US Audio Analysis: Clinton Marches Towards the White House


PHOTO: Hillary Clinton: “She doesn’t have Bill’s charisma. But she’s odds-on to win in November”

UPDATE, JUNE 8: I had two more interviews with BBC outlets on Tuesday evening, hours before Hillary Clinton celebrated the Democratic nomination with victories in several primaries, including California.

Because the Democratic campaign was tougher than expected for Hillary, that’s why it was divisive at times in terms of rhetoric….

Despite that, I think you’ll see the Democratic Party unify. Sanders supporters will be encouraged to back Hillary and, in return, they will get their chance to have their voice at the Democratic convention in July. The unifying factor for all Democrats is they don’t want a guy named Trump in the White House next January.

Speaking of Mr Trump:

If I was being cynical — which I’m not — I’d say that, come November, you’ll have the first woman President or the first headcase President.

BBC Berkshire: Listen to discussion

And on The Donald’s choice of his running mate for Vice President:

Trump could do anything. There’s no way I’m going to predict what it will be — it’s like throwing a nuclear bomb at a dartboard.

BBC Coventry: Listen to discussion

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Just before today’s final primaries, including in California, Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination for the US Presidency through the support of more unelected “super-delegates”.

I spoke with BBC Radio Foyle on Tuesday morning about what comes next, as Clinton looks to unify the Democratic Party behind her at July’s convention and as the showdown looms with Donald Trump in November’s general election.

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  1. Florida AG Asked Donald Trump for Donation Before Nixing Fraud Case. Texas AG made similar political decision and then received a bribe. See:
    Florida is a toss-up state Trump can’t afford to lose. His scam should bring extra attention there, along with the related bribe. In a close state that could mean a difference. I also believe a Senate seat in Florida is up for grabs.

  2. News:
    -good for Clinton
    -bad or very bad for Trump (it is known that about all the heavy names of the Reps are against him)
    One day Trump will declare that he lost because he had strong enemies knocking him in the back inside “his party”

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