Syria Daily: Regime Extends “Truce” in Aleppo But Continues Attacks


PHOTO: Rebel fighter near Khan Tuman, 12 km (7 miles) from Aleppo city, where regime-Russian bombing continued on Monday


UPDATE 1955 GMT: The deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has pledged that Khan Tuman, lost last week to rebels and Jabhat al-Nusra, will be retaken.

General Hossein Salami played down the significance of the loss in which dozens of Revolutionary Guards Troops were killed, wounded, or captured:

The situation in Khan Tuman is a tactical change and development and doesn’t have any strategic effect on the entire battlefield….We consider the Syrian government as a part of the resistance front and we are in full control of the situation.

UPDATE 1355 GMT: Claimed footage of the moment that a regime bomb hit a mosque in Binnish in Idlib Province, killing at least 10 people:


The Jaish al-Fateh rebel bloc has retaliated with shelling of the regime enclave of al-Fu’ah, north of Idlib city.

UPDATE 1345 GMT: Rebels are claiming significant destruction of regime armored vehicles and weapons to the southwest, northwest, and north of Aleppo city.

One claim from the Levant Front asserts that 11 anti-tank guided missiles were fired on five tanks, heavy guns, and a cannon.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: The Assad regime said on Monday that it was extending a “truce” by 48 hours in Aleppo city and province, even as it continued airstrikes in southern Aleppo.

Syrian and Russian warplanes bombed in and near Khan Tuman, the town near the Aleppo-to-Damascus highway captured by rebels and the jihadists of Jabhat al-Nusra last week, and in and neighboring Idlib Province.

White Helmets rescuers respond to bombing of Ma’arat al-Nu’man in Idlib:

The Local Coordination Committees verified the deaths of 31 people across Syria on Monday, including 14 in Idlib Province.

Opposition outlets also reported another attempt by the Syrian military to take territory in the al-Marj area, northeast of Damascus, where regime forces have continued attacks despite the cessation. There was fighting in the towns of Zebdin and Jesrin and near al-Rakabiya, captured by the Syrian army last month.

The Syrian military acknowledged operations, albeit under the pretext that it “confronted attempts by terrorist groups to attack a number of military posts”.

The source added that the army units seized a 700- m tunnel used by terrorists in the surroundings of Bala in al-Ghouta.

A Token Truce?

The Syrian military said it was renewing the truce in Aleppo and Latakia Province for 48 hours from 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday. The announcement came as the US and Russia asserted in a joint statement that they are working to revive a February 27 “cessation of hostilities” agreement.

While the cessation reduced fighting in parts of Syria, battles and aerial attacks continued throughout the northwest. Citing the breaches by the Assad regime, rebels struck back on the front south of Aleppo city. They took another town on the Aleppo-to-Damascus highway, al-Eis, and held it against Iranian-led counter-attacks, inflicting heavy casualties on the Iranians, other foreign militias, and the Syrian army.

Meanwhile, Russia and the regime stepped up airstrikes inside Aleppo city from April 21, killing hundreds of people. Among the targets struck was the al-Quds Hospital, one of the last in opposition-held east Aleppo, with 55 deaths and 80 wounded.

Asaad al-Zoubi, the chief negotiator for the opposition-rebel bloc, said on Monday that the Aleppo truce extension would only allow thousands of reinforcing troops to be sent from Iran.

For the first time, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards acknowledged significant casualties from its escalating involvement, saying that 13 of its troops were killed and 21 wounded when the rebel bloc Jaish al-Fateh suddenly attacked and captured Khan Tuman. A leading Iranian MP said “5 or 6” more soldiers had been captured.

See Iran Daily, May 9: Facing Losses in Syria, Revolutionary Guards Turn to Propaganda

Among the dead were a commander of the elite Quds Forces, Brigadier General Shafi Shafiee, and a Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General, Javad Durbin, brought back from retirement.

A “large number” of Afghan militia also died in the battles.

Twitter Suspends Official Accounts of Rebel Faction Jaish al-Islam

Twitter has suspended accounts of the leading rebel faction Jaish al-Islam.

Both the main account of the group and that of its spokesman, Captain Islam Alloush, have been removed. No reason has been given.

The accounts, among the most active social media outlets of rebel groups, are a significant source of information for military developments in the Syrian conflict.

Partial Suspension of US-Supported Aid Because of Fraud Allegations

The US Agency for International Development has suspended a portion of its support for aid deliveries, following allegations of fraud by some NGOs involved in delivery of assistance.

AID’s Inspector General found a network of commercial vendors, NGO employees, and others have colluded “to engage in bid-rigging and multiple bribery and kickback schemes related to contracts to deliver humanitarian aid in Syria”.

