EA’s Political WorldView Podcast: The Russia in Syria/Egypt Repression Edition


PHOTO: Aid trucks destroyed by Russian bombing in northwest Syria, November 2015

This week’s Political WorldView podcast leads to heated argument, as the University of Birmingham’s Adam Quinn, Christalla Yakinthou, and Scott Lucas discuss how to respond to Russia’s bombing and support of Assad regime forces in Syria.

Quinn and Lucas clash over the question, “Should no-fly zones inside Syria be created, even if it means a confrontation with Moscow’s warplanes?”

There is more consensus — but no optimism — as the panel considers the failure to confront an Egyptian military which is ruling through repression, and there are Numbers of the Week which include a look at Iran’s elections.

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  1. Ass add + putin = syria
    Sisi + saudis = egypt
    Everybody will not live until now if not because of thier master
    Sisi and ass add is almost the same…blood of thier citizen is more delicious and warm.Long live the tyrant and oppression.

    • The problem in Egypt is that there are two major forces, the Military and the Brotherhood, both as tyrannical as each other.

      The protests a few years ago showed that there were some Egyptians who wanted freedom, but the elections showed that they were a minority. Elections in Arabia would almost certainly show the same.

      Freedom requires social skills which take a long time to develop and are easily lost.

      • American patriout is the hero for 911…you re fighting wit braveheart here..bronies dream for

            • The jews and islamo facist is behind 911..911 is a great loss to muslim identity and the started of all the =fitna from the dajjal=.Jews claimed that they are best human and others than jews and sub-human.Persian majoos and jews wit the same agenda to terminates the sunni muslim because of the bloody fucking hatred…

  2. Now, Scott, in the interest of fairness and balance – that, I am sure, you are a big advocate of -, how about a discussion about how to prevent the US, Saudi Arabia & Co to further prop up terrorist gangs like Nusra or the Islamic Front and drag out the regime change war? I would be very happy to participate!

    • I thought the complaint about Obama was that he was “propping up” the Iranians and their allies, not the Al Qaeda affiliates ?
      It doesn’t really make sense to talk about “terrorism” in Syria. Syria is a case of full open warfare. Terrorism is when isolated attacks are made on civilians, or individuals assassinated, in peaceful cities like Paris, New York, or London.
      The same parties can be practising terrorism in one place and open warfare in another.

      • “I thought the complaint about Obama was that he was “propping up” the Iranians and their allies, not the Al Qaeda affiliates ?”
        LOL, you must confuse me with someone else.
        Anyway, in case you didn’t notice, my post was of course sarcastic.

        • It’s no good doing “sarcastic” here. There are so many extreme views from various commenters that anything, however bizarre, will be taken as a straight expression of your opinion.

  3. FSA alliance of mujahideen is alone and in very difficulty sitiuation to fight assad evil pack…..and not civillian is thier enemy..they hav to protect their family and stop this tyrant ass head wit all cost even wit thier life.Daesh or arrogant dawlah is not included in this discussion.Thier fight is at the desert of sahara..its thier nature to liv in the harsh hot and haze sitiuation.Dont tresspassing thier terratories you will be shot at..actually dawlah is the hell out of angrybird.shame on you for promoted the most violent episode in history of my religion.Dawlah is actually comming from the other faces of the moon.Dont fear yr enemy wit beheading or doing crime….is most stupid thing you hav done.Fear God ohh sheikh al qureishi.

    • FSA alliance of mujahideen is alone and in very difficulty sitiuation to fight assad evil pack

      As it should be. Let’s hope the mujahideen is decimated along with the scum bag accomplices.

    • Hospital bakery mosque market humanitarian aid convoy..is yr favourite target to bomb…you think blood of the muslim is so cheap..the payback time will come…fools.

  4. Another one:-
    “Hassan Hassan ‏@hxhassan 2 hrs2 hours ago
    Reports that (Saudi) airstrikes assisted the Free Syrian Army against ISIS near Sweida in southern Syria, a day after Jordan did so in Tanf.”
    This is obviously the start of a new strategy to eliminate ISIS and a damn good direction to go in.
    This needs to be accompanied by moves to discourage Pea-brain Putin from continuing his slaughter. The most economical way would be to use paid mercenaries from the west who can be trusted to use Manpads. Only a few to minimise risk of capture by ISIS or the Bashyer Arsofs gang and place them in an area where there is a lot of bombing so that they soon get a chance to use them. Two or three Ruskie planes shot down will do it; they do not need to shoot them all down.
    Also for the rebels to attack a Ruskie airbase with tows. If the Ruskies can be driven out, the Iranians will go because they are useless without the Ruskie air support.
    Once the Ruskies and Iran are gone the coalition can expand there air support to the rebels fighting Bashyer Arsofs gang. Check Mate!

