Israel-Palestine Daily, Oct 23: Palestinian Shot After Stabbing Israeli Soldier

PHOTO: Claimed footage of Islamic State fighter threatening Israel in video uploaded on Thursday


A Palestinian youth was shot and injured on Friday after stabbing an Israeli soldier near the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

The soldier was stabbed while overseeing access to agricultural land for Palestinians near an illegal settlement. The attacker was named as Musab Muhammad Ghneimat, 16, from Surif near Hebron.

The Mayor of Surif, Muhammad Ghneimat, claimed that Israeli soldiers had held farmers in the area and prevented them from reaching their lands.

More than 50 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since October 1. Some have been attackers, but at least 22 were killed in clashes amid surging demonstrations in the West Bank, and 15 were slain in Gaza.

Nine Israelis have been killed in stabbing attacks in the same period.

On Wednesday, two Palestinians were killed and one critically injured by Israeli forces after alleged stabbing attacks. A Jewish man was shot and killed in central Jerusalem after he was mistaken for a “Palestinian attacker”.

Video: Islamic State To Israel “Not 1 Jew Will Be Left Alive”

In a video posted on YouTube on Thursday, an Islamic State fighter has said that “not one Jew will be left alive” in Israel.

The masked man in fatigues spoke in fluent, French-accented Hebrew:

This is a message to all the Jews, who are the Muslims’ No. 1 enemy.

The real war has not begun and everything you have experienced so far has been child’s play — nothing compared to what will happen to you soon enough, insh’allah.”

We promise you that soon, not one Jew will be left in Jerusalem or across Israel and we will continue until we eradicate this disease from the world.

He linked his message to the current wave of violence:

Look at what has happened to you in a few vehicular and stabbing attacks from our brothers in Palestine. You lost your minds and started fearing every driver that sped up. You were even scared of every person carrying something in their hand.

What will happen to you when tens of thousands arrive from across the world to slaughter you?

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