Syria Daily, July 6: 6.6 Million Children Need Aid Because of Crisis


LATEST: Syrian Kurdistan Calls on All Kurds to Defend Kobane Against Islamic State


Video: “Caught Between Assad & the Islamic State”

The United Nations has said that 6.6 million children in and near Syria need aid because of the 40-month crisis.

The estimate is a sharp rise from the total of 4.6 million in June 2013.

At the same time, the UN children’s agency UNICEF said it has received only 37% of the $770 million that it needs until the end of 2013 for Syrian children who are inside the country or living as refugees.

Of Syria’s pre-conflict population of 22 million, almost half — 10.9 million — need humanitarian aid inside the country, according to the UN. Of those, 5.1 million are children.

Another 2.9 million Syrians, half of them children, are refugees. The UN expects the number to rise to 3.6 million by the end of the year.

On Friday, the head of the UN’s refugee agency, Antonio Guterres, presented a revised plan and urged donors to give the rest of the $3.74 billion needed this year.

So far, the UN has received only $1.1 billion of the funds.

Syrian Kurdistan Calls on All Kurds to Defend Kobane Against Islamic State

The Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) has called on Kurds across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran to help defend the Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) town of Kobane against the Islamic State.

Having advanced through eastern Syria in the past month — as well as across the border in Iraq — the Islamic State is now attacking Kobane, a key center of Syrian Kurds.

Both ISIS and Kurds have claimed inflicting dozens of casualties on the other side.

The KCK said:

We call on primarily the patriotic youth in North Kurdistan, the revolutionary youth in South and East Kurdistan and Rojava and all our people to strongly respond to the call for general mobilisation made by the Kobane Canton and to mobilise en masse.

“In a period in which ISIS has increased its attacks and in which it is of the utmost importance to protect the gains of the Kurds, no organisation, person or segment of society calling themselves Kurds and patriots and claiming to be against the ISIS can remain silent and must take a clear stance….

Our people will notice those forces who refrain from doing this and will suspect their Kurdishness and patriotism.

Our people in Rojava and Kobane are not alone. We greet once again the honourable resistance of the people of Kobane and declare our support for their resistance. We call on primarily the patriotic youth in North Kurdistan, the revolutionary youth in South and East Kurdistan and Rojava and all our people to strongly respond to the call for general mobilisation made by the Kobane Canton and to mobilise en masse.”

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  1. Rebels Might Be Better Off If Aleppo and Deir Ezzor Fall but America Surely Won’t

    Fading Al Queda look saintly by comparison to ISIS, its new and far more dangerous replacement. So why is an American president who falsely claims to be “fighting terror” allowing ISIS expand its caliphate to the borders of a NATO state with a slaughter of Kurds as next on the agenda? ISIS and Assad no longer even bother to hide their alliance as they team up repeatedly against rebels in Deir Ezzor and Aleppo. This is an advance in which ISIS benefits from from American weapons captured in Iraq and lots of fresh volunteers from around the world. It is an advance that has been sanctioned by the same Iranian Al Quds advisers who killed American soldiers in Iraq, who have encouraged Assad’s Sunni genocide program for three plus years and who dreamed up his “starve the civilians” scheme.

    Obama has become a virtually ally in Assad’s crimes passively colluding, as Sunnis around the world. He thereby provides a propaganda treasure trove for anti-American extremists. In Syria where Iran’s vested interest is supporting ISIS/Assad teamwork against the rebels, Obama does nothing. In Iraq where Iran’s vested interest is in fighting ISIS so Obama almost falls over his feet as he rushes to help in a job that should fall to Iran and al-Maliki by rights. If Obama gave Syria’s anti-ISIS rebels equivalent weapons and a minimum of air cover, we could put a stop this ISIS takeover without putting a single American on the ground. For now (but not later once backstabbed) rebels would be happy to supply the boots on the ground. Don’t let Obama’s pet general “Yes Man Dempsey” tell you air support would be impossible, ultra risky, etc. The Israeli Air Force has managed quite well on several occasions. Is our Air Force inferior?

    For the sake of American security, ISIS cannot be allowed a safe base of operations in eastern Syria. Considering what two guys did in the Boston Marathon, think about all the vulnerable malls, trains, theaters, Sunday services, sports events, etc. Air power and drones cannot remove the ISIS threat. If Obama helps ISIS and Syria drive rebels out of Aleppo, American marines will get stuck with the job instead. Yet once again Obama’s policy seems designed to meet the needs of Iran and Assad. The president is a huge fan of Ryan Crocker’s argument that the US should be help Assad “fight terror” even though he must know it was Assad himself who encouraged extremists by deliberately releasing hundreds of extreme Islamists from his jails in 2011. Nor can Obama iss seeing how the regime and ISIS have worked hand in glove ever since in Syria and have now upped their teamwork tenfold.


