Syria Video Analysis: Beginner’s Guide to the Islamic State, the Insurgency, and the Assad Regime


More people are being introduced to the Syrian conflict by the advances of the Islamic State. Here’s a 7-minute introduction to the jihadists and their relationships with the insurgency and with the Assad regime.

1. The Islamic State is not part of the Syrian insurgency.
2. So who are the insurgency?
3. Where is the Assad regime positioned between the Islamic State and the insurgency?
4. “We have a 3-way fight.”
5. “If you are going to deal with the Syrian crisis, you are going to have to deal with both the Assad regime and the Islamic State.”

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  1. Notice that the Islamic State did not resist the American occupation in Iraq, but it was founded to ruin the Iraqi resistance and derail it in a sectarian way, just as it is ruining the Syrian Revolution. Thanks

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