Syria Daily: Islamic State Threatens Rebels & Refugees in Northern Aleppo


PHOTO: Syrians gather belongings as they leave a refugee camp because of nearby Islamic State attacks in northern Aleppo Province on Friday (Getty)



Opinion: A Slow-Motion Genocide as Diplomats Chatter

UPDATE 1000 GMT: Rebels claim that they have repelled an Islamic State attempt to enter the town of Mare’, inflicting heavy casualties.

Photos have been posted of rebels with a row of bodies of ISIS fighters.

Claimed footage of an ISIS vehicle bomb struck before it reached the intended target:

ORIGINAL ENTRY: The Islamic State advanced on Friday against Syria’s rebels in the back-and-forth battles in northern Aleppo Province, cutting links between two key opposition towns.

ISIS claimed four villages on Thursday. The advance separated rebels in the frontline town of Mare’ from those in Azaz, to the west near the Turkish border.

Some reports put the Islamic State within 5 km (3 miles) of Azaz.

Local sources said that the Turkish military fired artillery on the Islamic State, but that rebels need close air support to push back the ISIS challenge.

The sources noted that the Islamic State is now close to the Bab al-Salameh crossing with Turkey, which has been closed since last year. That could put about 100,000 displaced Syrians in jeopardy.

Footage of the fighting, reportedly near the crossing:

The refugees fled fighting and bombing in northwest Syria earlier this year, amid rebel battles with pro-Assad forces, Kurdish militia, and ISIS. Unable to cross into Turkey, they are in quickly-constructed camps near the border.

The International Rescue Committee said another 20,000 people were displaced by the latest fighting, and that more than half the residents of a camp had moved elsewhere. The Kurdish outlet Hawar News said that more than 6,100 of the displaced had arrived in the Kurdish canton of Afrin.

The international medical organization Medecins Sans Frontieres reported on Twitter:

Rebels and the Islamic State have been at war since January 2014, but battles along the Mare’ frontline escalated early this year.

LCC: 86 People Killed on Friday

The opposition Local Coordination Committees documented 86 deaths on Friday, including 19 children and 11 women.

Sixty-three of the casualties were in Aleppo Province, including victims of regime airstrikes and shelling in Hreitan (see Friday’s Syria Daily), Anadan, and Kafr Hamra and those slain in the Islamic State’s offensive in northern Aleppo.

The bakery that was struck in Hreitan, killing eight people:

UN Repeats Demand for Access to Besieged Areas in “Horrendously Critical” Situation

The UN has repeated its demand for access to besieged areas across Syria.

UN Undersecretary-General Stephen O’Brien, overseeing humanitarian operations, told the Security Council:

The continued use of siege and starvation as a weapon of war is reprehensible.

Based on the latest information, we now estimate that some 592,700 people are currently living in besieged areas.

O’Brien said most of the blames lies with the Assad regime, which has tightened blockades in April and May.

The official said that the UN has asked for access to 35 areas in May, but that the regime consented in only 14 cases with partial access in another eight.

He also noted, “The removal of life-saving medicines and medical supplies such as surgical kits, midwifery kits, and emergency kits has continued unabated, with supplies for an estimated 150,000 treatments removed from convoys since the beginning of the year.”

O’Brien’s statement is the latest in a series of warnings by high-level UN officials. The humanitarian coordinator, Jan Egeland, said on Thursday that the situation is “horrendously critical” in some areas, with children facing death in the Damascus suburbs of Darayya and Moadamiyah and the opposition-held district of al-Wa’er in Homs city.

Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari challenged O’Brien’s claims, blaming violence by the Islamic State and Jabhat al Nusra, but the Undersecretary-General stood by his statement.

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  1. Contrary to your title, Scott, IS has not threatened refugees in N.Aleppo, otherwise please provide a quote from one of their official outlets to that effect.

    Certain refugees may feel threatened by their advances, while others may be rejoicing at the prospect of finally being incorporated into the Caliphate … I dare say my guess is as good as yours on this point.

    However, rather than call for even more Turkish artillery shells to be fired into and over the very refugee camps you would ostensibly seek to protect, the self-evident and superior solution to this conundrum is that Tayyip’s Contras and also regular Army withdraw to a new line 20km North of the Turkish border and the whole area can then be peacefully occupied by IS to provide a ‘safe zone’, welfare and gainful employment to whomsoever remains in the area.

  2. Its highly hilarious to read comments from pro regime supporters cheering at ISIS progress in N aleppo against the rebels and beeing annoyed when rebels counter. Says it all. No need even to discuss it.

