Iran Feature: If Supreme Leader is Dead, How Did He Speak to Environmental Activists on Sunday?


Twitter has been buzzing with rumors overnight that Iran’s Supreme Leader, who is likely to be suffering from prostate cancer, has died.

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The Islamic Republic’s critics in the US are already offering their condolences, while blocking any notion of change after Ayatollah Khamenei:

Only one problem: to paraphrase Mark Twain, “The reports of the death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Khamenei’s website and Twitter feed put out the news that the Supreme Leader addressed environmental activists on Sunday, celebrating Arbor Day and National Resources Week while taking potshots at the West:

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  1. Like I mentioned in the past, the US have really been negotiating with the Rafsanjani contingent – just biding their time awaiting Khamenei’s death. Undoubtedly Rafsanjani has already secured his seat as head of the Guardian council – and of course if he has any sense regarding the persecution of his son and daughter speaking up for freedoms against the Regime, he’ll immediately try to redress the oppressive and corrupt nature of the Regime. That said, if Khamenei has indeed died, Iranian’s should come out in their hundred’s of thousands and pour onto the streets in celebration! Finally seize this golden opportunity to demand a full proper secular democracy, before the Mullah Militia can once again consolidate their criminal corruption! PLEASE! IRANI’S! Don’t just sit by and once again be the constant manipulated patsies to these oppressive greedy thugs! Time to shatter the shadows that for decades you have been living under!

    • 1- First of all the Rafsanjanis are not about freedom in any way or form. They are not even Reformists or moderates, they are simply oppurtunists and blow in what ever direction that suits them best
      2- They are not against the regime, they freakin are the regime or a big part of it and always have been
      3- Rafsanjanis redressing corruption is the joke of the year, he is the most corrupt of them all
      4- Most importantly if the US is talking to Rafsanjani they are talking to the wrong guy as the real power in Iran at this moment is not with Hashemi or even Khamenei, its with IRGC
      5- Lastly its easy to shout safe from behind the computer but its another thing to go on the streets when people shoot at you, prison you, rape and torture you.

      • I’m not disagreeing with anything you say. Merely trying to get under the skin of how the US may now be thinking. Dealing with someone they think may try and bring some kind of Glasnost to the Regime – when Rafsanjani is indeed just another part of the Regime. Just as stinking rich and corrupt. Of course the whole Regime is INDEED the problem that needs to be kicked out. And yes – I’m also well aware that it’s very easy just to shout behind a computer, but how else can Iran really change without breaking the fear barrier. Sadly, other protests in the middle East were shot down in flames or hijacked – mainly due to the Iranian or Saudi Regimes pouring their money or violent meddling into them – in order to stop any knock on protests in their own countries. But if Khamenei is indeed dead during a time of dwindling finances, Revolutionary Guards with their backs turned in proxy wars and the Regime plunging into back biting disarray, when else is the best time for the people to strike?

        • Wayne you know Tunisia worked out fine and had two elected presidents since 2011 right? That one country where everyone could agree it worked.
          Also I really doubt we will get an Iranian Gorbachov, since we all know how backfired for the USSR. For every Gorbachov there ten who are just as bad as their predecessors if not worse. Remember all the hope for Asshead the younger, Kim Jong-un, Deng Xiaoping (and every new Chinese leader since then), the Current dictator of Equatorial Gguinea who took over by killing his uncle (he deserved it), Nicolea Ceausescu was hailed a hero when took over then made Romania into a European North Korea, heck even when Adolf Khamenei himself replaced the 1st Supreme Fuehrer. Or when we fought Saif al-Islam would be reformer and now he’s on trail for war crimes.
          The only regime I can think of that made itself a democracy voluntarily was Paraguay and that was because the current despot was getting old and it was feared that one of his awful sons would take over one was a junkie and the other was gay, so one his generals chucked him out and introduced democratic reforms. So if little hope for Supreme Fuehrer III. But who knows I may be wrong so i’ll give him the benefit of a doubt

  2. News that the Supreme Leader actually shares the concerns of the environmental activists he supposedly addressed and is serious about preventing Iran’s multiple imminent environmental disasters from happening or solving longstanding ones – well THAT would be a shocker worth a twitter storm or two.

  3. If they want to help the environment hears what to do, instead of burring coal they could burn members of the IRGCs.

    I met an Iranian Professor form a uni in Glasgow (but not my un Strathclyde) and told me he met Amindinajad when he was trying to show off the Iranian inteligencia. I asked him what he fought of him and called the ex-president “a sad little man” and that “it is impossible to reason with a bigoted fanatic” Obama please get those words tattooed on your thick-skulled forehead and live in a maze of mirrors.

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