IRIN News, which covers relief efforts, said the International Medical Corps, International Rescue Committee (IRC), and the Irish NGO GOAL, are among the implicated organizations. The site said 14 Turkish individuals and organizations have been banned from receiving funds because of the allegations.

The report cited “systemic weaknesses on the part of an implementer in the procurement, storage, handling, transportation, and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies purchased for use in Syria.” It said companies and individuals “were found to have violated federal or state antitrust statutes by having colluded with each other in order to win an award to provide supplies to displaced persons”.

Aid efforts have also been hindered by the Assad regime’s confiscation of supplies as well as Damascus’s continuing restriction on access to besieged areas.

Video: In Opposition-Held Area of Homs, Maintaining Education Amid War

Report on a school in al-Wa’er, the last opposition-held area of Homs city:

Abdel Hamid, 10, says, “We feel as though we aren’t under siege or in a war anymore. Here you feel as though you are outside the blockade.”

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  1. Apparently Daeesh are launching an offensive on Tiyas airbase according to pro-Assadist accounts. Many of them speculating that if SAA loses further territory in southern Aleppo then then SAA will be where they were pre-Russian intervention and that’s with an Obama administration imagine what their despair would be like with a more belligerent (who’ll ease the anti-aircraft weaponry embargo?) US president like Clinton.

    • IF, and it’s a very big if, Daeesh does capture Tiyas then the Iranian-Russian supply route to Palmyra will be vulnerable to be cut-off logistically. So IF, and I repeat this is a very big if, Tiyas airbase does fall then say bye bye to Russian jets prioritising bombardment of southern Aleppo province whilst their troops are still in Palmyra. In a sense for the Iranians the re-capture of southern Aleppo province territory quickly is an even bigger priority because if Tiyas airbase falls they/Iran will be forced to either re-locate troops from southern Aleppo (like they did last time during the offensive in Palmyra few weeks ago) to assist Hezbollah and Iran or they must send even more troops into Homs as well as southern Aleppo province and in doing risk not only incurring even higher casualty rates but spending even more money on this foreign adventure which could otherwise be used (which they planned to develop enough to catch up and sell more then Saudis) to invest in their oil/gas producing infrastructure.

      • @K9
        “IF” is an understatement. T4 is arguably the most important airbase in Syria. It should be very difficult to take, given its location and surrounding topography. Daeesh has been incrementally approaching Deir Ezzor’s airfield/base at great cost, but they have made it almost inoperable, especially to cargo/supply flights. I can’t imagine the SAA leaving T4 vulnerable. But, that’s the SAA, we will see. All Daeesh need’s is a few armor vehicles/technicals/motorcycles to get onto the tarmac and they would be able to damage/destroy a lot of aircraft.

        • Mikey: Daeesh don’t need to capture all of Tiyas airbase just enough to make it inoperable, if the weapons haul they captured a few backs was as large as claimed by spionkop/oryx they certainly got the means, furthermore if Daeesh also captures the areas east and north of Tiyas airbase then at a stroke the supply route to Palmyra becomes a logistical nightmare as Daeesh will turn that supply route into IED-ambush valley. That said I think Daeesh attack on Tiyas airbase is really a decoy offensive (Daeesh have form on this) so as to divert enough regime troops towards Tiyas airbase that other places (in particular and oil and gas fields?) in Homs province enough that they become vulnerable to a surprise Daeesh take-over. I maybe over speculating but judging from the comments made by pro-regime sources there’s real panic setting in now and both the Iranian and regime are extremely frustrated with the Russians right now though why they are is rather strange as Putin never promised (beyond securing a future client Alawi state on the Syrian coast) the mullahs of Iran that they/Russians will help create an empire for them in the middle east.

  2. Update:
    #International: 1) Justice at last as an Assad shill gets deported to USA “Germany hands over to FBI 1 member of the Syrian Electronic army ” – YallaSouriya
    2) It seems far from down-sizing it’s presence in Syria Russia is increasing it albeit only in Latakia province “New Sat imagery shows new (semi-hidden) activity/construction at North-side #Latakia Navy base – Port Al Beida 35.609660, 35.766673…Sat-imgs show 2 large convoys of trucks loading @ #Russia ships @ Port Latakia – entering mountain(?) outside #Qardahah 35.438545, 36.059613” – finriswolf
    As I recall Qaradahah is quite close to Jabal Akrad no?
    #Observation: An Assadist laments “With Jaish Fateh on the offensive and IS attacking Tiyas & Sha’ir, SAA are in the same position as pre-Russian intervention..Tadmor & Aleppo will (hopefully) not fall like Idlib, the status quo that existed b4 intervention has returned” – sayed_ridha
    See. Even the Assadist are starting to panic. If Aleppo city does fall (that assuming the rebels can first isolate and then encircle the regime fighters from southern Aleppo province by capturing Harbel) to rebels, that’s a big if and possibly only under a pro-rebel Clinton presidency, then that’s alot of rebel fighters freed up to go after Homs/Hama/Latakia cities. But that’s news for another time because rebels need to see of the Iranian-backed troops first in Khan Tuman and then need to capture Harbel (if lucky by end of Ramadhan?) which will be extremely difficult but not impossible task.

