Syria Daily, Jan 1: Russia — US Only Pretending to Fight Islamic State


PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his New Year message



Analysis: Obama — We Just Need Better Packaging of Our Strategy

Continuing its propaganda campaign and pressure on Washington, Russia has said that the US is only pretending to fight the Islamic State inside Syria.

Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov declared on Thursday:

It will suffice to say that US pilots that have flown in the sky over Syria and Iraq for a whole year “have not noticed” convoys of fuel tanker trucks with smuggled oil that feeds the terrorists’ forces.

Generally, an impression is being created that the US-led coalition is hostage to its politicized approach and is rather imitating the struggle against the IS.

Russia has claimed that the Islamic State is the focus of its bombing campaign since September 30, although more than 80% of airstrikes have been on opposition-held territory. Moscow has also claimed, without evidence, to have destroyed more than 1,000 Islamic State “fuel tanker trucks” — in reality, trucks of local drivers carrying the oil for several dollars per barrel.

Having criticized the US for not carrying out effective airstrikes, Syromolotov said that Washington and its allies should not be attacking at all: “The actions of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition in Syria are in principle illegitimate – the sovereignty of that state is openly violated, as neither the UN Security Council, nor official Damascus gave their permission to bombings of Syria to coalition forces.”

Since the start of its intervention, Russia has denounced the US for a supposedly impotent approach to the Islamic State, while pressing Washington to accept Moscow’s own attacks on Syrian rebels and a political resolution that will keep the Assad regime in power.

Syromolotov repeated Russia’s latest maneuver, set out by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday, for “acceptable” negotiations. Moscow is trying to exclude two leading rebel factions, Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham, from any participation with their inclusion on a list of “terrorist” groups.

The Deputy Minister said, “Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar ash-Sham are criminal terrorist organisations that should be liquidated, and their criminal activity — stopped. There is, believe me, convincing evidence to this that is also known to our foreign partners.”

Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin implictly referred to the Syrian intervention in his New Year message, “I would like to address special thanks to those of our military servicemen who are waging a war on international terrorism and safeguarding Russia’s national interests far away from home.”

Kurdish-Led Force Takes Territory From Rebels in Aleppo Province

Kurdish militia, allied with a dissident rebel faction, have taken territory from other rebels in northern Aleppo Province.

The Kurdish forces claimed the capture of the village of Tanab, near the town of Azaz on the Turkish border.

Fighting erupted last month when the dissident faction Jaish al-Thuwar, led by one-time US favorite Jamal Maarouf, moved into several rebel-held villages. Meanwhile, there were clashes in the area between the Kurdish canton of Afrin and opposition-held Azaz.

A ceasefire was reached in early December, but clashes resumed earlier this week.

There are unconfirmed claims that the Kurds and Jaish al-Thuwar also occupied the village of Tat Mrash on Friday.

Iran Supreme Leader’s Top Aide Reaffirms Support for Assad Regime

The Supreme Leader’s top aide, Ali Akbar Velayati, has reiterated Iran’s support for the Assad regime in Syria.

Amid Russian bombing and an escalation in Iranian ground forces in Syria this autumn, Velayati has said several times that the retention of Assad and the regime is a “red line” for Tehran.

Speaking with the State’s English-language Press TV on Thursday, Velayati said:

The security of [the] region is the security of Iran. If Iraq or Syria or any other neighboring country is in danger…, we should not remain indifferent. So…on the base of the request of the legal governments of Baghdad and Damascus, we have tried to help these two governments to fight against terrorism.

The aide backed Russia’s latest attempt to exclude certain rebel groups, such as the Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham factions, from discussions. He said there could be no “negotiations with terror groups”.

Iran reinforced its message by hosting the Assad regime’s top religious figure, Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Sheikh Hassoun, in Thursday.

After meeting Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Hassoun said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s defense from Syria is not defending a specific person, but it is defending Islam and the Muslims against the enemies of Muslim world and also defending the axis of resistance against the Zionist regime.”

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  1. Putin is a war criminal and major terrorist and after his death he would be remembered that way ,He will simply do what he likes and propaganda is there and doesn’t care if anyone believes it or not and simply to cause confusion, He is biggest threat to world security and causing great damage to russia and rest of the world and the Best thing for the planet would be if a russian patriot puts a bit of polonium in his cup of tea next time.

