US Audio Analysis: Trump, Islam, Hate-Mongering, and the Orlando Shootings


PHOTO: Donald Trump is “exploiting more than 100 casualties for a campaign based on fear and hate”

I spoke with more BBC outlets today about Sunday’s mass killings by a gunman who attacked a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

There was some discussion of the possibility of gun control after yet another massacre — my reply, “not a snowball’s chance in hell” — but a lot of attention was on the exploitation of the deaths by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. This is a poisonous cocktail of sweeping statements about Islam being used both for a campaign feeding on fear and hate and to divert from the core issue of the availability of guns in America.

BBC Hereford: Listen to discussion

Listen to BBC 3 Counties

See US Audio Analyses: Orlando Shootings — “Not A Damn Thing Will Be Done About Guns”

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  1. The man had available license to have and to use heavy weapons; this subject must be linked to sexual behaviors and mental disorder. And the “killing” is one of the many similar cases that daily happen in US.

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