  3. “Damascus, SANA – The Central Bank of Syria (CBS) announced on Tuesday that it has compelled all exchange companies to sell foreign currency to citizens directly at SYP 620 against USD 1 without receiving any commissions.”
    Oh yeah that will work. lol

    • What’s funny is that the Syrian Central Bank caused the run on Syrian currency in the first place by recklessly printing (and in the process creating inflation) more money to buy off regime troops. I wouldn’t be half surprised if the currency nears 800 = 1 dollar by the end of the month.

  4. Supposed footage of a T90 destroyed by TOW south of Aleppo, with post-strike drone overnight confirming the kill.

    If anybody reads Russian, the comments are sure to be a trollfest. Andrei, Mike, and comrades, care to share some highlights?

  5. The same channel also includes several vids of non-TOW ATGM strikes from today. I hear Khan Touman mentioned. Can anyone tell if the posting entity is actually a fighting group, or is it just compiling various vids from different sources?

    • Dont know about a double tap. But the second link shows them targeting wounded soldiers which is pretty savage and cowardly

      • That is the “double tap.” For instance, you target a crowded marketplace with a mortar, wait ten minutes for when people have showed up to try to collect the fragments of their loved ones, and hit it again. Nothing new here. First I heard of it was from somebody who fought in the Lebanese civil war in the 70s.

  6. (Scott, I’m having a formatting issue on my Android phone where if my comment is more than a few lines long, the “post” button is pushed off the page and I can’t reach it.)

  7. More mergers occur today:
    #International: 1) This is going to get very ugly if true “Jaish al-Fath has reportedly executed 3 IRGC captives and has taken 5 to an undisclosed location.” – AmirToumaj
    2) “Report that a #Hezbollah convoy was struck by Israeli warplanes along the Lebanese border.” – CombatChris1
    What happened to those Russian anti-aircraft weapons the Syrians were threatening with? Oh I forget the Russian won’t allow them to be used against Israel so bad luck for the ‘axis of resistance’ guys eh?
    #Aleppo: “The “Black Brigades” join “Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki” in #Aleppo” – JulianRoepcke
    As I’ve mentioned many times before at this stage in the rebellion no rebel faction that is smaller then brigade size (ie 3000 fighters) should be allowed to exist and those small groups that number in their 100s should be either forcefully merged with the larger factions (ie those who are brigade size – 3000 size) or forcefully disarmed. Lets hope that with greater mergers there’s better training (e.g. how to defend an entrenched position and how to assault an entrenched position along with better artillery technique). That should before such mergers do occur I wonder do the larger faction bother screen their future new recruits from such mergers so as to weed out potential regime informants? Wouldn’t it be wise to create a dedicated counter-espionage unit to prevent this from happening especially if their particular area gets attacked from air by regime or Russian planes?

  8. The weapons captured by ISIS in Eastern Homs may be used against the airport T4 (not a big airport)
    But for Russian Army moving in the zone …. thinking that they could be targeted even in tanks by they fresh delivered ATGM (to ISIS) ……… lol!
    And another helicopter byte dust today in Palmyra; and a Su24 asked for “special conditions of landing” when returning from mission, I suppose being hit ……

  9. Usually these news pass unobserved…
    7 May 2 rockets hit Kilis (from ISIS)
    8 May 2 soldiers killed in an explosion in Nusaybin (PKK)
    10May 2 police killed, 3 injured in attack in Van (PKK)
    3 people died, 22 injured in VBIED attack on police in Diyarbakir(PKK)
    After the arrest of Ocalan , a big number of PKK militants flee Turkey and got refugee in neighborhood, in Kurdish communities. Hafez and even Assad protected them from Turkey’s harassment. These people (protected) have big debts to Assad ‘s .Former PKK members will keep with Assad to the end…

    • Some more unobserved news

      28 april TAK/PKK suicide bomber has blown herself up in Bursa(NW Turkey). 13 people wounded
      1 May ISIS SVBIED attack on Gaziantep police headquarters. 3 policemen killed

  10. Latest news:
    -Palmyra – Homs road cut by ISIS
    -As result . Russia breaks his own ceasefire and bombard with aviation inside Aleppo (Al-Rashideen) and W. and S.Aleppo.

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