      • Putin is a Criminal worse than Al baghdadi thug but because of his position as russian leader, other leaders are scared to publicly condemn him and afraid of his response. Putin & Assad have just over a year left to do whatever they like in syria thanks to a eunuch being a US president.The next US president won’t give Putin a free run which has enjoyed up to now.
        When Putin is no longer a russian leader , I expect his successor will condemn him just like what Khrushchev did after Stalin.

    • If Turks are adamant of preventing the Kurds linking up with Afrin they should act now, their SAMs are more then capable of shooting down Russian planes as demonstrated by the November incident so they shouldn’t be intimidated by Russian bluster, and comprehensively too (e.g. have a smaller force ready to enter Qamishli as a precaution) or else they’ll find the Kurds in Afrin allying with Putin against (and eventual ethnic cleansing of?) the Turkmen of Latakia. US embargo on MANPADs you say? Hybrid warfare (e.g. discretely loaning weaponry like artillery and NATO anti-aircraft equipment and specialist troops from the Turkish military) my friend is the answer, just take a look at the progress Russian-backed rebels are making (e.g. near capture of Maripul) in Eastern Ukraine. The Turks don’t even have to engage in hybrid warfare for large amounts of time just long enough till Jabal Turkmen and Kassab is captured and entrenched (with underground bunkers?) by Turkmen FSA.

    • This Kurdish opportunism is going to come back and bite them where it hurts. The Russians if actually helping the Kurds, will drop them and bomb them, in an eye blink, when it becomes necessary. Bravo to the Kurds for making new enemies. They just signed the future of Efrin away.

  2. US bombing changed the course of the war for the kurds in syria (and also iraq), russian bombing changed the course for the syrian government.

    thats just the reality, we dont need to cry about it.

    the main difference is, the US likes to wait and come to save the day at the last possible moment (Kobani is a great example of that). While the Russians have no need to force people to be their allies.


    1. The Reichstag Fire Trick

    Studying how Hitler used the Reichstag fire trick to seize power, Putin came up with his own version in which his old KBG pals blew up apartments full of Russians and then blamed Chechens, rather than “Jews and communists.” Like Hitler, Putin used the stunt to undermine democracy, grab extreme power and pose as protector of the people. He then launched a second Chechen war, another instance of Sunni genocide.

    2. The Goebbels Big LIe propaganda model:

    Repeat the most obvious lies often enough and people who want to believe them will do so.

    3. The use of brownshirt militias to thump internal opposition.

    4. Taking Advantage of Stronger Opponents with Weak Leaders Determined to Avoid War

    Any time you believe they are not willing to act, you send in your troops and ignore their protests. You then persuade them to work with you and appease you. (Warning: This tactic should not be used unless potential opponents are led by men like Chamberlain, Deladier, Obama, Trump, Cruz rather than an FDR, Truman, Reagan, the Clintons, John McCain or Mario Rubio).

    5. Using Ethnic Groups as Internal Proxies When Engaged in Aggression Against Neighbors.

    Where Hitler used Germans, Putin uses Russians.

    6. Supporting and financing fascist parties in western democracies.

    Putin seeks out and finances modern versions of Britain’s Oswad Moseley and Nortway’s Vidkin Quisling and the German American Bund Any cleavages among western democratic leaders are encouraged.

    7. When engaged in aggression, you maximize the targeting of civilians, attempting to terrorize them into surrender and submission.


    What worked for Hitler in the thirties has worked for Putin and fellow fascist regimes so far. To the degree leaders of western democracies lack backbone, prefer to rely rely on “resets” and appeasement or talk of “working with Putin” it will continue to work. That doesn’t mean that Putin’s Russia and its allies will continue to reap benefits at the same rate Hitler did. Ten major variables that Hitler did not have to face will have increasing and devastating impact on Russia the longer Putin continues (see LINK below for that analysis).

    As it is, Putin has achieved no easy blitzkrieg style successes early on when prospects are most favorable. If not now, when? Obstacles to success will grow as time passes. The very methods Putin is employs creates multiple enemies. Recall the fate of ancient Assyria and the Third Reich who did likewise.

    • Very true. Any parallel to the Night of the Long Knives where Hitler took over the German Socialist Workers Party (later renamed) by eliminating his rivals in bed, etc.? Also Churchill – not to be messed with.


    #1: Is Obama to Blame for Syria’s Disaster?

