Syria Daily, July 2: Kurds Warn Turkey Against Intervention With Ground Troops


PHOTO: Kurdish fighters celebrate capture of Tel Abyad on Turkish border from Islamic State, June 15, 2015 (Rodi Said/Reuters)


The leadership of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) has warned the Turkish Government not to intervene with ground troops inside Syria.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the PYD said, “Turkey must stop threatening and occupying Syria”, and called on the international community to block any intervention.

Last weekend, reports circulated in Turkish media that the Davutoğlu Government was considering a zone of about 100 square km (37 square miles) along the border, possibly extending 20-30 km (12-19 miles) deep, with a base at Jarablus in northern Syria on the border.

However, the reports said the military was reluctant to take action, a claim reinforced by subsequent leaks. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu promised an announcement on Tuesday of the Government decision, but it never appeared.

See Syria Daily, June 29: Turkey Considers Intervention With Air Operations and Ground Troops

The PYD said on Wednesday, “This issue is a domestic issue of the Syrian people and none of the neighbors have the right to intervene.”

The party said, “We have no aim to establish an independent state”, but then reiterated that the Kurdish YPG militia is “ready to respond to any attacks on Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan]”.

This spring, Kurdish forces — sometimes assisted by Free Syrian Army units and US airstrikes — have defeated the Islamic State to close a 90-km gap along the Turkish border to join their Kobane and Cezire cantons. Meanwhile, further to the west, the Islamic State has been fighting rebel forces for towns such as Mare’ and Azaz, close to a key border crossing.

On Tuesday, the US poured cold water on the reports of Turkish plans for military enforcement of a safe haven inside Syria.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, “The US military — and again, I’m not speaking for the Pentagon, but they’ve made it clear that right now they don’t — there isn’t a need for it from a US military or coalition perspective, and there are difficulties in trying to execute that kind of thing.”

Kirby continued, “I would let the US military speak for the complications and the difficulties in any kind of US support for that kind of plan. But again, you should refer — I’d refer you to Ankara.”

Renewed Rebel Offensive Started in Aleppo?

There are signs tonight of a renewed rebel offensive to take regime areas of the divided city of Aleppo.

Earlier on Thursday rebels announced a new operations room, Ansar as-Sharia. The 13 factions include Ahrar as-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra.

A pro-Assad outlet says rebels attacked on Thursday morning in the al-Zahra area of western Aleppo, forcing the Syrian army and militia to withdraw from the Great Prophet Mosque towards the ruined Air Force Intelligence building.

Rebels indicated two weeks ago that they would seek to reunited Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, which has been divided since July 2012. Operations in the western section have taken parts of Khalidiya, Layramoun, and al-Rashidin.

Rebel Spokesman: We Are Responding to The Demands of Protests in East Ghouta

A spokesman for a rebel faction has given assurances that the military authorities in East Ghouta, near Damascus, will respond to complaints in protests over the past week:

Wael Alwan, spokesman for Ajnad a-Sham, told Syria Direct

Immediately after the protests, the United Command, represented by Abu Mohammed al-Fatih [deputy to Zahran Alloush in the United Command] held a meeting with local institutions and notables. There were discussions concerning the protesters’ demands, and the meeting ended with the decision to take several steps:

1) The approval of a plan for a [new] internal structure to transform the United Command from a military to general body.
2) The formation of a civilian administration to oversee all border crossing points.
3) Turning over all the judicial files from the purview of military brigades to that of the [independent] United Judiciary.
4) Making all of the military groups pledge to stop house raids and arrest campaigns, as well as detentions, except with a judicial memo.

Atwan said there had been complications because a unit of Jaish al-Islam, the faction led by Alloush, had arrested activists and soldiers in Misraba — following an assassination attempt on the commander of the brigade — even as agreement was being reached on the four-step plan.

He added,, “[Jaish al-Islam’s] campaign also targeted a leader in Ajnad a-Sham. He was insulted with the most ugly utterances, which stirred up considerable anger among residents as well as Ajnad a-Sham.”

