Britain Video Opinion: A Vote For Decency — Why I’ll Back Remain in EU Referendum


Nine academics from the University of Birmingham’s Department of Politics and International Studies have recorded short video statements putting further our views on Britain’s referendum on membership of the European Union.

All nine videos will be posted on EA WorldView on Wednesday morning.

This is my contribution:

Why will I vote Remain?

Well, there’s the economic issue. I want a better future for my children, and I think that’s guaranteed in a Britain in which production, trade, and investment is enhanced by being part of a European bloc.

I’ll vote Remain because I believe in security. The history of Europe coming together after 1945 was to prevent a third World War, and that’s been accomplished. And with the turbulent world of today, better together than separate.

But I’m also going to Remain because of decency. I’ve been worried that in this campaign those things I value — dialogue, respect, compassion — have been questioned by a Leave campaign which portrays enemies….

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  1. Heart felt comments Scott, but let’s be honest.

    1. The security issue is a non sequitur. Britain will not withdraw from NATO
    2. The racism issue is also a non sequitur. Britain has been multicultural for many many decades. More so than many European states.
    3. No one knows what will happen economically. In all likelihood, little will change. In fact, the EU economy is in dire straights so arguing that it promises a better economic future is somewhat questionable.
    4. The EU has not prevented WWIII, though NATO seems hell bent on starting one with Russia.
    5. Re enemies. The fat cat, self serving bureaucrats in Brussels see anyone who does not want to be part of the EU as being inferior. Their approval rating is as low as that of Congress.

    Now to malign the entire leave movement because it has attracted racists and haters is dishonest. Look at Germany. They’re not looking to leave and yet the resentment towards the immigrant tide is growing. How has EU membership stemmed the xenophobia among Germans?

  2. One more thing Scott. I do not believe that there is a tide against immigration into Britainfrom the leave campaign, so much as the right to control who enters Britain. As a skilled immigrant and clearly a British citizen, I doubt you are exactly on the leave hit list.

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