, again like the ‘hero’ JFK.
      Now he only has to get himself served hot lead salad by a concerned Syrian government partisan using a bolt action rifle for the historical analogy to be perfect. [This would also vindicate RT and the McCainiacs.]

  2. Scott – I don’t see a comment section in today’s Syria daily article. Missing my daily dose of the usual personalities. Thanks for your work!

  3. Prove Assad used chemicals, you can’t put it has been proven chemicals were used by opposition to blame on Assad to get more support from the west #FACT. Please people don’t listen to shit don’t listen to me. Look it up its not hard and if you look yourself you will be truly shocked at what you will find and lies you have been spun.

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