Iran Feature: Supreme Leader — “US is a Horrible, Racist Country”


Taking a break from the resumption of nuclear talks, the Supreme Leader has told his followers that the US is a horrible, racist country.

Addressing Iranian police commanders and officials on Sunday, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “In the US, whose President is now a black person, the black people are oppressed, disrespected and humiliated and such behavior has provided the ground for unrest too.”

Describing the behavior of US police towards African Americans as “cruel might”, he offered the enlightened alternative of the Islamic Republic:

Iran does not at all intend to boost its police forces’ power and might like what is seen in Hollywood movies and the US and other western communities.

The Law Enforcement Police is a symbol of the Islamic Republic’s sovereignty and security and therefore, it should be mighty but this mightiness doesn’t mean oppression and uncontrolled action.

The Supreme Leader has often used race relations to denounce the US as an oppressive country, while proclaiming Iran’s respect for and defense of minorities. His office has used incidents such as the shooting of an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri last summer to announce US racism and discrimination, similar to that of the “Zionist regime” of Israel in Palestine. The campaign has used prominent hashtags such as #Ferguson and #BlackLiveMatters.

Iranian media’s latest case is the police killing of an African American teenager, Justus Howell, outside Chicago earlier this month.

In its Twitter burst on Sunday, Khamenei’s office also used other cases of African Americans shot by police or white civilians, such as #EricGarner, #TrayvonMartin, and #WalterScott.

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  1. It’s always interesting to hear a deeply anti-Semitic, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic piece of human filth accuse others of racism. I’m not sure there has ever been a thuggish tyrant more arrogant than Khamenei. Strange that so many Iranians would rather live in this “horrible, racist” country than under Khamenei’s tyranny. I would say that his comments are incredibly unbecoming of someone who is supposed to be a leader of a country, but we are used to his stupidity by now. US officials should start responding directly to Khamenei’s rambling insults with facts about the horrific abuses taking place in Iran and they should speak loudly.

    • What do you expect of somebody who claims to be a representative of god on earth and used to ride a donkey through his village knocking doors begging to cite a few Quran verses for some money, now ruling over a country with vast natural resources and 70 million people.

    • The United States has always ever been a dumping ground for the rejects of the world. It isn’t surprising that so many Americans are behind bars.

      • Umm, if what the US has accomplished is the embodiment of what “the rejects of the world”, then, imagine what the elite of this world could do. Hmm, where are these elite, in islamic republic? lets see what they have accomplished. Umm, agriculture, not much of it left. Oil industry, wait, you can’t dig it out yourself, you need the russians. Industry, umm, ok you can copy 40 year old left overs of old technologies that were introduced by “the rejects of the world” during the shah regime…lets count that as accomplishment. Lets see what else. Hmm, I can hear the crickets…..

      • @Razmjoo
        Re: People rise up against the system in Baltimore.
        Yep front page news and live coverage for all the world to see (thanks to our free press).
        The looters and rioters will be arrested and tried fairly in open court and the peaceful protesters will have been heard. As terrible as this tragedy is we will fix it and America will emerge stronger than ever.

  2. The mad man of Jamaran has spoken again. What is most startling if you listen to him speak in Persian, and I mean the sum of his tone, accent, style of speaking and body language and content that he is portraying, is how hateful, vengeful, dreadful and shallow he comes across. If he is the gods embodiment on earth and his chosen messenger, god dam it. He has very weak communication skills.

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