Iran Daily, May 14: Tehran Plays Up Support of Iraq, But Focuses on Yemen Crisis


PHOTO: Supreme Leader hosts Iraqi President Fuad Masum on Wednesday


Amid a PR push challenging the US and Saudi Arabia over Yemen, Iran used high-profile meetings with Iraqi President Fuad Masum on Wednesday to make a further move.

On the second day of Masum’s visit, the Supreme Leader received him to declare, “The current relationship…is unprecedented as compared with previous years and this trend shows the wisdom of the Iraqi brethren and it should keep on continuing like before.”

Ayatollah Khamenei then made an unsubtle play for Iraqi backing of Iran’s manoeuvres over crises such as Yemen and Syria: “Iraq’s position certainly can be influential on regional issues and this capacity must be used more and more.”

The Supreme Leader returned to Tehran’s focus on Yemen, following declarations on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic will send aid by cargo ship and plane to the country and challenge a Saudi-US blockade.

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The Saudis and Americans claim that Iran is sending weapons and other military supplies to the Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement, which took control of Yemen’s capital Sana’a in February and then advanced on the south of the country, including the port of Aden where President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi tried to set up an alternative Government.

A Saudi-led coalition began bombing in late March to check the advance. This week, a 5-day ceasefire was agreed to allow humanitarian aid to reach Yemenis.

The Supreme Leader said on Wednesday:

The Saudis committed a big mistake in Yemen and the impacts of the crimes they have committed will certainly backfire on them.

They attacked Yemen based on a request by the fugitive and ousted Yemeni President…who committed treason against his country under the most volatile conditions.

Khamenei also commented on the situation in Syria, where Iran’s ally Bashar al-Assad is in increasing difficulty amid rebel advances and economic crisis:

US Officials: Iranian Gunboats Fire Warning Shots at Tanker

US officials say Iranian gunboats shot at a Singapore-flagged tanker on Thursday as it was passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

The officials said five gunboats ordered the Alpine Eternity and ordered it to halt. When the crew refused, the gunboats fired across the bow, and when the tanker sped up, the gunboats shot directly at the stern in an attempt to disable the propellers, the officials said. When that failed, the Iranians asked for help from United Arab Emirates warships in the area.

As the Emirati ships approached, the gunboats turned back toward Iran. The tanker later docked in an Emirati port.

It is not clear why the Iranians intercepted the tanker, and Iranian media — including Revolutionary Guards outlets — have not mentioned the incident.

Last month, Iranian patrol boats fired warning shots at a cargo ship, the Maersk Tigris, and ordered it into the southern Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. Iranian officials said the detention of the ship and 34 crew was over unpaid debts, and the matter was resolved between the Maersk Shipping Company and Tehran 10 days later.

Video: 1000s of Teachers Continue Protests, Denounce Corruption of Clerics and Officials

Thousands of teachers are continuing months of protests over wages and conditions, including rallies across Iran last week.

In this video, a teacher blames the corruption of Iran’s leadership for the plight of workers:

Most of the martyrs in the war were from our ranks, the teachers and pupils, so we have paid our fair share for this revolution, but sadly we have received the least just rewards for our sacrifices….

I want to address the Friday Prayer leaders who in their sermons speak against us teachers. They say, “When a teacher talks about money, it means knowledge has been abandoned in exchange for wealth”!

I ask these clerics who have put on the prophet’s robes, who wear the messenger of Allah’s turban on their heads, why is it that when wealth comes your way, it doesn’t mean your religion has been abandoned for wealth? Why is it that most of the factories are owned by your lot?….

Yes, I a teacher am hungry, because there are many greedy stomachs in our country, Yes, I a teacher have no money, because all the cash has been plundered by the children of the officials running the country, My pockets are empty, because the sons and daughters of this country have such grand villas in Canada and European countries.

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