On Wednesday, the United Military Command announced a general amnesty for detainees, as Alloush returned to East Ghouta after a months-long absence for tours of rebel frontlines inside Syria and discussions in Jordan and Turkey.

The amnesty applies to all crimes that took place before Wednesday. It does not extend to detainees accused of membership in the Islamic State, collaboration with the regime, murder, forgery, or homosexuality.

Claims: Kurdish PYD Asks Regime to Hand Over Weapons in Hasakah Province

Claims are circulating that the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) has asked the Assad regime to hand over weapons in Hasakah Province in northeast Syria, amid an Islamic State assault on Hasakah city.

Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency said Wednesday that the request was made when Syrian Defense Minister Fahd Jassem al-Freij visited Qamishli, a border town controlled by the Syrian military and Kurdish forces.

“Freij arrived in the Hasakeh province at the head of a delegation that included Syrian intelligence members and met with a PYD delegation,” a local activist said. “The PYD asked Freij to hand over all the regime weapons in the 123rd Regiment’s base in Hasakeh.”

Pro-opposition outlet All4Syria reported a similar version of the story. There has been no mention in Kurdish outlets.

Pro-Assad outlets have reported the meeting and posted photographs and video, without giving details.

The Syrian army base is located a few kilometers northeast of Hasakah city, where the Islamic State renewed an offensive last week and took over southern areas.

Activists: Another 61 Killed Amid Regime Attacks on Wednesday

The Local Coordination Committees report that 61 people were killed on Wednesday, bringing the total of confirmed deaths to almost 150 in the last 48 hours.

Of Wednesday’s deaths, 21 were in ‪‎Daraa Province, mainly from shelling of the towns of ‎Taiba‬ and ‪‎Saida. Fifteen were killed in Aleppo Province, most in shelling of ‎Tadef, and 12 in ‪Damascus‬ and its suburbs.

A picture noting the contributions of China, Russia, Iran, and even the US to the barrel-bombing by the Assad regime:


In Aleppo, there appears to be a brief respite from the attacks:

Video: Islamic State Placing Mines Along Turkish Border

Facing defeat by Kurdish forces and an intervention by Ankara, the Islamic State has been placing mines along the Turkish border.

Video of Islamic State fighters near the city of Jarablus, reportedly the proposed base for Turkish ground troops in any intervention:

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  1. Kurds need not to worry, as I said before Turkey is all talk but no walk . They won’t do anything alone , If they attack isis , there will bombs going off in Turkish cities , americans won’t allow Turkey attack Ypg as long as they are using them to attack isis , but once their usefulness is over , americans won’t give 2 cents about the fate of Ypg or the kurds.
    The kurds are brave but not very bright, if they were as smart as jews they would have likely had their own state by now . It would be much better for them to ask for semi-autonomous state. If kurds were jews, behind curtains they would have asked assad for greater self rule now, with constitutional changes , laced with a threat of going to war with the regime ( bluff), now that the regime is weak , likely they would have got something. In hasakah, they could have pulled out of the city and let isis beat assad forces and then came back with coalition strikes and captured city from isis .

    Looking at syrian observatory for human rights casualties report , How accurate is their records ? . Combatants casualties is higher than what I expected ,did syrian army and it’s allies lose over 1700 death last month ?, you have to double or triple this number to get wounded numbers , seems high to me but quiet possible .

    • but once their usefulness is over , americans won’t give 2 cents about the fate of Ypg or the kurds.

      But that did not happen in Iraq, and the KRG is very fond of its friendship with the US, and the US continues to support Iraqi Kurds. I believe their arms are mostly US supplied.

      • There are many stories that the US has made it very difficult for the Kurds in Iraq to get weapons. Few are US supplied and any that are, are coming thru Baghdad which has very little interest in the Kurds getting arms.