    #2: Paper Examines Russian Orthodoxy’s Influence On Kremlin Foreign Policy

    #3: Is Russia working on a massive dirty bomb?

    #4 Russia announced in early December the launch of an undersea power cable that could reduce the peninsula’s dependence on Ukraine, but the line almost immediately overheated and plunged Crimea into darkness.

    • In America it takes 12 years of environmental assessment and paying off the natives to put in a high voltage line. Let’s hear the chorus of leftist tree huggers condemning Putin for destroying the environment. After all the environment is not limited to one country. Oddly quiet.

  5. Russia is pretty damn selective about whose sovereignty they claim to care about. Too bad they refuse to even recognize the sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia while laughably crying crocodile tears about Syrian sovereignty. They just annexed an entire region of sovereign territory from another state. They are a bunch of hysterical and corrupt clowns.

    Why in the hell would anybody believe anything they say? They are pathological liars. Everything they say is a joke. And little Putin with his Napoleon complex is the biggest joke of all. He likes to wave his dick around, but he doesn’t even have the stones to tell the truth. What a little pu**y. The ones who try to act the hardest are typically the ones who crap their huggies at the first sign of danger.

    Propaganda campaigns are a sign of weakness. Not strength. They are frequently used to cover up the illegitimacy of a countries actions. That’s why countries like North Korea, Iran, and Russia rely so heavily on internal and external propaganda narratives.

    • Refreshing to see you have converted into a full-throated proponent of national sovereignty, Kevin. I suspect, however, that your anger at Putin arises at least partially from jealousy.

      Or is this outburst all just your guilt-complex talking, in a reckless subconscious effort to set poor Vlad up as scapegoat to be punished in propitiation for others’ sins?

      [edited — no personal attacks]

      • Hey Barbar, I read your dispute with the monkeys at Socialist International who were claiming that the CIA instigated the Paris attack. Good job man. It just shows that you can be evidence based, if you want to.

        You should give up on utopian Socialism and fighting Quixotic “yanki imperialism”. Do you have any idea how many lives have been wasted pursuing this doctrine? Perfectly good people who spent all their lives fighting for the socialist dream only to find out that it does not hold water and is based on some fundamentally wrong premises?

        You have to admit that today’s capitalism does not even come close to the capitalism of the 18th and 19th centuries, when Marx and Gramsci formulated their theories.

        • “the monkeys at Socialist International who were claiming that the CIA instigated the Paris attack”

          Lol. If I were part of the CIA y would in fact disseminate that same narrative to discredit the jihadis. That´s call the “death ray” tactic, e.g:

          Suposse you are a dangerous anti-Zionism political activist and the Israeli government´s propaganda wants to screw you up, then they only need to shrewdly spread the rumor -inside useful idiots milieu- that they secretly support your cause or that in fact you are a Mossad double agent, etc, -thereby depriving you from any potential sympathizers to your cause and contaminating it forever-.

        • Kazemi, yes, they do react badly to anyone questioning the ‘received wisdom’. The old Stalinist ‘urge to purge’ apparently dies hard and many critical comments I post over there are pre-emptively censored … the mod on that story even prematurely locked out the comments section to prevent me replying further to refute their specious CT nonsense, thus allowing himself a condescending and ‘unchallenged’ last word. I suspect they are deliberately moving down-market in a cynical attempt to curry donations from the casual AlexJones/VeteransToday-supping wing of the readership:

          BTW, what are those ‘fundamentally wrong premises’ you have identified?

      • Funny you should mention jealousy which is at the root of Czar Putin’s actions. I actually didn’t say a damn thing to defend national sovereignty. I merely commented on Russia’s absurd hypocrisy and crocodile tears. Russian nationalists don’t even bother to pretend like they recognize the sovereignty of eastern Europe. They want their empire back. Apparently they missed your memo about “socialist revolution” being a cure all for the worlds ills because that has worked out so well in places like Venezuela.

        • Yes, Kevin, I was naturally just yanking your ham on the national sovereignty front, though you may have missed getting the full benefit of the coherent sarcasm before Scott took the clippers to it in his reflexive mothersome defence of your ‘status’ as a protected species of Holy Cow around here, before whom it is apparently required at all times only to genuflect and cap-in-hand humbly mumble “Thank you for your service!”, with the to what clause left tactfully unspecified, and most definitely to never mention the word ‘spade’ in relation to tools for digging graves.

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