Iran Video: Tehran’s PR War, Part 1 — Forget Nukes. Zarif’s Concern is Iraq


An interesting appearance by Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the US Council on Foreign Relations on Wednesday….

Even though Zarif is in New York to resume nuclear talks with the 5+1 Powers, he said almost nothing on that topic. Instead, his focus was to defend Iran’s approach to the Iraq crisis while denouncing that of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State.

The Foreign Minister might have been smiling during the interview, but the impression was that he and the Rouhani Government — if not the Supreme Leader — are very worried about the American intervention in Iraq and Syria, putting pressure on Tehran as it tries to cope with the economic and diplomatic burden of its commitments.

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    • If you only saw Iran’s words you’d think they had a perfect record on terrorism as opposed to reality in which they are one of the leading state sponsors of terrorism. It takes a lot of arrogance for them to think they are in any kind of position to lecture others. I think they get too caught up in their own propaganda fantasies. They’d support ISIL as well if they were just threatening Israel and the US. They don’t oppose ISIL because of any abuses they’ve committed against civilians. They’ve proven that they couldn’t care less about that sort of thing. They really oppose ISIL because they are a threat to Iran’s hegemonic project in Iraq. The Shiite militias in Iraq who obey Iran like dogs have also committed abuses against civilians and crimes against humanity.

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