Turkey Feature: 50,000+ Detained or Suspended Following Coup Failure


PHOTO: Demonstrators hold up a portrait of Turkish President Erdoğan


UPDATE 1700 GMT: Turkish authorities have announced that 99 generals will be tried for involvement in the coup attempt.

The number is more than 25% of the 360 generals in Turkey’s army and air force.

Turkish media say an aide to the Chief of General Staff has confessed his allegiance to the coup.

Lt. Col. Levent Türkkan reportedly said:

I am a son of a poor family. My dad was a very poor farmer. We did not have any fields, private gardens. I first met with the Fethullah Gülen movement during my middle-school years. I was a bright and promising student….

I am a member of the parallel establishment. I am from the Gülen community … After I was brought to the aide-de-camp position at the General Staff, I started to execute the orders given on behalf of the community.

President Erdoğan has convened a meeting of the National Security Council.

Turkish State media says the Government will close 626 private schools and other establishments.

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş has said the city ordered an area which will serve as a cemetery for the plotters of the coup attempt, since no existing burial place will take the bodies.

Topbas told demonstrators in Taksim Square:

I ordered a space to be saved and to call it “the graveyard for traitors. The passersby will curse the ones buried there.

Everyone visiting the place will curse them and they won’t be able rest in their graves.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: The purge of Turkey’s Government and public institutions continued on Tuesday, following last weekend’s failed coup, with more than 50,000 people now detained, fired, or suspended from their jobs.

Yesterday 15,200 staff in the Education Ministry personnel were suspended due to alleged links with the followers of the self-exiled cleric Fethullah Fethullah Gülen. Turkey’s Higher Education Board has demanded the resignation of all 1,557 deans on at State and universities, and the licenses of 21,000 teachers working in private institutions were canceled.

“Our ministry is carrying out extensive efforts aimed at public personnel in central and rural districts who have connections to FETÖ [the Gülen organization]. As of today, 15,200 public officials have been suspended and investigations were launched into them,” the Ministry said in a Twitter statement.

About 100 staff of Turkey’s intelligence service MIT were suspended on Tuesday, and the Prime Ministry suspended 257 personnel, including 230 judicial clerks, 19 specialists, six advisers, and two legal advisers.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told Parliament:

This parallel terrorist organization will no longer be an effective pawn for any country. We will dig them up by their roots.

Erdoğan’s Purge

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has acted quickly to remove all those whom he perceives as adherents of Gülen, whom he accuses of running “parallel institutions” in a “deep State” seeking to overthrow the Government.

Within 24 hours of the failure of the coup, more than 2,800 military personnel were detained. More than 100 generals and admirals have been questioned, and 41 imprisoned.

A judicial body dismissed more than 2,700 judges. Warrants were issued for 140 members of the Supreme Court and 48 from the Council of State.

By Monday morning, 7,899 police officers, 614 gendarmerie officers, 30 provincial governors, and 47 district governors had been suspended.

On Monday, 492 people were suspended from the Religious Affairs Directorate, including three provincial muftis, one head of department, and one directorate consultant. Almost 400 personnel were suspended from the Family and Social Policies Ministry and 16 from the Development Ministry.

Prime Minister Yıldırım also said that 1,500 officials in the Finance Ministry have been suspended, and former Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu is among 246 local officials who have been removed.

The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched investigations into suspended personnel from the Interior Ministry for being Gülenist.

In a small step against the rush of detentions and suspended, 700 soldiers investigated for coup involvement were freed on Tuesday, according to Turkish authorities.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş told reporters that legal proceedings are now underway against 9,322 people.

Obama Calls Erdoğan

President Obama called Erdoğan on Tuesday, urging Ankara to show restraint, the White House said.

The statement said the status of Gülen, who lives in Pennsylvania, was also discussed. Erdoğan has demanded that Obama extradite the cleric.

See Turkey Feature: US and Ankara to Discuss Extradition of Erdoğan’s Enemy Gülen

The Pentagon said Defense Secretary Ash Carter and his Turkish counterpart discussed Incirlik Airbase, a prominent base in the American campaign against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Power has been cut to the base since last Friday. The US military said it has been able to maintain operations, using back-up sources.

The base, which is used by Turkish and U.S. forces in the air campaign against Islamic State, has been without power in the days since the failed coup.

