Syria Audio Analysis: Why Obama’s “Special Forces” Are More PR Than Substance


I spoke with Australia’s top radio program, RN Breakfast, on Monday about President Obama’s authorization of the deployment of up to 50 US Special Forces personnel inside Syria.

My argument is that the deployment is more PR than substance, prompted by the “need to do something to say you are doing something”, following Russia’s high-profile military intervention in support of the Assad regime.

The US probably has had special forces working with Kurdish forces throughout the past year, but the Administration’s declared goal of an offensive on the Islamic State’s center of Raqqa in northern Syria is unlikely to happen — primarily because the Kurds do not see that as a priority, compared to the consolidation of their territory along the Turkish border.

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  1. Some flaws in your analysis Scott.

    1. You claimed that the reason the US trained rebels gave in to ISIS upon setting foot in Syria is because they wanted to fight Assad not ISIS.

    This is certainly not true across the board. Last week, the head of the Joint Chief’s of Staff and Ash Carter testified before the Senate and sent McCain into a rage over their testimony that US backed rebels wanted to fight ISIS and not Assad.

    2. Your argument that Assad is the problem is equally erroneous. There are a number of competing factions who regard the problem as entirely different.

    – Russia. Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah do not regard Assad as the problem

    – Obama boxed himself in in 2011 when he mistakenly predicted Assad would be gone within 12 months.

    – The Saudis want Assad gone for their own hegemonic reasons and to isolate Iran. They could care less about the atrocities committed by Assad.

    – The Turks are obsessed with preventing a Kurdish state emerging.

    • Do you seriously believe that the majority of the Syrian people would shed a tear if Assad and his inner circle were killed? Im including Alawites as well. They in particular would gain the most if Assad was eliminate. Its the only way the vast Sunni majority would feel vindicated and not exact brutal revenge.

      • Do you seriously believe that the majority of the Syrian people would shed a tear if Assad and his inner circle were killed?

        No, but then again, the majority of Saudis would care if the entire Royal family were killed – same with Qatar

          • The comparison makes complete sense.

            The Saudis, like all brutal and murderous dictators, live in fear of their own populations. They went so far as to brutally crush the uprisings in Egypt and Bahrain out of fear that the Saudi public might get the same idea.

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