Iran Daily, Feb 1: Rouhani Stares Down Critics of Nuclear Talks


LATEST: Larijani — Obama “Incapable of Right Decision” Over Nuclear Talks

With nuclear talks showing little advance towards a comprehensive settlement, President Rouhani has again challenged hardline critics in Iran.

Speaking at a humanities festival on Saturday, Rouhani accused the hardliners of undermining the discussions, seeking a resolution with the 5+1 Powers (US, Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia) by a deadline of June 1: “The other side applauds their own, but here in our country, it is not clear what [these critics] are doing. It is as if they are cheering on the rival team.”

The President said the criticism was destructive and politically-motivated:

Criticism is not booing or accusing, but instead it means to show a better and more precise way which would lead us to our destination faster.

Some people damage national interests in the name of a certain political party or faction or in the name of criticism.

He called for renewed support of the negotiators, led by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, “Today, we have very experienced diplomats who negotiate with the world’s six powerful countries about legal, political and technical issues. This is a source of pride for our country.”

Iran and the 5+1 agreed interim arrangements in November 2013, but failed twice last year to meet deadlines for a comprehensive resolution. Despite continuing talks this month, gaps remain on key issues such as the number and level of Iran’s centrifuges for uranium enrichment; the lifting of US-led sanctions on Tehran; and the duration of the agreement.

On another front, Rouhani continued the fight against political interference and a “security atmosphere”, in universities, “Science and knowledge need a free environment and professors and students and researchers should not be threatened for what they say.”

The Government has tried to reinstate students and professors who were expelled and fired amid the mass protests after the disputed 2009 Presidential election. Hardliners accuse it of appeasing “sedition” and have called for tough measures over curricula and university life as well as against suspect students and faculty.

The Rohani administration has been fighting a tough battle in its attempt to open the political atmosphere of the country against a rising conservative backlash.

The study of humanities in Iran has been heavily strained with islamization projects of Islamic Republic hardliners after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei pointed its finger at as the teeming ground of dissent against the regime.

Larijani: Obama “Incapable of Right Decision” Over Nuclear Talks

Is this a sign that Iran’s nuclear talks with the 5+1 Powers are on the verge of collapse?

Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani, who has supported the discussions, told Parliament on Sunday that President Obama is “incapable of making the right decision” over the negotiations.

Larijani said that Americans’ “true objective” had been revealed in their blocking of progress, with Obama unable to give “the proper reaction to Iran’s sensible flexible policies” because of “internal disputes and domestic failures”.

He asserted that Obama needed “to recognize that the Iranian nation will never give in to pressures”.

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  1. The problem with dealing with Iranians is that they are more concerned with pride, honour and not losing face than they are with what will benefit them most.

    And instead of showing off the things they can really be proud of — their art, literature and cuisine — the government persists in pushing the Khomeinist religion, which nobody wants to know about.

    • It`isn`t a matter of pride and and honour for the iranian regime. It`s about iranian dominance in the Middle East and it`s about growing iranian influence in Iraq, Syria, Libanon and Yemen. Beyond that the Ukraine conflict has proven how important nuclear armament could be.

      The negative example to which Iran is oriented is Putins Russia. Russia has upgraded its nuclear long-range missiles to 50 units to secure the russian invasion in Ukraine. Iran follows the same confrontational logic. On the one hand the iranian regime leads a hybridwar at middle east under the general perception threshold and on the other hand iran requires a nuclear armament to hedge its expansion.

    • The Iranians regime both religious and royal before it both built up heavy armies and arsenals the reason is got over their past glory and seek to establish the 3rd Aryan Empire.
      “The Syrian revolution has revealed their true nature, they aim to bring the region to ruin and realize Iran’s goals by establishing what they call the Shi’a Crescent. This will extend from Iran across Iraq and then to Syria and southern Lebanon, as a first step to controlling the region and bringing back the [Sassanid Empire]. We knew all this before the revolution, but we didn’t speak of it then. But now it is clear that Assad does not control a thing in Syria. Instead, there is an Iranian officer, Qassem Suleimani, who runs everything in the country. The Americans and the Russians and everyone know that Suleimani is the real ruler. Assad has become merely a puppet, there to reassure the faction who is with him.”
      -ex FSA boss Gen Salim Idris on Iran’s role in the Syrian Revolution

      • You are obsessed with the word “Aryan”. Iran means “(land) of the Aryans”. England means “land of the Angles”. So what?

        • 2 reasons a) its joke I have with my non-Scottish pals to call them by the old name of their country e.g. Scandinavians-Vikings French-Gauls Germans-Tuetons/Alemanni Romanians-Transylvanians/Visigoths Greeks-Helens etc. My Iranian friends like it when I call them Aryans also the Shah called himself the light of the Aryans. I wouldn’t mind if anyone called me a Pict/Celt or even Egyptian as we are supposedly descendent from King Tut’s sister or some other Pharaoh.

          and b) to draw comparasons between Ayatollah Ali and another hairy faced dictator with a 1st name beginning with an A and, who claimed to be Aryan and sought to build an empire (their 3rd to exact) by taking over countries with people the same group as him and rule them at the expense of the other groups. The only difference is one did it on race the other religion.

  2. Again, everything is gearing up for a big internal Regime conflict. The more the clock ticks away and the more the money runs out, the more the so-called Reformists will become emboldened to take on Khamenei’s hardliners. And yet in order to win, they will have to openly appeal to the people and openly expose the Hardliner’s corruption. Grudgingly, a kind of Glasnost coup would be far better than a bloody revolution. But the coup must understand that the Regime and it’s Supreme Leadership style of an oppressive tyranny is dead. Iran as a Nation will now only survive and thrive on made good promises which ensures that any future governance will become all inclusive. Plus the people be given fair and internationally monitored democratic elections that aren’t rigged to favour one political agenda or religion. Of course it may sound like a tall order. But that’s only because the current Regime has now done a good job in sinking the Nation deeper and deeper into the pit!

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