    • This is obviously the start of a new strategy to eliminate ISIS and a damn good direction to go in.

      I agree and let’s hope so. If true, it will mean the US has given up pussy footing around with ISIS who they probably hoped would be an asset against the Assad regime. If Washington could put the regime change policy to bed it would no longer be hampered and could help defeat ISIS.

  5. 1.About the first part of discussion – about no fly zones. It is a bit too late for NFZs. But what to do?
    It was said, it is a kind of continued cold war,Russia has 100% leverage on Syrian regime, Iran and Hezbollah. But Putin (and others allies) will correctly negotiate only when they will be forced.(negotiate with the gun on the table). Only sanctions and political/economical pressure is enough?
    It looks at least on short term that it is not enough..
    NFZ purpose means stopping planes to bombard and kill civilians and to end/reverse the flux of refugees. And Europe becomes preoccupied by the second.

    Nobody said it on the radio, the NFZ can be simply enforced from the ground. By the anti terror force on the ground what it is training in KSA right now.They search a leader because they are still afraid to do it alone.US does not assume this role . France ,UK and Germany can take the place.And I am not talking about man pads but about serious systems, ground to air.
    The reason for intervention is ISIS. The regime even with foreign support(including soldiers and air cover) is not able/ it does not like too much to fight ISIS.
    (It was said , the Westerners will have to chose between opposition ,regime and ISIS). If ISIS loses all the land , the option between the regime and opposition is clear.
    On free elections ,the result is clear again.
    US + Russia want federation and division , Europe wants unity.And Arabs want unity, and normally they must be the most important.
    You can say that Kurds are a good force against ISIS. But what Kurds did till now?! They liberated ground with purpose of a Kurdish state and this was possible with only with intense IC support.
    If you want to talk about a difference on fighting ,but regarding another purpose ,toppling of Assad and allies, please think at how difficult was to keep land when rebels(including J.N) were attacked from 3
    directions and bombarded simultaneously. This is heroism or craziness.The 2 concepts are related.

    In the end,about Russia and about US;on middle term,their support for Assad and Iran changed the geo-policy of M.E.; Arabs,Turks,Israeli will coordinate sooner or later on defense policies. And even on weapon acquisitions. In Europe ,NATO is acquiring new members. In Africa and ASIA , the security guarantees are offered by new alliances or by internal development of technology.

    2.About Egypt, Morsi won the elections and Sisi did coup d’etat. The multiple terrorism treats(ISIS,AQ, PKK, M.B.,US imperialism,Shia expansion,refugees flux),that are more or less serious(invented),are offering to some (totalitarian) regimes reasons to kill,arrest,expel,refuse; to do or not to do what is internationally accepted.
    The situation is bad ,it will perpetuate and these regime will use shortly the critic of mixing “the internal affairs” when critics happens. And now, these regimes have the “license” to do what they want.
    Not more to say here.

  6. Scott, I really think you are wrong about the no fly-zones and Russian crossing that line. Totally, I am talking from a practical point of view. If the west imposes a non-fly zone in Syria that interferes with current Russian support to Assad’s forces, Russia won’t only claim that the West is trying to protect the terrorists and violating Syria’s sovereignty, Putin will be much more eager to violate that non-fly zone than the west to stop him. So no, in this moment that kind of actions are impossible.

    What the west can do is to put their demands about Syria to Putin, and after being rejected, we can start to provide real military support to Ukraine, giving them training and all kind of weapons, even air support provided by American stealth aircrafts or standoff weapons. Once Russia sees the cost of his policy in both countries, you can put them on the table with the will to negotiate.

    This is the most optimal strategy because you can both succeed in your mission of supporting Ukraine and produce a big loss to Russia, who cares about that country as much or more than Syria (specially the Russian population). And it is the only way that you can have leverage over Putin.

    Offtopic: Why House of Cards international politics (and economics) are so unrealistic? Anyway great show, as a greek drama.

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