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    • Yep, but you won’t be seeing this hero made into the new Tiananmen Square ‘Tank Man’ by the NATO-conform agit-prop-slingers, as they’d much prefer he had been rolled into a mush under their collective tracks:
      PS: Note how painstakingly polite the Chinese Army is when compared to the NATO putschists.

    • But unfortunately, not every heroes evade tanks. Whenever I see a tank vs civilian, Rachel Corrie comes to my mind immediately.

  1. Daniel Nisman ‏@DannyNis 2h2 hours ago

    #Erdogan has returned to #Ankara for the first time since the #TurkeyCoup attempt.
    (I observed yesterday that he still was in Istanbul)
    From aviationist.com explaining the TU Af flights and missions (David Cienciotti) I understood that the coup was very close to succeed . Practically depended on Erdogan (if he was arrested or not). If the prime minister was alone ,probably today we had coup plotters in power or a civil war.

  2. yalla souriya ‏@YallaSouriya 49m49 minutes ago

    I bet the 2 turkish pilots who surrendered to PYD, will be handed over to the regime.

  3. One month ago there were news articles regarding the new reset of Turkey towards Russia,Egypt and Israel. And another idea regarding Turkey “support” for Assad regime survival …
    And I commented that Turkey F.P. will have more hypocrisy (following the best examples from Washington and some western countries..)
    The culmination of hypocrisy (and mockery ) was offering to Russia access to Incirlik base …..lol
    I did not know that there were some NATO nukes on place ! Taking now into account …. the story was
    1)pushing dust into Putin’s eyes. 2)at NATO phone calls regarding the “story” . Turkey answered that US is pushing for full normalizations of the affairs with Russia …and even more !!>>> an air force coalition!

  4. Yes, Tayyip in his #UrgeToPurge would like to uproot the traitors even faster, only he already purged the guy who runs the purges. This hiccup has caused an unfortunate backlog in processing the enemy lists, but don’t worry, Scott, the pace will soon pick up again once things are ironed out!
    Speaking of which, this CIA-cornfed Brain-Bug seems to have carelessly walked into a door or two since his last public appearance:
    Also, it is rumoured that Tayyip’s dungeon-goons are employing the new SJW-Ghostbusters as an ‘enhanced interrogation’ tool, so it is not completely worthless after all …
    PS: Any IS soldiers/bureaucrats fleeing the demise of the Abu Bakr’s Caliphate in Syria/Iraq are warmly invited to take up new positions as policemen, judges or academics in Turkey, where there are currently plenty of vacancies opening up in Caliphate 2.0 … qualifications required: own prayer mat and convincing beard.

    • Akin Öztürk is probably regarded as the one who gave the order to F16s to bomb targets. Considering 45 policemen killed on Golbashi police training center because of the air attacks I guess interrogators has no mercy on him.

      About caliphate 2.0 thanks for the humour I was burst into laughter while reading that especially the requirements part was great :)

      Back to reality I guess caliphate is among the unhappy ones here. Had the coup succeeded they would say to the people “see, democracy is no alternative only ak47’s can bring Islamic rule” and increase their number of recruits ten fold which up to now is at some couple hundreds a very low number regarding turkey’s 75 million pop.

  5. They say revenge is a dish best served cold but it appears that Tayyip is preparing a surprise political enema for The Barackstabber, as he declares Turkey ready to cooperate for peace with Iran & Russia:
    Tass News has reported that Turkish President Erdogan said in a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Rouhani that Turkey is wanting to restore peace and stability in the immediate region in conjunction with Russia and Iran.
    “Today, we are determined more than ever before to contribute to the solution of regional problems hand in hand with Iran and Russia and in cooperation with them,” the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) quoted Erdogan as saying. “At present, the situation is getting back to normal but it is too early to say that everything is over,” Erdogan continued.
    In return, the Iranian president praised the pro-Erdogan supporters who aggressively countered the military coup.
    “Stability and tranquility in Turkey have a positive impact on the atmosphere in the whole region. We have no doubt that tranquility in the Islamic world countries does not suit terrorists and some superpowers,” the Iranian president stated.

  6. The wheels of Tayyip’s justice grind quickly and perhaps not exceedingly fine but at least the confessions are flowing like hot-pressed honey already … truly beautiful to behold these little Buggers and burrowing NATO-weevils spill their guts … the trial of 99 generals for treason will be simply epic!

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