        • Yes, USA refuses to give weapons and blocks arab countries giving weapons to iraqi kurds and only through baghdad government they can get weapons . In 1st gulf war after george bush senior asked kurds to rise up against saddam and when they did and later he made peace with saddam , he abandoned kurds and when saddam moved against kurds and started slaughtering them, there was a great international outcry that forced bush to create a no fly zone in northern iraq.

          • i mean really the us is following international law on this issue and yet again you have a problem

          • The Iraqi Shia were betrayed even more brutally. When THEY rose up, the US exempted cargo planes from the southern NFZ to allow Saddam to fly troops in Basra and other southern cities to suppress the uprisings.

            • Ian, you would be the first to condemn the US, if US imposed a NFZ for all of Iraq. You would call that an occupation or a pre-occupation, etc. and would be in the streets and yelling “no US troops in Iraq”. Now you hypocritically are condemning the US for not doing enough. You don’t even want a friggin NFZ for Syria. Do you also subscribe to that drawing which says that the US orders Assad to drop barrel bombs? I would not be surprised.

              If the US acts, it is condemned for occupation and hegemony and domination. If it doesn’t act, then the same people will condemn the US as responsible for not preventing slaughter carried out by a dictator. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t do. Your understanding of geopolitics reduces to a mindless: US is bad. Whatever US does, condemn it.

              The Kurds have a very high opinion of the US and I have yet to see them condemn the US the way western leftists do about Kurdistan.

              You and your comrades should be the last person lecturing the US.

            • Ian, fact is that you probably detest the Kurds as much as the Israelis, because they are allied with the US, and the US can depend on them. So please, don’t give me those alligator tears on how the US let down the Iraqi Kurds – because you simply don’t care for the Kurds and consider them sellouts to imperialism or neo-liberal globalization or whatnot. What you really care for is to bash the US (with concocted and shoe-horned narratives).

              • “The Iraqi no-fly zones were a set of two separate no-fly zones (NFZs), and were proclaimed by the United States, United Kingdom, and France after the Gulf War of 1991 to protect the Kurds in northern Iraq and Shiite Muslims in the south. Iraqi aircraft were forbidden from flying inside the zones”

                Facts, facts are good.


              • I stand corrected.

                But you fail to narrate the whole story: The Shiite uprisings were in March 1991, while the Southern NFZ was established only in August 1992. So yes, you can’t blame the US or the west for letting Saddam violate the southern NFZ in 1991.


                Facts are good. But narration out of context is not respecting the facts. Somehow, you just had to blame the US, once again.

              • But then you are wrong again, Ian. You claimed that the US “encouraged” the Kurds to revolt against Saddam, and depend on the US to back them up. Only to be killed by Saddam forces, when the US reneged on its promise to back up the Kurds.

                This is all what Wikipedia has to say about the “US promise to back up a Kurdish uprising”:

                On February 15, 1991, then President of the United States of America, George H. W. Bush, made a speech targeting Iraqis via Voice of America radio. Hoping to incite a swift military coup to topple Saddam Hussein, Bush stated:[6]
                “ There is another way for the bloodshed to stop: and that is, for the Iraqi military and the Iraqi people to take matters into their own hands and force Saddam Hussein, the dictator, to step aside and then comply with the United Nations’ resolutions and rejoin the family of peace-loving nations.[7][8] ”
                Bush made a similar appeal on March 1, two days after the liberation of Kuwait:
                “ In my own view…the Iraqi people should put [Saddam] aside, and that would facilitate the resolution of all these problems that exist and certainly would facilitate the acceptance of Iraq back into the family of peace-loving nations.[9]


                It says, that Bush made a speech asking for a MILITARY COUP to topple Saddam. He said “Iraqi military and people take matters into its own hand …”. Bush did not say: Hey Kurds, rise up, we got your back, and we will send in the bombers to smash the Iraqi army when they counterattack. In fact, that is how geopolitics is done – through formal alliances. You are pretty naive to believe that the Kurds were offered a military alliance. Such things happen when two parties sit down and negotiate a military alliance, and even in secret, it would take months to do that, with tight logistical, tactical, and operational planning.

