Syria Audio Analysis: How is Russia Presenting The Bombing Campaign to Its Own People?


PHOTO: Russian troops at their base in Latakia Province in western Syria (Dmitry Vinogradov/RIA Novosti)

Russia’s propaganda for its bombing inside Syria has been marked by deception with attacks on the rebels challenging President Assad presented as a campaign against the Islamic State.

But how is Moscow presenting the campaign at home? And how is the “information” being received by the Russian public?

The University of Birmingham’s Natalia Rulyova joined Monocle 24’s The Briefing on Friday afternoon to discuss the questions.

Listen from 7:26

A correspondent with TV Zvezda with the Syrian military on the frontline in Latakia Province:

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  1. Russia said it would support the Syrian government by targeting a ‘list of extremist organisations’ which is fighting it in the country. From the SyGov point of view, FSA is more dangerous than IS, due to their external support from NATO warlords, so it makes perfect military sense to eliminate this greater threat first, then mop up the lesser ones.

    Only NATO-propagandist Scott is apparently surprised to learn this.

      • Lavrov is programmed to say whatever he thinks the Yankis want to hear at any given moment … don’t take it too seriously.

    • Bavarian, as always I’m so nice to help you to fill your gaps of information.
      You should look for other senior officers – the intelligence of your officials isn`t enough to ensure your survival as a

      If you don`t like Nato (it looks like) – why you are here? Because this page is written on the floor of a NATO member country.
      Do you have any kind of visa which allows you to visit a NATO country?

      Moreover, the content of your comment is outdated.
      Russia is still a member of the NATO – Russia Council. At the moment the russian membership is resting – but Russia is de facto still a member – Putin hasn`t denounced this membership.

      Bavarian – you should follow Putin`s wisdom – everything else will harm you.

      • Wow, so Scott is forced to write his lousy propaganda on the floor, because no-one will sponsor him a desk? Thanks for that fascinating nugget of insider info, NATO-Comrade Gunny!

    • The Syrian Government views anybody against the Assad’s corrupt and incompetent one family rule as an extremist. That, of course, equates democracy with extremism in Syria.

      On one thing we agree: the FSA is more dangerous than IS to the Assad regime. It holds more potential for democracy, and more potential to peacefully undermine Assad’s monopoly on power. So in the upside down world of Assadism and Putinism, it is the greater threat and thus the most extreme.

      • Exactly, the most extremist organisation in Syria is the baath regime who lost its legitimacy long ago. Its funny pro-regime commenters try to justify russian intervention with the invitation of the regime.

      • Most governments tend to consider those within their jurisdiction who oppose them by force of arms as extremists, particularly when said opposition is bought and paid for by hostile foreign powers.

        In fact, can you think of any government which wouldn’t?

  2. Russians are spreading confusion like they always do:

    Russian propagandists are talking about of terrorist groups and an arms depot were destroyed – as well as a militant three-level fortified command point in the region of Hama ,” the russian press service said.

    Not one single word
    ….about that Russian warplanes kill 30 civilians in Homs including women and children –

    not one single word that Russian warplanes target the countryside of Hama and Homs and directly participating in the Syrian people killing.

    not one singel word about Panic among residents of Talbisa after Russia’n airstrikes

    not one single word that Russia’n airstrikes onTalbisa this morning killed & injured a lot of children

    not one single word about Russia’n airstrikes have taken place mostly at FSA controlled areas btw. Homs & Hama cities – the stronghold of revolution in Syria from first hour —-

    not one single word about how syrians are critizicing russian airraids example people of Kafranbel.

    not a single word about that Putin is using the syria crises

    .””……in part to break out of his international isolation, to divert Western attention from Ukraine, to the supposedly urgent threat that ISIS represents to Europe, along with the refugee crisis.

    Additional Putin is presenting himself as the man to go to, to fight ISIS (unique lie) stabilize Syria and staunch the flow of Syrian refugees to Europe.

    In an ominous and gratuitous move, the Russian Orthodox Church has blessed Putin’s military offensive calling it a ‘holy war’ against terrorism.

    By claiming that only Assad’s armed forces and the Kurdish militias are fighting ISIS, Putin cavalierly dismissed the air campaign of the international coalition that the U.S. organized and has been leading for more than a year against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

    The Syrian intervention, particularly the deceptive propaganda that preceded it was similar to the pattern Putin used in the occupation of Crimea and the intervention in Eastern Ukraine.

    The real objectives of the military buildup are denied initially and today at syria; the same as the annexation of Crimea was denied and the intervention of Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine was denied.

    Nothing new from russia – propaganda lies as usual

    • Watching the way the Assad regime has been conducting its savage war against the Syria people, one cannot but conclude that it is also being guided by the dictum of the ‘Management of Savagery’; the massacres, torture, and indiscriminate bombings, and the countless number of emaciated people who died in Assad’s prisons.

      The savagery of Assad is now being propped up by Russian air power and more Iranian muscle, and ending any possibility of ‘managed transition’ any time soo

    • @gunny-

      There is a real cost to Russia for their disingenuous behavior. Put simply, the world now doesn’t trust them. It views them as self-centered opportunists, rather than leaders.

      The consequence is that they’ve now “bought” Syria, and what happens there will be viewed as their responsibility. Some countries will oppose them, but as happened in the US, other countries will just stand back, and indulge in Schadenfreude, as Russian triumphs turn costly.

  3. Saw the video. Some citations:
    * “Yesturday the fighter convoy tried to penetrate… 500 fighters were eliminated”
    * “Coalition never bombed Kesab rebels”
    * “Today, near town Arak(?) 100 fighters were eliminated”

    Somehow it doesn’t suprise me.

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