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Britain Analysis: Why Northern Ireland Is Vital in the EU Referendum

Britain Analysis: Why Northern Ireland Is Vital in the EU Referendum
June 12
07:48 2016

PHOTO: Northern Ireland’s Remain campaigners with UK Chancellor George Osborne

Dawn Walsh and Scott Lucas of the University of Birmingham write:

Northern Ireland is often thought of as a place apart in British politics. That may be why it has received attention in the coverage of the United Kingdom’s vote on European membership on June 23.

That inattention is probably a mistake. While Northern Ireland only had 1.2 million registered voters in 2014, about 3% of the UK’s more than 40 million, those ballots could make the difference in a close referendum.

This article has now been modified for publication in The Conversation — See updated version

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Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas is Professor of International Politics at the University of Birmingham and editor-in-chief of EA WorldView. He is a specialist in US and British foreign policy and international relations, especially the Middle East and Iran. Formerly he worked as a journalist in the US, writing for newspapers including the Guardian and The Independent and was an essayist for The New Statesman before he founded EA WorldView in November 2008.

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  1. Barbar
    Barbar June 12, 08:17

    Do try to keep up, Scott … the Leave campaign is not closing the gap, it’s widening it:

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