EA’s Political WorldView Podcast: The “US Elections Are Crazy” Special


PHOTO: A crowd in Alabama greets Donald Trump, August 2015

EA’s partner Political WorldView offers a special podcast this week, following the latest surprises in the Republican and Democratic contests for the US Presidency.

Guest David Dunn of the University of Birmingham joins regular panelists Adam Quinn and Scott Lucas to consider the likely nomination of businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump on the Republican side, and to evaluate whether Senator Bernie Sanders can upset Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

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But that’s just the start. The discussion asks whether there can be a Trump Presidency — and, if so, whether this is the beginning of the Apocalypse for US politics — and there is a heated debate over the merits of Bernie Sanders as campaign and as a potential President.

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  1. Last night Trump said many times of getting a “better deal”. Not much substance, AT ALL. How many times did he say “better deal”? I lost track.
    I’m a democrat but support Trump for his stance on Muslims. That’s why I connect to him. It’s pretty easy for me…… non secular Sunni Muslim dictators attempting to dismantle a secular Syria. Obviously Muslims will never be banned. I hoping for Trump to expose to the American people the brutal Arab monarchies, especially Saudi Arabia, during the presidential debates.
    My prediction………. if Trump wins Florida he will be the nominee. If he doesn’t, there’s a very good chance he will not be the nominee. I still see the republican party imploding. His supporters are ready to burn the house down with everyone in it if he’s not nominated. They will see it as the republican establishment stealing it from him.
    Biggest shock of the night for me……… stances by Rubio, Cruz and Kasich regarding Palestinians. You have to admit, Trump was right on that. But, being how my stance has changed regarding Muslims, I don’t care what Israel does to the Palestinians.
    If Trump wins Florida and Ohio (I don’t think he will), it’s game over. Trump is the nominee.
    It will be Hillary vs. ?

  2. I’m hoping it goes to the convention. That could be pay per view TV.

    Florida: 1. Trump 2. Rubio 3. Kasich 4. Cruz
    Ohio: 1. Kasich 2. Trump 3.Cruz 4. Rubio
    Missouri: Cruz
    North Carolina: Trump
    Illinois: Trump

  3. Most likely Trump won’t win Ohio. If he wins Florida and Ohio, drinks are on me.
    If he loses both Florida and Ohio, it will be Cruz vs. Hillary, easy victory for Hillary.
    Million dollar question…….. will the republican party survive? Trump supporters will blame the republican establishment if he is not nominated.
    Terrible Tuesday or Terrific Tuesday……………. Which will it be for Trump?

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