  3. Update:
    #Aleppo: 1) After being opportunisticly attacked again by YPG whilst defending against Daeesh the FSA hands over Sheikh Issa so as to keep defending Marea against Daeesh. “Rebels handed over Sheikh Eissa town to YPG in return for allowing civilians to leave the besieged Marea” – bdrhmnhrk
    FSA did the noble thing (ie prioritise saving civilian lives over that of retaining territory). As mentioned yesterday the FSA in northern Aleppo province don’t have enough manpower to BOTH/SIMULTANEOUSLY go on the offensive against Daeesh and defend their territories against YPG at the same time. It’s best for rebels to stay on the defensive (ie not attack – tell the Yanks and Turks do the attacking for them) and not only entrench themselves heavily (ie two layers of trenches second one requiring a bridge to cross) but that they dig WWI style trenches in each town but that connects to every town they even if this makes their trench system STRETCH ALL THE WAY TO THE TURKISH BORDER.
    What type of trenches? Preferably this type.
    Furthermore why aren’t the rebels not using barbed wire to slow down Daeesh/YPG infantry? Why aren’t rebels keeping a reserve of troops for the predictable Daeesh counter-offensives against them? Why aren’t their troops trained to fight &defend positions for night assaults by Daeesh? These mistakes were all made during the loss of Sawran at beginning of the year and the rebels are again are making the same mistakes.
    2) “Clashes between rebels & YPG who are trying to advance into rebel positions in Sheikh Maqsoud,” – Paradoxy13
    I hope the rebels have planted IEDs as close to YPG positions in Sheikh Maqsoud to slow YPG down.
    So how the have Turks responded to YPG opportunism against FSA in northern Aleppo?
    #Afrin: “#Turkish forces backed by armour have entered 700m to the #Afrin village of #Al_Hamam and made a barrier” – CombatChris1
    That’s a warning if there ever was one. Slowly but surely the Turks will inevitably be dragged into this war whether they like it or not. If the YPG aren’t careful there’s a real possible of more Turkish encroachment on Afrin province and this will become lethal if they/Turks begin coordinating with rebels in Idlib to launch a pincer attack towards Afrin province from north and south axis when that happens say bye bye to Rohajve.

    • 1. Tayyip’s encircled Moderate Contra Pets hard at work in Marea this morning, sawing the heads off IS POWs:
      Whoop it up while it lasts, boys … by this time tomorrow you’ll most likely be feeling the other end of that kebab-cutlass …
      2. Meanwhile, undoubtedly to assuage and lull along an apoplectic Tayyip before he busts a throbbing blood-vessel in his head on the Skype with Obomber, the Yanki warcim Brass has ordered its illegally invading BootBoys to not be caught wearing PKK-patches in Rojava until further notice or the upcoming regime-change operation in Ankara has been accomplished, whichever may be the earlier:
      3. And, adding ocular insult to mErdoğan’s injury, PKK have thoughtfully released footage of a spectacular IED bulls-eye on a Kirpi-type MRAP in Hakkari’s Şemdinli district on May 18th last. The cracking blast was so powerful it literally knocked their own combat cameraman [placed several hundred meters away] arse-over-tit for half a minute, but the 8 NATO-cornfed supermen huddled inside the rolling tin coffin remained completely unharmed, according to the delusions of everyone’s favourite mad Turkish despot:

      • You can see the bulletproof windshield blowing up from the inside. The blast probably disintegrated the crew members.

        But they have promised us that after the carnage they will switch to gender equality and radical democracy. This (they tell) is a scientific fact inscribed in the nature of reality cause Ocalan´s powerfull intelligence has contemplated this realm of archetypal ideas on one of his raptures.

      • Barbar as I said earlier to you Erdogan does not hide casualties. 4 soldiers martyred and 6 wounded in that explosion and it was reported in newspapers.

        While talking about explosions have you heard that PKK killed 17 kurdish villagers who mistook them as cattle stealers by exloding a truck laden with 15 tons of explosives. Seems your comrades have a problem with ordinary kurdish people.

        Meanwhile PKK continues to surrender in Nusaybin up to now 75 of them surrendered.

        • @Meokur:
          1. When you say TSK died as martyrs, do you mean to imply they were engaged in a holy war, i.e. by being killed in the way of Jihad they are thus guaranteed the reward of paradise, or is it simply a respectful turn of phrase without the religious connotation?
          2. That truck made quite a dent in the landscape, but it was probably just an unfortunate ‘work accident’. These mishaps can blight even to the best of us.

      • “Cooperation between Turks and ISIS” , in 05/2016?
        -after dozens attacks on Turkey soil?
        -after Turkey’s attacks with artillery and air force?
        -after ISIS bombs in Turkey towns?
        -after Turkey’s lost tanks because of ISIS and Turk commandos cleaning the Syrian border of ISIS ATGM? -after closing the “migration” of fighters to them?
        What fiction book did you read ? Or did you open an old report , (let’s say from 2014)?

        • It would be good if the Turks had attacking ISIS as their top priority. Unfortunately, attacking Kurds is the top priority and attacking ISIS comes some way after.