                In the 2nd speech, Bush qualified his statement by saying “In my own view …”. He did not say, “O ye people, rise up and the US military and the Pentagon swears to come to your aid …” or its equivalent military language. It would be so stupid if he would say that.

                Bashing the US and the west at every turn has become a habit, has it not? Pretty easy to do in an atmosphere of hatred. Now you know what is meant by “postcolonial” (and which does not mean the period after countries declared independence from colonialism).

  2. Talking about No fly zone , areas liberated by kurds/fsa in reality are now NFZ , would refugees be allowed to settle in those areas in camps ?.
    Also directly attacking raqqa forcing isis to withdraw troops from other areas, would that help the regime? . isis are in 3 major theaters of war with the regime hasakah ,deirezzor , hama/homs and only one with rebels, north aleppo.

    • That is why Obama should be bombing the daylights out of ISIS north of Aleppo. So why doesn’t he? Sunnis have no doubt it has to do with his strongly anti-Sunni, pro-Iran bias which causes him to resist not only ousting a regime whose existence aids ISIS but any move which could even harm the latter indirectly.

      • maybe he doesnt want to bomb sunnis, because sunnis would then say the US is bombing sunnis and the magic cycle continues

        • Maybe the US is trying to limit civilian casualties and consequently focus their bombing on where they have reliable allies on the ground who can be relied on to provide accurate information and even “light up” targets.

          Maybe that will be one of the primary tasks of the fighters who graduate from the US training program if it ever gets off the ground.

  3. That drawing of barrel bombing just shows the nauseous hesperophobia of the intellectually demented postcolonial left. It claims that the US is responsible for barrel bombing of Syrians. There is nothing more odious and Nazi-like than this group of activists.


    Under Obama, Iran and the USA have become one and inseparable they say.

    Excerpt featuring accurate charges:

    “The United States of America and Iran – or Obamesh as I call them now – initially seemed like they might be supportive of our fight for freedom from tyranny,” explained an Aleppo resident standing in the rubble of her home and holding her only surviving child. “We gave them chance after chance to prove their moderate nature, but they’ve let us down every time. They drew imaginary ‘red lines’ about chemical weapons while effectively green-lighting their continuing use; they supported Iran’s occupation and its sectarian militias, they’ve backed mass starvation and siege, as well as torture on an industrial scale, and that’s before we even get to their apparent addiction to carpet-bombing civilians.”

    • think that the US government gave up on Arabs a long time ago.

      they deem about 100 rebels as being normal enough to be trained

    • I can understand that Syrians in regime controlled areas may believe that the US is “addicted to carpet-bombing civilians”. But why in liberated areas where supposedly they have access to the news? What is wrong with the Arab mind (answer: a lot — you should read what many enlightened Arab intellectuals say about the Arab weltanschauung and how rotten they believe it is)? They believe the garbage put out by the postcolonial left, without reservation. That anything that happens, somehow, the US is responsible for it, and should take the blame (nothing good is ever attributed to the US).

      And then the same people have the gall to complain when the US refuses a NFZ on Syria.

      The isolationists have a good point here — the US will be condemned if it does or if it doesn’t do it. Might as well pull out and let these places go to hell in a hand basket.

      Instead of hearing a chorus of voices saying, no, the US is not addicted to carpet-bombing civilians and does not want mass starvation, we get voices like the 3 or 4 postcolonials on this board who make up narratives about how the US let down the Kurds and Shiites and is responsible for Saddam’s gassing, and I am sure in the future, how the US let down the Syrians and how the US is responsible for Assad’s gassing, and at the same time they don’t want an NFZ over Syria, lest that turns into an “occupation” of Syria.

      Simply sickening.

