Iran Daily, July 18: Following Nuclear Deal, Supreme Leader Continues Tough Talk Against US


PHOTO: Supreme Leader’s Twitter message on Saturday to US leaders


Continuing his pattern of supporting nuclear negotiations while presenting Iran’s strength against a dishonest and decadent US, the Supreme Leader has used prayers at the end of Ramadan to denounce Washington’s role in the region and the world.

In prayers for Eid al-Fitr, Ayatollah Khamenei repeated his line — put out in a letter to President Rouhani on Wednesday — that Tuesday’s nuclear deal with the 5+1 Powers must go through “a legal mechanism” for approval, while warning the 5+1 (US, Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia) not to “abuse” the agreement.

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He then turned to the Middle East:

Knocking back speculation that the nuclear deal would pave the way for US-Iranian rapprochement over crises, including the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Supreme Leader ruled out any cooperation:

Khamenei repeated the defiance and criticism in a speech to Iranian officials and ambassadors of Islamic countries:

In the months leading to the nuclear deal, the Supreme Leader covered Iran’s move to the negotiating table and substantial concessions — forced in part by the imminent economic crisis — with castigation of the US as a deceitful country which could not be trusted. His office not only details American “crimes” in collusion with Israel, but also targeted issues such as race — jumping onto the social media hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

President Rouhani — who was overruled by the Supreme Leader last summer in his proposal to work with the US in Iraq against the Islamic State — joined in the tough rhetoric on Saturday, while focusing on the nuclear deal rather than the region:

Those who used to say up until now that the Islamic Republic of Iran has breached [its nuclear obligations] and therefore does not have the right to enrichment and that sanctions are legal due to UN resolutions, have come to the conclusion that the policy of pressure and bullying has failed.

They should abolish this policy and choose mutual understanding instead of hostility.


And in his first statement on the deal, the heads of the Revolutionary Guards, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, indicated that options are being kept open over the agreement:

There are some concerns about the sum-up of the nuclear negotiations and the draft resolution of the UN Security Council.

We should still see what happens in practice.

Jafari said he had spoken to the head of Iran’s technical team, Ali Akbar Salehi: “There is a concern, specially about the resolution, that we hope will be resolved, God willing.”

The commander called for “further resistance and standing up to the enemies’ bullying”.

Leading Opposition Advisor Gerami-Moghaddam Arrested on Return to Iran

Former MP Esmail Gerami-Moghaddam, an advisor to the detained opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, has been arrested after he returned to Iran.

Gerami-Moghaddam has been in exile in India and Malaysia. He was taken by Intelligence Ministry officials directly from the airport to Evin Prison.

Karroubi, along with fellow 2009 Presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mousavi’s wife Zahra Rahnavard, has been under strict house arrest since February 2011.

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  1. As per usual – one of the current living day evil black shirts calling the pot black. Plus one of the biggest living day hypocrites of tyranny due to Khamenei himself being a signatory to all the crimes on Earth as well as to all the sins committed against any heaven. Still, at least he’s dying of cancer. And since he knows damn well that Hell only awaits his soul, I’m sure his clinging onto life by its very fingernails will ensure a slow painful death. And in his case it is ethically and morally justified. I’m sure a very long queue of those souls he unjustly murdered awaits! Even a pauper in their right mind wouldn’t want to trade places with him!

    • “he’s dying of cancer”

      That is just hopeful speculation on your part.

      And when he does die, which may not be for a long time (look at Mugabe), he is likely to be replaced by somebody worse.

    • The hardliners in Iran have to keep up the appearance of a cold war with the US so that they have excuses to harshly repress their people. Just watch. There is going to be a new wave of repression in Iran. The neocons of Iran have to remind everybody that they are in charge. Not moderates like Rouhani or Zarif. The mullahs are also mad because they know the US will never support their hegemonic, imperialist ambitions toward the region. It’s still pretty rich that Iran’s ludicrously arrogant dictator accuses others of arrogance. I’m totally cool with this hostility. I’d be more concerned if a petty tyrant like Khamenei actually said something nice about the US. I think we should start trying to kill as many Iranians as possible in Syria and Lebanon.

      • “…The mullahs are also mad because they know the US will never support their hegemonic, imperialist ambitions toward the region”.

        Ohh really? Obama just gave them hundreds of billions to do exactly that.

        • Yeah because I’m sure they will spend every penny on their hegemonic goals since apparently they don’t have to pay government workers, spend money on social services, rebuild infrastructure that was badly damaged due to sanctions, or put any of that money into their underachieving economy. We give Israel 3 billion dollars every year and all sorts of advanced weaponry. We’ve sold the arab monarchies tens of billions of dollars worth in advanced weaponry. And you act like Iran will just get that money overnight, It’s going to take time for them start getting that kind of money. , You’re trying to perpetuate that same myth that neocons in the US are doing a poor job of explaining. At best, it’s an exaggeration. At worst, it is just ignorance for people who haven’t read the nuclear deal and who would have us believe that the mullahs spend their money on nothing except terrorism.

            • I’m envious of the way Assad didn’t whine and cry like a spoiled baby whenever he didn’t get something he wanted. And he has actually showed gratitude for what he did get. Something unheard of from Israel. They just keep making more and more demands.

              • Haha.. I enjoyed our little mud throwing at each other.. now seriously.
                An American would immediately feel at home and comfortable upon arriving in Israel, and vise versa. That what counts. I’m not sure about the comfort of an Iranian or a Russian in Syria.

      • “It’s still pretty rich that Iran’s ludicrously arrogant dictator accuses others of arrogance.”

        It is always easiest to see your own faults in others.

  2. This is muchado about nothing.

    The US has not changed it’s policies towards Iran either. In fact, Obama explicitly said this would not normalize relations with Iran. The issues of Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen were not even part of the negotiations.

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