  4. 1. The sportsmen of IS have published pics of the muchos ghanimas gratefully nabbed from Tayyip’s MCPs in N.Aleppo, by Allah’s will:
    Looks to be a fairly tasty hardware haul, and it will all certainly be put to great practical use against the kalab Sahawat in the coming days. Any fanboi still care to maintain in light of this hardly rare example that NATO is somehow *not* supplying weapons to IS?
    2. JAN has issued panicked calls for a general ‘rebel’ mobilisation to save Tayyip’s YSS [Yanki-Selected Sahawat] from IS’ jaws of justice at Azaz, then as quickly denied it to save face when reminded by their erstwhile comrades-in-arms of the traitorous role of the Yanki pawns in the olden days in Iraq and their identical one in the proximate future of Syria, should it all work out according to the Yanki warcrims low designs.
    3. Also, it now transpires that some 3 weeks ago in the deep South, one well-placed IS SVBIED practically obliterated another pathetic CIA-cornfed construct laughably dubbed like some flop-haired boy-band as the ‘New Syrian Army’:
    Luckily, however, nothing of value was lost!

    • So I guess when IS takes weapons from Assad’s goon squads that means the Russians are also arming IS using your outstanding logic.

      • Kevin, that was an ironic jab at e.g. RT, NFL & Kazemi, who fondly hatch such theories when it is SAA armouries being plundered by IS.
        I have made the same perfectly valid counter-point you just did to those who spread a similar CT-tomfoolery regarding Yankistan supplying weapons to IS via the raided Iraqi Army stores.

    • An impressive slap-head introducing, but otherwise another utterly boring episode of Yanki imperialist angst that the unfathomable Iraqi liquid loot will, after all their crimes, yet escape their thieving grasp.

  5. Yesterday rockets hit Killis again , many injured.
    Today ISIS rockets hit near Gaziantep airport !
    (The first attack in other place than Killis)
    Strong clashes between #ISIS & Turkish soldiers on the Turkey – Syria border at Ayasha NE of al-Ra’i

  6. Heh – out goes Andre, and hello to the barbarian – so predictable. We missed you Barbar, in particular the “yanki imperialist” language.

    • I genuinely like his embellished writing style, regardless of my opinion on the content. He originally posted on Syrian Perspective as “Mentat”, and was quite good chipping away at the echo chamber Ziad’s posse has constructed for itself in the comments’ section(example). Even months after his departure anyone who didn’t participate in the ever-victorious SAA circle-jerk regularly faced accusations of being one of Mentard‘s dozen aliases.
      But sorry to inform you that Andre is still here; he posted just today.

      • It would be more intriguing or informative without all the childish names that sound like something my 7 year old nephew would make up.

      • Cheers, Kazemi.
        The funny part, Tundra, was that while being Mentat I did not post under any other alias over there on SyrPer, but the paranoia in the place ran so high that half the fanboi regulars boosted me into some omnipotent Mossad demon whilst the other half, for reasons beyond human ken, had me firmly pegged as @Gleise581, a semi-literate Nusra-style Sunni sectarian and self-confessed ‘Celtic Mujahid’.
        And Kevin, I know you love me, despite all the gruffty grumpling, otherwise why send Xmas cards via Disqus, eh, me old matey?

      • Yes, I have seen Barbar take on the echo chamber of I believe the Socialist Workers Party – or was it Socialist Unity. I even jumped in to support Barbar. I found that exchange very interesting and although it is still anti-west, and it is a positive contribution to the regressive left which will only strengthen them, just for the aesthetics of a discourse, it had much merit. That is why I have said, whenever Barbar wants to have a beer and talk political philosophy, I am more than happy to oblige.

        • Kazemi, I wouldn’t waste my time arguing with SWPpers nor the SU, both of which are quite literally as useless as tits on a boar. They are compromised and utterly incapable of producing anything worthwhile, like this:

          PS: If you are serious about that beer, are you obliging enough to fly 10,000 klicks to obtain it?
          ‘Cos I’m not 😀

    • Yes indeed I am still here Zazemi. 14 hour days are leaving me precious little time to comment.

      It seems you managed to calm down for your outburst a week ago, or do you still think I’m trolling you?

      • Not sure where the moniker Zazemi comes from, care to enlighten, De Assadis?

        Heheh – 14 hours a day splattering mud and sanding? Must be a lot of fun (not). But good for you if you are making a ton of money. At least I don’t have to get so dirty – but I have to deal with worse things (lawyers, government staff, ruthless competitors, courts) that you may not. 😛 Maybe that hard work and money will turn you into a free-enterpriser and you will come to realize the relationship between democracy, liberalism, and small-scale capitalism – which you continue to deny, favoring the fascism of Assad, and the quasi-fascism of Putin, due to your maturing politically at the time of Reagan and the heyday of postmodernism (or was it the Iraqi war)? It is amazing that for a person immersed in economic activity, you are so clueless about macroeconomics and politicaleconomy.

        You are trolling everyone equally, not just me. Equal opportunity dissenter.

  7. IMO, today and tomorrow ,the rebels are supposed to take back the territory from ISIS in N.Aleppo (Azaz to Mare line). A group of Syrian fighters got access from Idlib through Turkey towards Azaz.
    They will secure the line between the 2 points….. of course if Russians will not come with other ideas.

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