  5. NEWSWEEK: Al Qaeda’s Body Bombs: Al-Asiri’s Next Threat

    Such a bomb, nearly undetectable, was recently used in the attempted assassination of a top Saudi prince It would get past airport censors.

    By acting as Iran’s ally, by failing to support the moderate rebels early by four consecutive years of refusing to oust Assad and by colluding in Iran’s War on Sunnis Obama has led all Sunnis to radicalize and see America as The Enemy. ISIS has been a huge beneciary of that impression. Complicating things further, Al Queda determined to catch up, seeks to match ISIS atrocity for atrocity. It is looking for a Big One. None of this had to be.

    If only Obama had acted earlier..

    If only Obama had opposed the Bad Guys instead of making it easy for them…

    If only Obama wasn’t constantly on his knees, prostrating himself before Khamenei…

    How different might things be today

  6. From The Telegrah (UK)

    US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State

    Middle East allies accuse Barack Obama and David Cameron of failing to show strategic leadership in fight against Isil, as MPs could be given vote on whether to bomb Syria.


    “If the Americans and the West are not prepared to do anything serious about defeating Isil, then we will have to find new ways of dealing with the threat,” said a senior Arab government official. “With Isil making ground all the time we simply cannot afford to wait for Washington to wake up to the enormity of the threat we face.”

    …Other members of the coalition say they have identified clear Isil targets but then been blocked by US veto from firing at them.

    “There is simply no strategic approach,” one senior Gulf official said. “There is a lack of coordination in selecting targets, and there is no overall plan for defeating Isil.”

    That’s our Obama, the man we’ve all come to know only too well since 2011: His Hestitancy, Mr. Dithers, His Incompetency, Khamenei’s slave, the Friend of Tyrants and Fascism, etc. No preident every as so excelled at missing every opportunity and thereby enabling the worst possible consequences.

    That’s our Ben Rhodes, president of the Khamenei fan club who owns Obama’s ear.

    • RT — this issue is not confined to His Hesitancy. This malaise is historically attributed to the “pacifist” left and will continue to be as such when they manage to put one of their own in the White House. The left is dialectically determined to appease fascism (and communism) in all its forms. If a Bernie Sanders or a socialist gets elected to the WH, he would probably be sending military aid to Assad and arranging for Putin to take Ukraine back.

  7. REPORT:

    Even Before Obama’s Giveaway Deal with Iran is sighed, Khamenei is cheating.

    Big surprise. This deal, full of Swiss cheese-like holes, will work as successfully as the chemical weapons deal.

    We are getting swindled. Obama and Rhodes are like a wet dream come true for Khamenei. Qatar, the UAR, Kuwait and Saudis need to contact North Korea as soon as possible to start their own nuke program.


    Their demand is for weapons of the SAA’s 123rd regiment base in Qamishli, 70 kilometers north of Hasakeh. In recent days, the Syrian government moved to form a new militia brigade aiming to combat the growing Kurdish influence in northeastern Syria.


    Jamil Hussein Faqih was killed in fighting outside Idlib. His brother got knocked off a month ago in Qalamoun.

    Faqih was the Hezbollah official in charge of military operations for the two towns of Kafriyeh and Fuaa north of the provincial capital of Idlib. Supposedly the two towns have been strongholds of pro-regime foreign mllitias, both Hezbollah and Iran’s IRCG. If that is still the case, wiping them out might do wonders for the morale of foreign invaders.


    Much evidence suggests Putin had long hoped to invade the Ukraine and Crimea but held off until he noticed how Obama backed down on his chemical weapons deal. Seeing that, he decided it was safe to invade and the US would merely protest with John Kerry pleading with Putin to “behave.”

