US Audio Analysis: Obama’s “Special Performance” at the Democratic Convention


PHOTO: Barack Obama and Hillary Convention at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night

Speaking with BBC Radio Foyle on Thursday morning, Adam Quinn of the University of Birmingham assesses President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last night.

Quinn gives a positive review for the “special performance”, talking about its upbeat contrast to the sour atmosphere — marked by Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s address — at the Republican convention last week. Combined with Michele Obama’s crowd-pleasing appearance on Monday night, the speeches have helped steady the Democrats after an opening in which some supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders booed nominee Hillary Clinton.

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Quinn also considers Vice President Joe Biden’s “effective” speech, with its direct challenge to Trump, and the address of Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine: “It went well enough….He has an ability to do the fundamentals. His main task is to be alongside Hillary Clinton and be competent…in a way that Donald Trump reminds us every day he cannot.”

Tonight it is Hillary Clinton’s turn:

The main thing that she will want to do is leave people with a different flavor than Trump’s speech last week. That was a pessimistic, downbeat, aggressive, divisive speech — deliberately — whereas she is going to want to sell a message that is much more open, inclusive, and optimistic.

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  1. I dislike Obama because of his foreign policy:and not only about Syria.My opinion about him:he should have followed a religious life(Supporting deep sh** in the evening and advocating honey next morning)
    Still I believe Hillary could do a reset in US F.P. but such photo ….good for democrats’ unity ,not for me.

  2. Dems chanted “no more war” when Panetta spoke. Hillary is a warhawk, her supporters are doves. Doesn’t bode well.
    Be careful with your emails. Putin is watching. BOO!

  3. With Trump we at least know what we’d be getting…………. a whackadoodle.

    With Hillary we have no idea. That makes her more dangerous than Trump.


    Reason #1:
    As with the US Constitution, what is relevant depends on whether you are into strict interpretation or (like me) loose interpretation. Iran and Russia like Lebanon, are deeply involved in keeping Assad afloat. The same goes for Obama’s collusion. Where developments in those countries affects their capacity to interfere in Syria it is relevant here. Though Bill Anderson implies otherwise, nothing could have bigger impact on Syria than a Trump or Hillary victory in November. Otherwise the election is of no concern….

    • …Reason #2: . It makes no sense to posts where must of us never read. Posting items that seriously impact Syria, even if indirectly on sites where no one goes is akin to announcing your presidential campaign at 3 am. on an obscure radio site in North Dakota. I used to post on Iran a great deal prior to 2011 but now I rarely to there. The global section? Practically never. I’ll bet that’s true of most others here. Note the relative lack of comments (zero to 3) in Iran Daily or on articles about the US and/or its elections under “Global.”. .

      • as someone who peruses the other sections, the main reason that I would comment is that its the comment posters who seem to drive much of the commenting metrics. If andre were to start posting his usual party lines in the other sections, I would imagine there would be an uptick in the comments.

    • Reason #3: . This is a covert attempt at censorship disguised as something else. The justification for censorship is as phony as the Republican excuses for Voter ID’s (the alleged purpose is to prevent non-existence voter fraud. The real intent is to prevent minorities, urban voters and young voters from registering or, failing that, create long lines to discourage). So let’s not fool ourselves. .

      I came across a report on recent major changes in the top leadership of the IRCG which included an analysis. Surely that would have relevance to Syria. Surely it would interest folks on both sides here. Yet since it was so obviously Iran-centered, I posted it under “Iran Daily” where I’ll bet at least of two-thirds of folks here never saw it. Technically the would be censors are right about where it belonged. But in a broader, common sense view they are wrong for reasons given so. I regret that decision. So if you missed the report, go to yesterday’s Iran Daily. Perhaps the best) option with news items like that would be to post an item like that in both. I’m not sure if site wouldn’t automatically delete 1 of those 2 posts.


    Excerpt: Sivkov, who had served as a strategist for the Russian General Staff between 1995 and 2007, was keen to tell me all about the theory, which the chief of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, had set out in 2013 as a strategic vision for wars of the future. “Hybrid warfare,” Sivkov began, “relies on the use of the enemy’s own internal resources against him.” Against an adversary with “a wobbly political base” and a “fractured moral core,” Russia could use disinformation, cyber attacks and other means of covert political influence to make the enemy “devour itself from within,” Sivkov said.
    Time has five or six articles on repercussions from the Trump-Putin collusion. Check them out after following up the link:

    RT COMMENTS: The Republic Party is now in control of an isolationist or worse. When I’ve abstrained (twice) or voted Republican in past presidential campaigns (twice) it was because the GOP seemed more ready to resist expansionism in critical situations. Are those days over for good? .Folks like John McCain and Marco Rubio must know how dangerous Trump is from a national security point of view but “unite” behind him anyway. Germany’s conservatives sold out the same way in 1933 on the assumption they could contain a potent nut case afterwards. Can lifetime Republicans afford to bet on that? Should Trump win, the transition to “Trump’s Party” will be complete in the same way.
    See my post yesterday on why I consider posts like this relevant to Syria Daily. Given a Putin-Trump love affair and given Trump’s crazy positions on NATO and the EU, it sure looks as if electing Trump would give the Kremlin huge influence in the White House and that would affect Syria and much more. Note that my posts regarding candidate behavior or prospects generally ignore domestic issues as irrelevant here.
    What’s the problem with posting at alternatives locations here presently? I’ve compared it to a prominent figure announcing his candidacy for president on an obscure North Dakota radio station at 3 am. If we had a special 2016 Election category I’d be glad to post there. So long as the alternatives resemble a morgue with few visitors, why bother?
    For two reasons Intelligence agencies are seriously worried about giving Trump the usual briefing on foreign affairs. Reason #1: Trump’s penchant for spout off whatever comes to his mind off the cuff and spontaneously. Reason #2: Fear that if Trump isn’t a Russian mole, there are some “possibles” among his top advisors. So long as we’re unsure dare we take the chance? If you think such a thing cannot happen in real life, recall how Willy Brandt’s closest advisor in Germany turned out to be an agent of East Germany’s Stassi, a puppet branch of Russia’s KGB. Trump advisors who are definitely too close to Russia must go before any intel briefing. Ditto, any Russian money or investments backing Trump.

    • McCain will never go under Trump banner; he did not till now and he will not do it. As result , Mc Cain own campaign for Senate renewal is under money jeopardy from Rep Party. Mc Cain gets funds directly from the ground.For conformity it can be checked Mc Cain twitter timeline. Rep convention did not exist for him. Only his own activity with people . But he attacks one democrat and points to articles about that democrat : we talk about Obama. And I am 100% sure that his message for his friends and voters in this presidential campaign is : between Hillary and Trump ,Hillary is better. And another thing , Mc Cain is a friend of Clinton’s family: he even participated at some of Clintons’ events.

  6. Damn. I think Trump is going to be the next POTUS.

    US media desperately defending Hillary, while going all out against Trump.

    I think he’s going to get FL and OH

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