EA’s Political WorldView Podcast: The Tanking Trump and Meddling Putin Edition


This week’s Political WorldView podcast looks at tough-guy leader Vladimir Putin and the man who wants to join him, Donald Trump.

The panel — Adam Quinn, Christalla Yakinthou, and Scott Lucas of the University of Birmingham — start with Trump’s self-inflicted difficulties in the campaign for the US Presidency and then takes on the question of what to do about Putin’s offensive approach to areas from the Crimea to the Middle East, as well as his possible intervention in Trump’s Presidential race.

In between we have Numbers of the Week moving from Australia to Syria to the UK.

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  1. World #1 Cyber-Weapons Auction
    NSA cyberaggresors have been counter-hacked by the ‘Shadow Brokers’ group, who 2 days ago kindly published a sample [in source-code] of the confiscated premier Yanki dirty-tricks toolkit for cyber-espionage/sabotage. They’re also auctioning off a juicy chunk of code promised to be ‘better than Stuxnet’ to the highest Bitcoin bidder and openly invite Pentagovernment participation, which surely marks a new HighScore in top level trolling.
    However, Kerry may save his monies as it appears those ‘Friends of the Empire’ Wikileaks have gotten their hooks into a ‘pristine copy’ of the entire data dump and will be publishing it in due course for free:
    Meantime, to grab [and spread] the embarrassing evidence [235MB] of Yanki malfeasance, plug next line into a BitTorrent client as a ‘Download from URL’:
    or download directly from Kim.com:
    Details for file authentication/unpacking here:
    General writeup, “Lots of people in Ft.Meade currently shitting bricks“:
    PS: Food for thought — what if it transpires that the opening for this Snowden^10 level disaster for the exceptional warcrims traces back to info divulged due to The Psycho-HoseBeest’s email transgressions? LOL, so many delicious possibilities …

    • All that wishful thinking is so cute. Big deal. The Russians are running scared after they got caught hacking the DNC. You should relax. Just sit back and enjoy watching America dominate the Olympics.

      • Yeah Kevin I’ve been watching the Olympics every night team America is awesome. I haven’t seen many Russians though, weren’t they invited?

        • The Russians have a 286 member contingent there, I believe. Their whole team should’ve been banned after the humiliating state sponsored doping scandal was revealed, but the IOC is thoroughly corrupt. That explains their affinity for Putin.

            • Yeah, I don’t really care. The NSA hates it because they are super secretive. But I don’t really care if the world knows some of our advanced capabilities such as the ability to easily use zero day exploits and blast past pretty much any firewall. They are a little too secretive about our true capabilities. I’m sure the Russians are about to find out first hand. They’re really asking for a cyber attack.

              • LOL, your unconvincing not-really-caring is sooo immaterial… the joke is still heavily on Yankistan that its supposedly Supreme Brain-Bugs at NSA have gone off and handed over a pristine source-code copy of their precious cyber-weapons toolchest to [for the sake of brevity let’s just say] the Rooskies, who, having enjoyed the use of it these past 3 years to reap a full dataharvest from, I think it is fair to assume, Yanki companies and organisations not advised by NSA that they were wide open to exploits the Pentagovernment has been hoarding for its own nefarious purposes, now turn around and pull a noble public service by divulging the dirty lot [via Wikileaks] so that all targets worldwide will root and branch delouse their systems then harden up severely against the sneaking Yanki infiltration attacks in future.
                And that’s not to mention the future repercussions which may result if, for example, it were ever shown that these same tools/staging servers had been used to [attempt to] subvert/manipulate elections or other political process in [a] NATO vassal state[s] towards the obvious interests of the Pentagovernment but contrary to the popular democratic will … ouchies!!
                Yes, indeedy, I’m sure at Ft.Meade all is fine:
                PS: Do you maybe have a link to where Russia has officially requested a cyberattack?

              • LOL. Whatever. Good luck with that in the little marxist universe you reside in where the worst case, almost unimaginable scenario always happens to America. But to most people who reside the actual universe that sounds like the typical desperate wishful thinking from a boorish, garden variety anti-American that they’ve heard a million times before. And thank you once again for your complete and utter obsession with America. LMAO.

                PS. So nice of you to crawl back here after your boy Assad starting getting the whooping he richly deserves.

              • It was [up to yesterday] unimaginable that them thar Supreme NSA Brain-Bugs would collect all the best secret 0-days from the last 14 years into one conveniently honed exploit-kit and stupidly hand it over to the Rooskies/Chinakos on a silver platter inscribed with the inspiring motto “A Gift from Gawd’s Chosen Master Race, to Raep US With!
                It was unimaginable that Assad would fail to assume his assigned role as another piece of live bait to be tossed to NATO’s JI-Joe lynch-mob.
                It was unimaginable that the warcriminal Yanki OilThieves would be battered out of Iraq in just 8 years, instead of the 800 they had intended to stay.
                It was unimaginable that the Coup in Turkey would fail and rebound in Yankistan’s teeth.
                It was unimaginable that Putin would repossess Crimea to thwart egregious Yanki meddling, or step into Syria in late 2015 for the same reason.
                It was unimaginable that the ‘New Yanki Century’ your Brain-Bugs promised is already over, and History not quite Ended.
                And this serial failure of imagination has a name … hark, that whooshing sound, it is called ‘Arrogance, being deflated‘.

              • Aww, don’t get mad. Is the sky blue in the marxist universe? Gosh I do love good conspiracy theories and laughable justifications for Russian imperialism whilst proclaiming to be an anti-imperialist. You guys always crack me up with the blatant hypocrisy and utter bullshit. American century over my ass and even if it was, it sure as shit wouldn’t be the dawn of some new marxist/socialist century that western sellouts and useful idiots seem to crave so much. You live in a dream world.

                Russia is still a glorified regional power with a weak ass economy. Why do you think lil Putin, with his Napoleon complex, has to invade neighbors just to desperately try to keep them away from the west? China suffers from massive internal problems, slowing growth, and it lacks anything close to to the type of cultural, diplomatic, or political influence America possesses. Take a look at a f***ing map some time. Look at who America’s allies are and then look at who Russia/China are allied with. It’s not even close. Not yet, junior. But keep hoping and praying.

              • PS. It’s always been strange to me that those who constantly accuse America of arrogance are among the least qualified to do so. As they generally seem pretty arrogant themselves. Hmm, strange.

              • Don’t try to conflate your way out, Kevin … what “conspiracy theories and laughable justifications for Russian imperialism” are you on about?

  2. @thehill
    Trump says he doesn’t trust US intelligence agencies and won’t use them if elected: http://hill.cm/msYkGsT
    neither Obama did it . What he did during the second mandate >> because of believing,thinking,hoping.
    But Trump changed practically his campaign boss Paul Manafort; I think he got a kind of briefing about him….. I don’t think it is only about campaign’s “results”.

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