  9. A thought of conspiracy has occurred to me: what if one of the reasons why Obama won’t expand the NFZ from the Kurds to the Arab Sunnis is because it’s one of the conditions Khamenai has placed on Obama if the nuclear talks are to go ahead in the first place? Would certainly explain his more active stance against Daeesh in Iraq and also passive (ie wait for them to attack Kurds first) stance towards Daeesh in Syria. You could say one of the gestures of goodwill he/Obama is giving to the Mullahs is the prolonging and delaying the removal of Assad in Syria or maybe am reading too much in this situation?

    • There really isn’t a No fly Zone in the Kurdish region – the SAA has been bombing IS in Hasakah within the last few days.

      The Iranians and Americans are both using Syria as a bargaining chip in the negotiations. If the Assad regime were to win conclusively that would take it out of play. Same story if the rebels or Daesh won conclusively.

      So both external powers send just enough support to their proxies to maintain the”dynamic stalemate” but not enough for them to win.

      The recent rebel and Kurdish offensives and government withdrawals may simply reflect the fact that if and when a US-Iran deal is reached, both sides will be pressured into accepting some sort of truce. The rebels and Kurds want to control as much territory as possible, the government wants to at least ensure they hold, Damascus, Homs and the coast.

      The fly in the ointment here, of course, is Daesh who are unlikely to be included in any deal and may just find themselves facing, if not an alliance between the other major factions against them, a series of uncoordinated offensives on all fronts as the Kurds, FSA, JAN and the Baathists all seek to expand at their expense.

      • Upon the demise of Assad or a settlement, there will be a fallout between FSA and some of the Islamist factions including JaN. Most likely JaN will join ISIS against FSA.

  10. twitter is saying turkey is going into jarblous with 55k troops, damm turkey, guess you are the first ones to make that capital mistake of official involvement with troops on the ground. Neither Iran nor the Gulf countries are using regular troops

      • lol Kazemi if you havent noticed, northern rebel groups depend 100% on Turkey, for supplies, weapons, training camp locations, etc.

        • Ali, Turkey is not supplying the FSA, just the Islamists. Turkey is also supplying a fifth column, which are the small number of Turkmens who live in Syria. But I am sure Turkey is sending its own agents to masquerade as Syrian Turkmen. That is the job of the Turkish intelligence service deep state. Erdogan wants a cadre of battle hardened mercenaries trained in Syria to use in Turkey to act as death squads against HDP, CHP, PKK, and any opposition to his one man rule wanna-be.

          In the battle of Idlib city, the Islamists were held back by the SAA. That is when the Turkmen with the best weapons and possibly heavy weapons, completed the job.

      • TUT, tut, tut: Kazemi the phrase ‘hozbollat’ is a very very sectarian insult that sunnis of the Middle East give to hezbullah: am surprised you of all people are engaging in this type of mudslinging.

        • heh heh K9 — People call their enemies with insulting names. Hezbollah is also known as Haesh – like Daesh. ISIS is called Takfiris. I am sure there are many names for Alawis, etc. Your objection is not about name calling. Your objection is that this is a religious insult. If I had called them Shabiha, you would not have complained.

          Talking about religion, did you know that the Qur’an says that birds are held up in the sky because Allah with his will is holding them up one by one? Now how stupid can that be? Do you believe the Qur’an? Does Allah also hold up airplanes by his will?

          Tell me honestly, is the Qur’an infallible and perfect? If yes, what is your evidence? If no, what is wrong with the Qur’an?

          Of course when I ask these questions from Islamics, they all scatter and go and hide.

        • “am surprised you of all people are engaging in this type of mudslinging.”

          You’re new here, right?

  11. If Turkey invades in an area where the YPG have been almost completely unable to make headway against Daesh then what are the Kurds going to do about it in an actual practical way?

    If they can’t beat Daesh west of the Euphrates how are they going to beat a larger, better-armed better-trained force with air superiority?

    Will they revert back to terrorist attacks inside Turkey? Somehow I doubt their American patrons would like that.

    Will they stop fighting Daesh east of the Euphrates?

    Will they stop supporting the FSA push towards Raqaa?

    • Somehow I doubt their American patrons would like that.

