US Audio Analyses: Fear and Loathing — Trump the Nominee


PHOTO: Protesters at a Donald Trump campaign rally

The media found another reason to feature Donald Trump on Thursday, as the businessman and reality TV star officially passed the delegate mark for the Republican nomination for the US Presidency.

I tried to offer some analysis beyond the headlines, speaking to both BBC outlets and Monocle 24’s The Daily about how Trump got here and why his nomination — and possible, though unlikely, victory in November — is so dangerous.

Listen to BBC Radio WM
Listen to BBC Radio Foyle

Listen to Monocle 24 interview from 18:32:

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  1. Somebody needs to tell to Hillary …. to put in her campaign the “FULL REPAIR” of #Obamacare. I think that are more unhappy people than happy because of that. As result, she will get some support; “fixing” as a word is not implying to renounce but improve what did not work.

  2. Who was it brashly informed me not many moons ago that Trump would never secure the Republican nomination, much less his absolutely YUUUGE hands on the nookular football?

    Now you are wavering before the inexorable, steamrolling Triumph of Trump, as the Great White Neocon Hope Killary sinks to her deserved oblivion in the head-to-head polls.

    Oh ye of little faith, now brace thyselves for this latest Revelation:

  3. Many still underestimate the inherently awful qualities of The Psycho-HoseBeest … with her multi-Shatner’d copybook she’s the only prospective candidate with enough repellent power to nudge Der Trumpstein over the line and into the Offal Orifice. Then shall the healing begin!

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