Iran Daily, April 11: Regime Steps Up Public Pressure on Saudi Arabia


Amid its political offensive condemning the Saudi-led aerial offensive on Yemen, Iran’s regime has stepped up public pressure on Riyadh, including a mass demonstration in front of the Saudi Embassy.

More than 300 protestors gathered on Saturday to condemn the Saudi police’s reported sexual abuse of two Iranian teenagers and aggressive acts against pilgrims. They demanded that King Salman apologize to the Iranian nation as they urged the closure of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and expulsion of the Charge d’Affaires.

The four-hour protest was also used to link Saudi Arabia to the Islamic State, as Iran faces challenges in the region, especially over its alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The crowd chanted, “Shame on you. Get off our soil!” and “Death to House of Saud!”, while a statement asserted, “Today, the Iranian nation has gathered in front of the Islamic State-affiliated Saudi embassy to show solidarity with the two Iranian teenagers who were insulted and to make the al-Saud hear our protest.”

Mohammad Reza Yousefi, the director of the Tehran Governorate office for political affairs, had stated that any protest against Saudi Arabia would be illegal. Anti-riot police did not try to prevent the demonstration, although they moved to stop protesters when they tried to pull down the Saudi flag.

State media then highlighted the protesters and their demands of the Saudis.

All week the regime has condemned Saudi Arabia for its airstrikes in Yemen, launched more than two weeks ago to check the advance of the Houthi movement which controls the Yemeni capital Sanaa. The attacks culminated in a speech by the Supreme Leader on Thursday, as he accused the kingdom of rule by inexperienced leaders who “want to show savagery”:

The Saudis will definitely be struck back in this issue and their nose will be rubbed against the ground. This action is not acceptable in the region and I warn that they will certainly lose interests.

See Iran Daily, April 10: Supreme Leader Challenges Saudi Arabia Over Yemen

Iran provides political and economic support for the Houthis, a Zaidi Shia movement. Critics also say Tehran is providing weapons and command support for the Houthi military offensive, which is closing on the southern port city of Aden.

Local militiamen in Aden said on Friday evening that they captured two Iranian military officers advising Houthi fighters.

The militiamen claimed the Iranians are from the elite Qods Force of the Revolutionary Guards. They said the officers would be turned over to the Saudi-led coalition.

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  1. Sen.Kirk on Khamenei’s rejection of U.S Fact Sheet

    “As each new day reveals a new disagreement, it’s increasingly clear that Iran, in fact, failed to reach agreement with the United States and its partners on a political framework that addresses all parameters of a comprehensive agreement. At best, Iran agreed to disagree with the United States on key nuclear weapons-related issues and to continue talks.”

        • Exactly – ‘Baseejis/Hezbollahis.’ The biggest shoot yourself in the foot a Regime sycophant can ever make! Proof yet again that Regime sycophants are ultimately just the monkey morons of Khamenei by their robotic knee jerk reactions! Because hey – hasn’t Razmjoo just confirmed that these protestors are also INDEED just the set up Monkey morons of the Regime!!! So please Razmjoo – you’ve just exposed yourself! Therefore – don’t ever try to make a cosmetic lucid point ever again. Not when anybody with common sense can now see that you’re obviously just another thick arrogant stooge of the Khamenei Gestapo!

      • When “Hundreds defy ban to protest” in Iran, they get shot on by the Basij militia / gang.

        When “Hundreds defy ban to protest” in Israel or Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, they too get shot on by security forces.

  2. The usual black shirted errand boys of the Regime: I.e. The paid off Basiji thugs. Only unlike the invasion of the British embassy, they obviously didn’t want their baboons getting too out of hand. Again, the Regime is more afraid of bad publicity than any condemnation of it’s numerous crimes against humanity!

    • Again, the Regime is more afraid of bad publicity than any condemnation of it’s numerous crimes against humanity!

      Whatever crimes against humanity it commuted, they pale in comparison to those committed by Saudi Arabia and the US

      • Undoubtedly the SA and US have committed crimes, but how does that let the Iranian Regime off the hook? I must hear the Tu Quo Que argument to excuse the IRI a hundred times a year. Because their oppressive and criminally corrupt Mullah militia has no other defence than the pathetic deflective argument. ‘Hey, we may be an Islamic Gestapo that hangs people in public, but doesn’t the Saudi Monarchy also behead people?’ It’s not the philosophy of objectivity. Only the poisoned politics of hypocrisy and tyranny.

  3. Let’s be clear: Every protest in Iran reported by the Iranian Regime, is an Iranian Regime set up! Every other protest leaked out of Iran is just a bad publicity embarrassment! I.e. Lakes drying up by Regime greed and mismanagement. Acid thrown into women’s faces by Basiji thugs. Unemployment by the Regime’s arrogant and isolationist proxy war policies. Plus Rallies outside Evin prison demanding the release of political freedom of speech prisoners! But hey – Naturally you won’t find all the above being reported on the likes of Presstv or should I say Oppresstv! Since all Comments on their webpage that demand truth – equality – justice and the Iranian people finally be given a proper voice is automatically blocked by the cowards – baboons – and paid off sycophants of the Regime!

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