      Yeah, the Kurds are there to be bought and sold, and they have no agency of their own. They have no will for self-determination, for civil society, for building a state, and they will go to the highest bidder, always looking for a “patron” to serve.

      You hesperophobic postcolonial leftists are nauseating and full of hate for any minority demanding liberal democracy. In your ideology, anyone demanding freedom and rights must be a sellout to neo-liberal global hegemony or whatnot.



    Rebels have launched a major attack hitting western Aleppo from three directions, as this map from Karybdis shows. The tabari school in the Zahraa district has already fallen. According to an opposition activist the #Aleppo university hospital is flooded with injured regime soldiers, doctors aren’t allowed to leave.

    Alexander Page writes “CONFIRMED: Turkish authorities now negotiating with local rebel groups in northern Syria for coordinated military intervention…a number of rebel group leaders located in Aleppo have been summoned to Ankara for talks regarding current operation.

    Markito0171 reports “Rebel convoy from Ghab plain (western #Idlib) heading to the #Aleppo battle.

    Tazi Morocco reports:

    REGIME FORCES IN PANIC withdrawing under Rebels’ fire in western Aleppo and offer easy targets for MG. He offers this incredible video in which Assad’s troops attempt to retreat from a series of buildings and wind up trapped in an open field with no place to go. Firing ahead of them, Firing behind them

    Tazi reminds folks that Don’t forget that the regime districts in western Aleppo are surrounded from 3 sides

    • BBC also reports on the assault but Obama won’t like the following:

      A statement by the rebel groups said their goal was to “liberate the city of Aleppo” and to ensure IT WOULD BE RULED BY SHARIA PRINCIPLES. No need to listen now to Obama and the West who screwed you.

      Obama had his chance to back the rebels and against in 2013 at the time of the Chemical Weapons Backstabbing Deal. Even now he backstabls the rebels in the south. Message to the president: “It’s too late now, shithead. You had your chance.”

      Alawites and other who backed the regime that promoted these extremists in the first place to get their backing also screwed up. They could have supported the revolution. So to those shitheads as well, I say, “Tough eggs. Your worst nightmare may be coming.”

      Meanwhile the masochistic moderates in the south are about to be left high and dry as their reward for trusting in a president who repeatedly stabbed them in the back and mocked them as farmers, teachers an lawyers.

    • Charlie Winter: new “operations room” to take city of #Aleppo featuring, among others, Jabhat al-Nusra & Ahrar al-Sham.

      ARE YOU HAPPY NOW OBAMA, all of Khamenei and supporter of Iran’s War on Sunnis? Enjoy, Enjoy. Enjoy!!!

      You can’t screw people forever and get away with it. Obama is exactly like Assad in imagining he could get away with that. Sunnis aren’t stupid. Obama can deny it all he wants but his actions and non-actions speak louder than his lying words. He has always supported Iran’s crimes in Syria and has even been preparing a deal which would allow Iran to provide more of the same. This is his way of coming to the rescue of Assad and his genocide regime.

      Obama backed ISIS, Assad and Khamenei by refusing a no fly zone and allowing endless chemical attacks and barrel bombings since his fake treaty.

      Khamenei-loving, Assad-loving Obama backed ISIS and the regime as they teamed up to drive rebels out of Deir Ezzor while he did nothing.

      Khamenei-loving, Assad-loving Obama backed ISIS and the regime as he withheld action while the Genoide regime bombed rebels who were fighting ISIS north of Aleppo.

      Khamenei-loving Obama has been scheming to make a Giveaway Deal that would give Iran all the money it needs to save the Assad regime via massive influxes of cash, troops, mercenaries and supplies.

      From 2011 to the 2015 it is clear that, all rhetoric to the contrary and all denials, Obama has supported Assad, Hezbollah and Iran in Syria from Day one. He deserves the hatred of all Sunnis worldwide. They also blame the USA for allowing him to get away with it. That anger is sure to have consequences.