    I too was initially pessimistic after hearing the news from Deir Ezzor and Aleppo and watching Obama respond as usual. Now I’m thinking it could help the betrayed rebels could benefit militarily and in terms of political support. For one thing troops that had been fighting in both cities in large numbers will now be able to hit the regime elsewhere. Until Obama teamed up with Assad/Iran and ISIS in eastern Syria, rebels were on their way to gradual victory in Aleppo but releasing those fighters would have taken too long.

    Ironically regime forces won’t be equally free to depart. The best Assad can hope for is a Raqaa-style, face-saver where it pretends to rule Aleppo while ISIS really does. Sending off regime troops would leave loyalists in a terrible spot. Does anyone imagine ISIS would allow large contingents of regime forces to return again if they leave? When rebels are driven out with help from Assad and Obama, ISIS will declare Aleppo its new capital—a humilitaing pie in the face for Assad. At that point, ISIS will have all or Syria it wants or needs for the present. However, just like Obama, ISIS has a vested interest in prolonging a rebel/regime stalemate (i.e., civil war and genocide). Until the rebels are sufficient weakened, ISIS will turn on the regime suddenly. In well-coordinated attacks, it will hit Assad’s forces in dozens of pre-planned and strategic locations. Without rebel help (available only in Obama’s wet dreams) and with so many allies off to Baghdad, an exhausted regime will go down even faster than Maliki’s forces in Mosul.


    On the rare occasions the regime wins a hyped-up victory the same thing always happens. Everyone calls for action “before it is too late.” Obama joins in but cleverly stalls until the mood change. People are catching on. Obama’s blatant collaboration in with ISIS and the regime in eastern Syria will open more eyes. The guy will be scrutinized like a convicted pedophile handing out candy in front of an elementary school. Turkey especially is unlike to tolerate an ISIS-ruled state next any more than the USA could tolerate Al Queda taking over Mexico.

    The hottest election issue in the months prior to November will closely resemble “Who lost China?” debates after 1949 but with far more justification.
    Acting decisively and with speed (both essential), Truman deprived Stalin from a quick victory in Greece and Turkey—one that relied on the same proxy tactics Putin now employs in the Ukraine.

    History vindicated Truman—a victim of GOP partisanship exploiting the communist threat to unravel the New Deal. Thanks to the Marshall Plan, NATO, a containment plan devised by George Kennan, etc., Truman now ranks as one of the greatest presidents. Where would Turkey be today if His Impotency had been in the White House? Obama’s place in history will be alongside stinkers like Daladier and Chamberlain.

  2. Lets look at the last 3 years.
    Obama has done nothing but talk. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey have all either provided support to rebels (weapons), or politically, or taken in refugees officially. I did not include Lebanon as they refuse to provide Syrian refugees with tents and living spaces, so most lie in the streets. The 1 million refugees there are spread out in cities and considered a burden on the little nation. Hezbollah is no help to them, even though they talk about helping Syria. Obviously they only help to keep Assad and to take over Syrian cities that Assad army cant.

    Over the past three years, Hezbollah has bled more than it ever did in 20 years fighting for Southern Lebanon. It has lost political control of the government of Lebanon (no president) and only keeps power by having more weapons and fighters than the Lebanese army. If Hezbollah loses Ass-Ad, they know they will be starved out of weapons in due time and the iranian bridge will be burnt.

    Iraq has also gone the way of draining its Shia militias. This year had been nothing but protests from Sunni tribes until finally they rose up and removed any control Baghdad central had over Mosul. Kirkuk jumped on the chance and will be going the way that South Sudan did in trying to get a vote and international recognition of its own state and its own borders…So Maliki is effectively left to drain shia militias to conquer back Mosul and everything above Baghdad.

    Rebels drained in Syria, for the Revolution and Shia militias drained from Lebanon and Iraq. All draining for the next few years. No matter who promises you they will conquer Alleppo or Damascus or the South or Qalamoun… its unconquerable, too large and will drain all of them

    What does this equal.

    It equals that Assad will be drained of Shia militias and Maliki will be drained of Shia militias and current rebels will drain against both of them and the weak SAA.

    ISIS will be left standing and then the millions in tents in Jordan and Turkey will be left to fight ISIS. There will be no Hezbollah and no Iraqi militias. No Ass-Ad or Maliki. In fact Iraq will not be exist as now, as there will be a Kurdistan in the north and then wasteland all the way through to Baghdad.

    There is no winner in this war, but there is a loser, and it is IRAN… No fighting power will be left in the middle east since its militias will be completely drained off in Syria and Iraq and thus if any war against it comes, Iran is only left to defend itself. Expect a revolution within Iran and desertion the way Iraqi army deserted, if America really starts bombing Iran when Obama is out.

    Obama did nothing but drain Iran militarily and economically and Syria will be rebuilt, but as I said, there will be no Assad/SAA/Hezbollah/iran to rebuild it.

    Now keep barking everyone about rebels being surrounded in Aleppo or Aleppo airport taking in flights, it must be getting old even for you.

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