US Audio Analysis: Come Visit My British City, Mr. Trump


PHOTO: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump “I don’t think that Europe is a safe place”

I spoke with BBC West Midlands about Republican candidate Donald Trump’s latest statements about European cities. Pursuing the Presidential nomination, he has declared that Brussels — scene of the Islamic State’s attack last week — is a “hellhole”, that Britain and Europe are “no longer safe”, and that the continent is filled with no-go areas.

I spared no words in what I thought of The Donald’s latest vote-chasing Carnival of Fear and Hatred — both in my regard for his rhetoric and in a snapshot of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, the city where I live.

Listen from 10:04

Donald Trump is winding people up. He makes these outrageous statements, which have no basis in fact. If he was in this country, he would probably be at Speakers’ Corner in London, being heckled and in need of his medication or a reality check.

The difference is that this is a man who isn’t ranting in the street — he’s trying to become President of the United States, and he has a significant minority of Americans who are willing to back him in that cause….

To put this into perspective, you are hundreds of times more likely to be killed by a gun in the US than you are to be killed by a terrorist attack in Europe. You are far more likely to be subject to violent crime in the United States than you are on the streets of Birmingham.

Sure, we’ve got issues in Birmingham. But I’m really proud to live in this city. I came from a relatively segregated part of the United States where there were racially-divided areas. And I’m in a multi-cultural city, a multi-ethnic city where my kids have grown up with no sense of division according to race or religion. They don’t look at people as brown, white, yellow, or green.

For Donald Trump to come out and trash my community, which he never visited, of which he has no experience, and to say that Muslims are running it as a no-go area — that’s trying to inject hatred into my city. And I won’t stand for it.

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  1. I may be wrong, but I think the Cult Of Trump is on its last legs. He’s not going to win any states in the conservative Midwest or the more liberal western US. He has to rely heavily on the Northeast from here on out. Cruz should win WI. Kasich should win PA. Trump is hanging by a thread, IMO.
    BUT, whatever happens, his supporters are going to revolt against the republican party.
    Scott, you may not like what he’s saying but there’s this little thing called free speech here in the US.
    As Voltaire said. something like…….. I may not agree with what he says, but I will defend to the death his right to say it.

  2. I am surprised to see you quoting, or trying to quote Voltaire in order to sanction hate speech. Read a bit further and you will discover what good old Voltaire would have thought about Trump’s lack of education not to speak of his manners.

  3. Good on you Scott stick up for you home city. My city Glasgow (ok my hometown is just outside it but still) is always been bashed online, in newspapers and by the idiot Ross Kemp, his documentary on Glasgow was the most insulting thing I have ever seen in my entire life, my blood was boiling at it. I pleased you not taking any crap from it. its nice to know that town pride is not dead yet.

  4. “I came from a relatively segregated part of the United States where there were racially-divided areas.”
    Scott, that doesn’t pass the smell test. I’m not buying the “relatively segregated” or the “racially-divided” stuff. Sounds a little dramatic.

  5. Scott,
    I’ve lived in 4 different parts of the country. When it came to race all were VERY different. Now, I live in the metro Atlanta area. I can go from where I am to the next county and the the Confederate flag in a yard or two. Most likely someone is showing their “southern pride” if they display the flag. The flag is not about race to them, it’s about a dislike of northerners/Yankees. About 20 years ago I ran into an older man who referred to the Civil War as the “War Of Northern Aggression”. There’s a joke down here……. what’s the difference between and good Yankee and a bad Yankee? Answer: the good Yankee went home.
    I grew up in New Jersey. It’s was much different up there. As a child an eye opener for me was the MLK assassination riots. Years later I drove Newark, seeing the burned out factories. Black folks burned down the very factories they worked at. This happened all over the country. They were out of work after the riots. Unemployment rates among blacks skyrocketed. They lost their jobs due to their actions.

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