Iran Analysis: Tehran Negotiates with US-NATO over Iraq — While Saying Washington Created the Islamic State


PHOTO: Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard with former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani

Social media is filled with speculation that the Danish Foreign Minister is visiting Iran on behalf of NATO, the US, and its “coalition” for action in Iraq against the Islamic State.

Martin Lidegaard set out for Tehran just after last week’s NATO summit in Wales discussing joint action against the jihadist advance. On Sunday, he was welcomed by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and President Rouhani, who “called on the West to deal seriously in fighting terrorism”.

In his latest meetings, Lidegaard has met the Secretary of the National Security Council, Admiral Ali Shamkhani — a key figure in Iran’s politics over the Iraqi crisis — and Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former President who heads the Expediency Council.

Iranian media have trumpeted Shamkhani’s declaration, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a pioneer in fighting terrorism and today it plays the most influential role in confronting this ominous phenomenon by supporting the Iraqi people.”

Those outlets are hinting that a deal for cooperation in Iraq would increase concessions by the West over sanctions on Tehran, with Lidegaard saying the restrictions hurt the European Union as well as Iran.

However, any negotiations via the Danish envoy are not halting Iran’s hostile rhetoric against the US. In the latest blast, the deputy head of armed forces, General Massoud Jazayeri, asserted:

World public opinion is aware that the phenomena such as Jabhat al-Nusra, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Al Qa’eda and other terrorist groups in the region, have been created by the intelligence services of the US and the White House’s allies.

They have a mission to defame dear Islam to prevent the people’s conversion to the real Islam and to spread Islamophobia and weaken the regional resistance front.

The answer to the riddle of negotiations while continuing to denounce Washington? It may lie in Shamkhani’s coded demands over any cooperation in a “coalition” — in public or private — against the Islamic State in Iraq.

Any anti-terrorism action should be sincere, real and based on regional capacities and partnership and without violating the country’s sovereignty and without a pursuit of hegemonic political and security goals.

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  1. Shamkhani’s declaration “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a pioneer in fighting terrorism”

    And what is about the fight against the biggest terrorist and mass murderer Assad?

    If anyone will fight against IS it is only practical to do the same against the mass murderer in damascus.

  2. Well, the generation that has witnessed the atrocities and terrorist acts of islamic repulic are still alive. So, dream on in rewriting history of your crimes.

    Lets start with islamic republic-to-be terrorist attack on innocent citizens of city of abadan in 1978, when mullah charged terrorists set a movie theater on fire and burned hundreds of men, women and children alive…that is mentality of islamic republic and mullahs.

  3. Mikkel

    The irony and hypocrosy is thick,,!!!

    BOTH the Iranian and US government are the sources of terrorism,,, and claiming to fight it,,,,!!!

    What I have a big problem with,, is that my own foreign minister ( Martin Lidegaard , Denmark ) ,,, is so naive to follow the US government narrative ,,,,
    Without thinking fore it self,,,
    Do we really wanna sink that low ,,,?
    Do we wanna implode economicly and politicly with the rest of western Europe,,,

    Its time to side with Germany and the BRICS COUNTRIES ,,,, AND JUST LET COMMON SENCE PREVAIL

    Being an ally ,,, doesnt mean,,, not to be critical,,,
    Hopefully northern Europe somehow could have a Voice of common sense inside the BRICS – alliance,,,, in a not so distant future,,,
    Ok maybe ,,, that Will be after the ” the grand confusion “…. That I think many western countries are facing right now,,,,,

    • IRONIC!

      Some of the most oppressive countries are members of BRICKS. You want to be free of others’ hypocrisy, follow your own convictions instead of jumping from one band wagon to a worst band wagon.

      • Hello ,,, yes sadly some of BRICS – countries are very oppressive ,, I certainly agree,,,,, but now is the time to leave the US fold ,,,
        fore many obvious reasons,,,,among others,,,because they have a facist businessmodel ,,,,have been totally corrupted ,, waging war against any nation and individual who do not apply to the ignorent model,,,,

        It could also be a strong Nordic Euro,,,,
        Would a gold backed currency ,,,, be something to look fore,,,? ( either in a Nordic Euro , or the Yuan ) ,,,, so yes I believe I am following my own convictions,,,,, be a strong critical pole within the BRICS or create,,, a Nordic Euro
        The anglo- American is old fashioned, bankrupt and dead
        I am worried that western Europe will follow the US government insanity to the very end,,,,,

        Just the Way I see it,,,


        • You may want to follow and see how Chinese are exploiting african counties for natural resources, before labeling them people with conscious. China has no less grid than anyone else.

          I’m just saying, you may be trying to avoid stepping into a puddle of mud, but end up jumping into a well of rotten water. The west is democracy, if governments are bad, the public is partly responsible for voting for wrong reasons. What makes you think you don’t make the same bad choices when you are in another camp???

          • Yes there is a long list of what we could critisize the Chinese fore ,,,,, and we should,,,, as I just Said being an ally ,,,, doesnt mean not to be critical ,,,, northern Europe will allways end up being in the minority,,,, but maybe we could raise a strong Voice ,,,, within the BRICS – alliance…

            Following the anglo-American till the very end,,,,, ( Living from the printing press ) WILL END BADLY…. A LOOSE LOOSE SITUATION ,,,, fore the ones that dont wake up ,,,, including Denmark…
            what I fear ,,, is that we wait too long before we realise the mess we are in,,,,,,
            There is a huge geopolical shift these years ,,,from the West to the east

            Thanks fore the discussion…


            • If you think you can’t make your voice heard in democracy, and you hope Russia and China would heed to your critics. Take a look and see what Russia does to its internal decent, Follows just down the same path.

              I hear islamic republic is having a danish guest these days… Incidentally, your views were voiced by khamenei just few days ago, kind of odd.

              • No actually, ***you*** said you prefer to follow policies of Russia and China, over those of the western values.

                Well, let the world judge what values Russia and China is promoting in practice.

              • So I guess you have a quote ?
                Well if you wish,,,,,You Can read your self what I wrote,,,,
                You are writing that I ” prefer to follow policies of Russia and China over those of western values ”
                Since I never said that,,,, I confirm that those are your projections…
                Is being part of an allliance, the BRICS ( now counting more than hundred countries ) ( possibly soon followed by Germany ) the same as giving up on your identity and the values you have as a country??? ,,, Well not to me
                Since there are many details ,,,that has been left out of the discussion ,,,, Well it certainly makes it easier to misunderstand each other

                In my opinion there are some Overstretching,,,, and your statement
                Of course you are fully entitled to have that/your opinion

                And naturally that is only my humble opinion,,,,

              • My point is that BRICS is not an angle entity, their grid is not less than anyone else. When it comes to fairness, human rights, and self serving ambitious policies they act exactly like western alliance. You keep talking about Germany as if they are benchmark for any values, Germany is one of the biggest hypocrites in europe, they know only one thing- money! You want to have your own voice then be your own person/country, somewhat similar to Switzerland, they do quite well being relatively isolated.

                You want to make alliance start making alliance with those that share some values with,maybe northern europeans. How much value do you share with BRICS? You speak of projection, don’t you think you are projecting in what you wish BRICS was? some of the worst offenders of human rights are members of BRICS and or are bidding for it. Are you hoping that BRICS adapts moderate values of europeans? because that would be oxymoron given that BRICS is trying to have identity of its own, that for most part is that of under developed countries.

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