    • Confirming Obama’s pro-regime position, reports are coming out that reports coming out that ISIS is pounding rebels position in North Aleppo countryside while Obama “ponders.” Rebels are forced to fight on two fronts in #Aleppo one with ISIS and one with #SAA and it would be very hard to stay focused on Assad, writes Ragnar Lockbrok. Obama’s “pondering” is no mere accident or personal affection. It is a way of consciously assisting Assad without doing so openly. Obama is the ally of Iran, Hezbollah and all Shia mlitias against Sunnis everywhere.

      Obama knows Americans probably would not tolerate the latter so he, Khamenei and Assad find covert methods of collusion.


    #1: Even this battle map update from a pro-regime sources does not look good for the Assad/Khameei/ Hezbollah/Obama alliance.

    Other than sending every copter and jet he can spare, there’s little else Assad can do to save Aleppo. ISIS may allow reinforcements from Central Syria to get there, knowing they’ll be trapped and knowing they can move west to take advantage afterwards of their absence in the heart of Alawite country.

    #2: Rebels took control of some areas around Zahraa Artillery Base.–Archicivilians.

    #3: Friend in Saraqeb:”the choppers are flying over nonstop, they’re not shelling us, they’re on their way to Aleppo. Source: Dima Moussa.

    #4: At the very least taking west Aleppo opens a supply line from Idlib that ISIS, Assad and YPG cannot threaten–Abdelwahab

    #5. Karim: It is insane how only 6 months ago, Assad’s army was on the verge of besieging rebels in Aleppo. Now the tables have turned tenfold on Assad. (And they did it without help from Obama the Sneak, covert ally of Khamenei, Assad, Hezbollah, etc., against Sunnis everywhere).

    #6: The Front at #Sarrin and #Tishrin (Euphrates Volcano – FSA/YPG) Map. #Sarrin is becoming increasingly surrounded –Karybis. NEW MAP:

    #7: Collusion between Obama/ Assad/ Khaemei and Hezbollah continues to enable Aleppo crimes

    The #Assad regime committed 12 massacres in #Aleppo, and dropped 648 explosive barrels/rockets within the month of June 2015 alone. Source: Sana Masfaka.

    It could not have done so if not for Obama’s passive support. That has been true since 2011. It is obvious by now that Obama has been a covert ally with the above factions since 2011 and thereby helped enable their crimes. There can be no other explanation for his actions and strong pro-IRI biases.

    Obama wants Sunnis crushed–a major motive for his upcoming Giveaway Deal with Iran.

    • I think Obama and his despicable cohorts wants to see the Islamization of Syria. A NFZ, Libya style could easily put a stop to all these atrocities. Even Turkey which didn’t cooperate in Iraq, will be a willing partner.

      But the more the regime massacres civilians and drops bombs, the more the likelihood of an Islamic republic Hamas-style in Syria, or even worse.

  14. “Ian, fact is that you probably detest the Kurds as much as the Israelis, …”

    I assume you’re unaware that I’m Jewish.

    Or are you saying Israelis hate Kurds? As is often the case, your meaning is unclear.

    • Your protestation is similar to mine, when you accuse me of Islamophobia and I reply that I am Muslim. You claim that a Muslim cannot be anti-Islam. And now you claim that a Jew can’t be anti-Israel. Both incorrect. The leftist Jewish intelligentsia is generally anti-Israel and some wish to do away with that state altogether. Even the super religious orthodox Neturei Karta sect says so.

      I would recommend that you follow the good blog Harry’s Place: In particular its comment stream. Checkout – you will learn how some Jews collude with the enemies of Israel.

      No, Israelis do not detest the Kurds. In fact they are quite fond of one another.

      Your hesperophobic and crypto-racist comment about the Kurds made me realize that you may not like them.

  15. Is “fact” one of those words for which you have your own special idiosyncratic definition that just happens to be the near-opposite of the dictionary definition?

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